The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

Upright KeywordsReversed Keywords
Cycles, Unexpected Events, Decisive Moments, Chance, Fate, Luck, Fortune.Clinging To Control, Bad Luck, Unwelcome Changes, Delays, And Lack Of Control.

The tarot Wheel of Fortune is one of the deck’s most symbolic cards, loaded with signs that each has their unique significance. A massive wheel with esoteric symbols sits in the middle of the card. The wheel is surrounded by several animals, including an angel, an eagle, a bull, and a lion.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, & Aquarius are the four fixed zodiac signs with which they are connected. These four animals symbolize the evangelists in Christian traditions, which may explain why they are all decorated with wings.

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What Does Wheel Of Fortune Mean In General?

The Wheel of Fortune tarot meaning represents life’s cycles, change, and ups and downs. It signifies that life is always in motion, and we must adapt to changes that come our way. At times, it can also indicate a turning point in one’s life, which could lead to personal transformation and spiritual growth. In some interpretations, it can represent luck or destiny. One must learn to accept the outcome of situations beyond their control.

Elements Associated With the wheel of fortune

Astrological SignZodiac
Yes or NoNeutral
Numerical Values10

What Does Upright Wheel Of Fortune Mean?

wheel of fortune tarot

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card meaning is a Major Arcana symbol of change and is often an omen of luck or fate. Big changes are coming if the tarot cards Wheel of Fortune meaning shows upright in your Tarot reading. These changes should be for the better, but remember that not all change is easy, even if it takes you to your destiny!

The upright meaning of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card indicates that the universe is conspiring to assist you in achieving your objectives. Make the most of your moment by concentrating your attention on what you want! Remember that the universe has a plan for you, even if you can’t see it now. 

Upright Wheel Of Fortune Love Matters

If you’re in a relationship, an upright Wheel of Fortune usually denotes a good transition, so you may be taking the next step in your relationship, beginning a new phase with your spouse, or even working on a joint project. At the same time, the shift brought about by the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card may be tough.

If you are dissatisfied with your current relationship, this card may indicate a change. It may be you and your spouse shaking things up and making much-needed adjustments to strengthen your relationship, or a breakup frees you up to pursue greater opportunities. 

Upright Wheel Of Fortune Meaning In Money Matters

Financially, the Wheel of Fortune also represents change; if you have been continuously comfortable financially, it warns you to be prepared for the unexpected and save something when needed. If you’ve been having money problems, the meaning of Wheel of Fortune Tarot card upright indicates that things will improve since you’ll have excellent financial luck.

Upright Wheel Of Fortune In Career Matters

In a professional environment, the upright Wheel of Fortune is typically a favorable omen and an indication of major changes to come. Now is the perfect moment if you’ve always wanted to start your own company or make a career move. The world is conspiring to assist you in achieving your goals, so now is the time to go for anything you want in your profession.

If you are content and secure in your job, the Wheel of Fortune might nevertheless be an omen of impending changes. Even though these changes are difficult for you, they will lead to greater and better things in the long run, so accept the change & try to go with the flow as often as possible.

Upright wheel Of fortune In Health

Again, the topic of Wheel of Fortune in a health reading is transformation. Thus, the wheel may spin in your favor if you’ve been struggling with health concerns. Similarly, you may encounter certain health difficulties that require you to change your life.

For example, if you’ve been pushing yourself too hard intellectually, physically, or emotionally, an illness may urge you to calm down and take things easy. This might just be the world reminding you to take better care of yourself. Therefore take the warning to heart and make positive changes for your body and health.

Upright Wheel Of Fortune In Spirituality

With the Wheel of Fortune upright, Destiny is smiling on you. You should utilize this time to develop and grow spiritually. The cosmos is directing you on this spiritual road, but you must also play your role by seizing the possibilities that present to you.

Situations may simply fall into place to support you, and you may encounter spiritual individuals who can assist and lead you precisely when you need them. During this time, you may notice a lot of synchronicity; signals and symbols surround you.

What Does Wheel Of Fortune Reverse Mean In General?

The reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card generally denotes change, but this change is likely to be bad and undesirable. The reversed Wheel of Fortune is a strong sign that a tough period is ahead and that the shift will be difficult to adapt to. It might signify that things were going well until they abruptly and unexpectedly fell apart. This abrupt decline might leave you feeling helpless and out of control as if other forces are conspiring against you.

Wheel Of Fortune Reversed In Love Matters

If you are in a relationship, the reversed the Wheel of Fortune Tarot might suggest stagnancy or the glitter fading from the partnership. It doesn’t imply you should make a hasty choice to leave the relationship since all relationships have ups and downs.

You may just be transitioning from one stage of a relationship to the next, which might be a temporary lull. Try to examine the circumstance and figure out what works best for you. In any case, this period of turbulence will pass. Past errors may resurface and create problems.

Wheel Of Fortune Reversed In Money Matters

When the tarot Wheel of Fortune meaning is in the reverse position, don’t gamble or take financial risks. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, this trump card may indicate that you have forgotten to save money or create a financial safety net for yourself. Your present suffering will not continue forever; when your circumstances recover, take the lessons learned from this period.

Wheel Of Fortune Reversed In Career Matters

The Wheel of Fortune reversed in a professional context represents a career becoming stagnate or a moment of turmoil and uncertainty in your work. Again, in reverse, this Major Arcana card might indicate unwanted developments. You must evaluate your job selections and honestly ask yourself whether they were the proper ones to help you accomplish what you want out of life.

Have you taken advantage of the possibilities that have come your way? If not, don’t be too hard on yourself. Recognize that your present difficulties are simply temporary. Take this opportunity to learn from previous errors and position yourself to capitalize when the Wheel swings back up.

Wheel Of Fortune Reversed In Health

In a health context, Wheel Fortune reversed might imply that upheaval or disturbance in another aspect of your life impacts your health. Strive to maintain a good attitude and prevent allowing pessimism to take control.

Although change, particularly undesirable, might be stressful, remember that even if you can’t control the event, you can control how you react. Don’t attempt to prevent events from occurring; instead, make good efforts to care for yourself & your body even through difficult circumstances, and your health will benefit.

Wheel Of Fortune Reversed In Spiritual Journey

When tarot the Wheel of Fortune is in the reverse position, you could feel as if everything is working against you. This may put your faith to the test, yet even in our darkest moments, the cosmos has a purpose for us all. Don’t lose faith! Instead, utilize this opportunity to strengthen your connection with your higher self. This suffering will pass; try not to reject the changes it brings, and you will become more spiritually connected.

Is Wheel Of Fortune A Yes Or No Card?

The outcomes of one card pull-in meaning of the Wheel of Fortune card are as follows: Upright Position: If you obtain the card in the upright posture, it means you got a yes response. Reversed Position: If the drawn card is in the reversed position, it implies that the response is No. So, lets know the insights of answers it brings up in another article, Is The Wheel Of Fortune Yes Or No Card?

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