What is Tarot Card Shuffling

If you are tarot reader, I am sure, your tarot deck must be your best friend that is always there to answer your questions and pull you out of the puzzling situation.

And just like your friendship with humans, tarot cards also need understanding from your end.

And so, another important aspect of understanding your best friend ‘tarot deck’ is how to shuffle tarot cards?

This question is thought-provoking among many tarot readers which even accompanies with some myths as well.

So, let us get started with some interesting, fascinating facts and myths that come along in the journey of learning the different ways of tarot card shuffling.

In the journey of knowing the card well enough, we read a lot about which card means what but interestingly we forget something important which is shuffling the tarot cards.

Tarot Card Shuffling
Tarot Card Shuffling

But here is the fact, the trick lies the way we shuffle the cards

Just like the art of interpreting the meaning and situations through tarot cards, shuffling the card also occupies a unique way of staying connected with your cards.

Yes, that the power of shuffling the cards!

We all know that tarot is a divine tool to connect and read from our energies and predict future so that we can be prepared to enjoy it at the same time gear up to face difficulties. 

But the question is how do the cards get connected with energy? Isn’t it worth thinking?

Considering your thought, let’s move on to the shuffling world!

Tarot cards just look like playing cards but what makes them different is that they have the essence of power, positivity along with the mystery.

This essence gets activated when we simply shuffle the cards followed by card display and the reading. 

Tarot Card Shuffling

We read a lot about which card means what but interestingly we forget something important which is shuffling the tarot cards. The pattern of reading confirms that You cannot read till the time you shuffle the Tarot Cards. 

It has been discovered that the time we shuffle the card, is the time of focus and so we inculcate the energy in the search of seeking answers from the universe.

And, so the step of shuffling the cards before reading is considered as a basic and important way to begin.

It’s interesting to know the logic and occult behind shuffling cards. 

For beginners it goes without saying that there is the fear of failure; what if we are not able to shuffle properly and some reading goes wrong, besides how to handle larger or some exclusive cards. Or can it be wrong?

So, let us get on to the basics first.

Tarot Card Shuffling
Tarot Card Shuffling

The first and foremost question is why shuffling of Tarot is important?

It is important to understand that energy is the basic in tarot card reading and so the Connect between the reader and the Tarot Cards is created by shuffling. It serves the meditative purpose that allows us to completely focus on the divine energy for the stronger connection.

This is the time when the reader fills the card with the energy of the one who has come for a reading. This is a gateway to their energy circle and now Tarot Cards will start a dialogue with the reader. This is the time where you study the question and connect emotionally, spiritually, and physically with cards.

And the good news here is that there is nothing wrong or right, or a particular way to shuffle cards. 

Every reader might have their own style and way to connect with divine power and read cards. 

Tarot Card Shuffling

But knowing it as a part of the ritual before reading, it has been learned that cards are held in the left hand, shuffled and then spread as the left side is said to be feminine, intuitive, and receptive energy. This allows for accurate cosmic knowledge. 

Another belief is the non-dominant hand should be used. So, the journey of shuffling begins.

Following the interesting ways of shuffling will give us confidence and clear our mind to initiate the process.  As a science, there are four ways to shuffle the cards.

The Classic and the most popular way: the deck is divided into two and then mixed like we do in cards game. 

Spreading and Regrouping: it is a suggestive method. Cards need to be fanned on the table as spread in an ‘S’ pattern which is just a practice followed.

Pile-Style: Cards are divided into small piles and can be put back in any order.

Handheld Shuffle: Cards are segmented and are put back in the deck as any given place. This method is used mostly when cards are meditatively handled. 

Once shuffled by the favorite method, let’s explore the journey it takes us through. 

• Clean the brand-new cards:

Either a new or a used tarot Card need to be first cleansed. All the existing junk of energy needs to be shed off. We can do this by concentrating on the deck and meditating with it. Smoke of sage can also be used for it. This practice helps in accurate tarot reading.

• Hold the cards and concentrate and meditate on the question.

This step helps you to infuse energy in the deck to get the answer you want. Answers to questions like is this the right time to change your job, a win, or a loss in a match or anything else that might be weighing on your mind.

• Focus on the question and shuffle the cards in your own preferred style.

Tarot is all about intuition and can it be right or can it be wrong really depends upon the feelings which are encircling the cards.

• Ready for reading once shuffled

For example, a three-card reading will have a past, present, and future. Yes, no answers can be achieved by a one-card reading and we can use the fan spread for a six-card reading which is more of a journey either done or we are about to start.

Tarot Card Shuffling
Tarot Card Shuffling

There are few myths related to tarot card reading and the list is huge. Still, for convenience, they have been listed as:

1. No one should touch or use your tarot cards.

It’s a matter of choice if you want someone to see and touch your tarot cards. I think if someone touches or holds a tarot deck, readings are better and accurate. Some people associate it with bad luck as well.

2.  Tarot Cards have Magical Powers.

No one can go wrong in saying that yes tarot cards have mystical powers. But the imperative is to understand that these powers are nothing but our energy. Tarot cards are just print and paper. Psychic abilities and intuition of the reader creates an illusion of it having mystic power.

3. The Tarot Cards will always be right.

Readings depend upon you most. Can it be wrong as well, the answer is yes if the mental frame and energies are misleading the reader.

4. Tarot Card reading cannot be done over the phone.

Tarot Card Shuffling

As long as you can connect with the person you can do a tarot reading. It can be very well done over the phone.  Again, can it be wrong over the phone, the answer is yes and no both? If the reader is in a low life energy state then definitely yes.

5. Never do a self-Tarot Card Reading

This is the biggest myth about tarot. Reading done for oneself is the most accurate with your own set of tarot cards.

The first step to do a Tarot reading is to shuffle. This article just talks about the same. 

With a beautiful world of Tarot much can be achieved to our benefit. A step more in understanding this world will make the journey more interesting and inquisitive. 

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