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Why to Sell On AWS Market Place




The AWS marketplace is one amazing way that the AWS partners may use for selling their products and applications. All you have to do to list the product or sell on AWS Market Place will by Select Partner (your initial “stage” of the AWS partnership). When you have got the listing in the proper place, the customers will be able to buy this directly through this Marketplace.

You may use this marketplace to sell Amazon Machine Images products and SaaS products.

The AMI products also can be bought straight from the EC2 console, without any need to open a new tab or open the Marketplace page separately. Actually, around 70% of total purchases in this marketplace are done via EC2 console & enjoying the simple deployment.

The online stores for the Amazon Web Services cloud computing users to find and use AWS software & technical services. For your information, the AWS Marketplace got launched in the year 2012 to accommodate & foster the AWS services growth from the third-party providers, which have built their solutions on the top of the Amazon Web Services network.

Checking out the AWS Marketplace Features 

Amazon’s Marketplace features both commercial & free software services, mainly software infrastructure tools like databases & app servers, developer tools as well as business apps. AWS Marketplace vendors include Microsoft, IBM, 10gen, SAP, Canonical, CA, Couchbase, and many more and the open-source offerings are available too.

Amazon Marketplace helps to enable the qualified partners to sell and market the software to the AWS customers. The AWS Marketplace is the online software store, which helps customers to find, buy, and start using the software & services that will run on the AWS market.

The AWS Marketplace is generally designed for the Independent Software Vendors, Value-Added Resellers as well as Systems Integrators that have got the software products and want to provide to the customers in the cloud. The partners make use of AWS Marketplace for running in days & provide the software products to customers all over the world.

Visibility & credibility- If your product is bought directly on the EC2 console, getting the product listing in a Marketplace, adding creditability and public awareness. Particularly if you’re the startup —a fact that the product will be listed means AWS validated the product.

Customer’s credits – The customers buying products on the AWS marketplace might get some credits for future purchases! Thus, when customers buy any product, they will get the credits for their next purchase.

Co-sale options- For some more benefits to make you start using AWS Marketplace is to get AWS sales teams that will increase the quota by around 50% in case they sell out the marketplace products.

Working with the Resellers – When the product is listed, then you may partner up with the consulting partners to resell the product.

Final Words 

Like you know, the AWS Marketplace is a very important and best tool for the AWS Partner. When you have the public listing in place, you may add this to your costing page, hence potential customers may know they may easily purchase the product through this Marketplace and do not need to go through this procurement cycle.


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