Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

“Life is a wheel of fortune and it’s my chance to spin it.”

Hi there, cartomancer! How do we know that you are a cartomancer or are interested in tarot cards? Because we are the experts who believe in spreading all the knowledge we possess, related to tarot card reading and we know that only a true tarot card lover can end up here. So, are you wondering what we have for you in our bag today?

Well, we are going to talking about the wheel of fortune tarot card and will share every big and small detail on the wheel of fortune here and now.


“The fortune wheel is ever turning.”

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘wheel’?

 That it keeps on moving, it turns and goes round and round in circles that makes things go upside down and downside up.

A similar thing that happens with our life and our luck. Sometimes we are at the top, sometimes at the bottom and sometimes we just do fine in life. That is exactly what your tarot’s wheel of fortune tells, the elements of change being in station, position or fortune of the seeker: for example: the successful becoming unsuccessful and vice versa.

But there is more to its introduction and the wheel of fortune tarot meaning for you!


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card
Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

In the deck of 78 tarot cards, the wheel of fortune is the tenth trump or Major Arcana card in most of the tarot decks. The wheel in the middle of the card represents the wheel or circle of life.

Apart from that, looking at the sides of the card, in each corner you will see four winged creatures sitting upon clouds. They are associated with the four fixed signs of the Zodiac: the angel is Aquarius, the eagle is Scorpio, the lion is Leo, and the bull is Taurus.

In the middle, the wheel has the alchemical symbols for mercury, sulphur, water and salt that are also called the building blocks of life and hence it represents formative power. On the outer circle is a snake that represents the life force plunging into the material world.


Fire is the element of this card with Jupiter as the ruling planet.


Chance, karma, luck, changes, opportunity, life cycle, destiny, growth, turning point, and winning are some of the qualities associated with the upright wheel of fortune card. 

While the reversed card has got bad luck, downfall, mishap, disappointment, falloff, misfortune, setbacks, and resistance associated with it.

A whole world of wheel of fortune tarot deck and its details is waiting below to be discovered by you. brace yourself and continue reading.


“Control your own destiny or someone else will.”

The wheel of fortune, also known as the card of fate has the ability to give you an opportunity to turn your bad time into good and good time better. And that is the reason why we like to say that you are the master of your own destiny and you must control it if you have a tool like tarot reading with you.

We have already discussed above what does the wheel of Fortune mean in tarot cards both in upright and reversed form but now, the wheels of fate are turning and it’s time to get deeper into the wheel of fortune (tarot card) to have a closer look at it.


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card
Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

Firstly, have a look at your current situation and then understand things accordingly. If you’re going through a difficult time in your life right now, the upright wheel of fortune card is here to tell you that it will get better from here. Good luck and good fortune will make their return in your life anytime soon and you must be prepared to receive it in time.

Secondly, if things are already going well for you, you need now need to know that this will change too and life may return to ‘normal’ soon. Neither good nor bad, just normal.

Also, even if your life is supposed to come back to normal according to the reading, you must know that your life is about to turn in more positive directions as well. you just have to be willing to grow and expand with the opportunity.

Just keep your mind open to receive and understand all kinds of signs from the universe because the wheel of fortune card asks you to be optimistic, and have faith. Faith that the magic of fate and destiny is behind you, and miracles are just about to happen and also the universe will take care of your situation in the best way possible so you don’t have to worry about anything.

This card can also show a critical turning point in your life because the wheel of fortune is unpredictable and unnerving.

Opportunities you could never imagine or you have always dreamt of, will suddenly be available to you for you, and you have the complete chance to make a new and significant change in your life for your betterment.

Also, an upright wheel of fortune card is not always the lucky card.

It has got its own share of negative side and if you are a control freak who like stability and control in their lives and surroundings, then the wheel of fortune might also come as a shock to you.

This is because the card also suggests that factors outside your control are influencing your situation and making it difficult to keep your life on track including the things you once had full control on.


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card
Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

When you draw the card with the reversed wheel of fortune, as we have mentioned above it signifies that your luck and fortune may take a turn for the worst.

This card suggests that change has become a source of significant stress, and you are trying to consciously or subconsciously stop the events from running their course but accepting that changes are inevitable will have a much-improved experience and results for you.

While circumstances might leave you helpless in the near future, you still have got a choice to change things for yourself. But the question here is how you can change your destiny and its prediction and how can you save yourself from all the bad luck?

Firstly, you must understand that changing your destiny starts with accepting responsibility for where you are now and realising what might go wrong if you won’t work out for yourself.

Secondly, what you have to keep in mind here is that the reversed wheel of fortune is also known as causing resistance to change in a person, and so a strong force might repel your action which means you not only have to be determined to change your destiny but also strong enough to fight your ill-fate without any fear.

Talking about the positive side of this reversed fortune card, the reversed Wheel of Fortune in some cases might also mean that you are finally realising and breaking a negative cycle that has been present in your life. This change may flow naturally to you following a period of introspection and self-discovery or things may need to hit rock bottom before you are ready to see what is no longer benefiting and serving you.

Now that you understand the wheel of fortune thoroughly, there are a few more important things you need to know to complete your knowledge on this card.

Have a look below for that.


“Love is our true destiny.”

Isn’t love something that excites and fascinates everyone. There’s hardly any person who is in love but doesn’t want to the destiny of his/her relationship.

Let us see what the wheel of fortune has to say about love, destiny and relationships.


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

When you are already committed and draw a wheel of fortune card it suggests that a positive event will draw you two even closer but this happen only if you are already happy in your partnership, you wish to grow in your relationship and want it to continue.

But if you are committed and you have been considering ending things from some time and moving forward in your life without your partner, you can look to the cards around this Major Arcana card for direction and suggestions on what to do next.

Coming to our single friends, get excited if you have drawn a wheel of fortune card because you will soon meet your soulmate, by chance!

Don’t think it is someone you know already. This person is not your friend, crush, dating app mate or someone suggested by your friend or family. A complete stranger is about to become an important part of your life soon

You won’t even know when or where this person will appear and when you will get love stuck but when it will happen, you will know and you will see that it is fate!

Coming to the wheel of fortune tarot relationship part, since the wheel of fortune tarot card is also known as the wheel of karma, this card is a great reminder that ‘you reap what you sow’ which means you will be facing the consequences of your actions.

So, if you want happiness and abundance, make sure you’re spreading and giving out the same kind of energy in the universe as it will be coming back your way. Be good and do good is the message that this card gives out when drawn for relationships.


Do you know reader what is the wheel of fortune Shakespeare? 

Also known as the ‘Rota Fortunae’ because the wheel belongs to the goddess Fortuna, the concept is form Shakespeare’s era’s philosophy which means the unpredictable nature of Fate.

According to this theory, the goddess Fortuna who spins it at random intervals that changes the positions of those on the wheel and the spins causes some people great misfortune, others gain great luck.

And now, your knowledge on the wheel of fortune tarot card is complete. Now go and make predictions.


The wheel of fortune, it doesn’t matter if you have drawn the upright card or the reversed one, what matters is how you understand what it is trying to tell you and what changes you make in your life to change the course of bad events and turn you good luck into better. Since the wheel of fortune is great tool to fix and avoid mistakes, make sure you don’t just read the predictions but also make the required changes that the tarot suggests you and make the best use of it.


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