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What is woke bingo and is it real?




Bingo was invented centuries ago and it’s still extremely popular with players around the world. It’s easy to play and fun for all players, regardless their age and experience. With the technological development, online bingo was invented, and players now often choose it over the physical game – play Rio Bingo. Even though the rules of the game stayed the same over the years, bingo has seen some changes known as ‘woke bingo’. Keep reading to find out what woke bingo is.

What is woke bingo?

The term woke bingo refers to people who realised that some aspects of the game were wrong or offensive. Most of them are relatively young and they have a problem with calls that are an important part of the game.

Bingo calls help the players tell which number is being announced. Many of them rhyme or include cultural and historic references. Some of them are slightly offensive and ‘woke bingo’ expresses discontent with those rude nicknames.

New ‘woke bingo’ calls

‘Woke bingo’ knows that bingo calls are an essential element of the game, but they want them to be more polite. That’s why it introduced a number of new calls. Many of them have modern references that attract young generations. Below you can find a list of them with the old nicknames they replaced:

• 7 – Flexitarian

• 9 – Get an Uber from mine

• 14 – Netflix and chill

• 25 – Quarter-life crisis

• 35 – It’s a vibe

• 38 – Avocado on a plate

• 39 – Love Island time

• 48 – Not another Brexit debate

• 49 – Amazon Prime

• 54 – Lads on tour

• 68 – Tinder date

• 74 – Recycle more

• 78 – Haters gon’ hate

• 86 – Instagram pics

• 88 – Wills and Kate

Is there a need for woke bingo?

Woke bingo left out, for example, the ‘Two Fat Ladies’ call that normally refers to the number 88. Many people realised that the old call promotes body shaming and that can be hurtful to certain players. Nevertheless, some of the other calls it replaced were funny but not rude so except for this one many deem the changes as unnecessary.

Many people say that woke bingo is controversial because it replaces traditional calls that have been used for years. Nicknames make the game more entertaining and if they’re slightly rude they become more memorable. At the same time, if bingo calls are more neutral more people are likely to enjoy the game as they don’t have to be worried of getting humiliated.


Woke bingo means that people don’t want to upset anyone and want the game to be more inclusive. Woke bingo is real and it represents the 21st century and modernity. It shows that even though bingo used to be played mainly by older generations, nowadays more and more young people enjoy it. As bingo constantly changes to keep up with technological progress, the game is likely to see even more changes soon.


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What is woke bingo and is it real?

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