What Does The 2 Of Cups Tarot Card Mean

Tarot, a beautiful, artistic deck of cards are here to be your best friend.

Isn’t it magically strange?

Do you know, the art on the cards dictates all the elements of the universe? If no, check out the list here:

  • Sward connects with air and so your thoughts
  • Fire relates to wands reflects your spiritual level of consciousness
  • Earth connects with pentacles and so your material world
  • Cups relate to water and talks about your emotions.

Hence proved, the universe has all the ways to answer us and Tarot cards are one magical belonging of cosmic powers. Interesting, right?

Well, the whole world is connected with emotions, so heart connections are major concerns of life, and a solution to sort it out is here in 2 of the cups tarot cards.

On that note, let us begin the journey to explore the world of tarot cards with the aspect of magical cups on it.

If you are learning the interpretation of tarot cards and exploring the insights of tart deck you must have come across the tarot cards with the picture of Cups along with the numbers on it.

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Alright! Let’s not deviate!

As mentioned, the tarot has a connection with all the elements of the universe. Hence, this article will help you link the emotional side of our life with the element of cups picture on the card. It will help you understand the meaning of 2 of cups tarot in specific.

So, let’s begin!

First and the foremost interesting thing to understand is that picture of Cup in the tarot card is connected with our emotions.

If you pull out the card of cup in your reading, it is indeed a matter of heart!

So, the question for your client can be, are you looking for partner?

If yes, then this is the one card that can charm you.

The picture of a man and woman, holding a cup and looking at each other is the clear depiction of the desire of love and relationship. It is representing the two energies coming together mutually and brining strong bonds, romance, and sexual energy.

Is it already brining you in rush to know more aspects of 2 of cups?

Aha, don’t think in the direction of relationship only, because, it can mean a positive, strong partnership at your workplace or business too.

Having said that, number 2 is the reflection of balancing, and hence with the alignment of cups which is considered and enunciated as 2 of cups can reflect the insight of your emotional stability.

So, what does 2 of cups means?

 The basic meaning that the picture of 2 of cups can define the positive aspects of partnership that can be in relationship, business or at workplace.

However, the twist in the story is that the position of cards in one particular spread also decides the interpretation of the card. This interpretation can bring you closer to the real emotion in the situation.

What Does The 2 Of Cups Tarot Card Mean
What Does The 2 Of Cups Tarot Card Mean

How? Let us know, what does the 2 of cups tarot card mean in detail.

As mentioned, various spreads and position of cards describes the interpretation of the tarot cards in a better way.

Likewise, an upright position of 2 of cups card can work like a magic wand!

The upright position of 2 of Cups in Relationship

If the question is linked with an emotional equation, then this card can be strong advice to go ahead with your new relationship.

Being in the energy of upright position of 2 of cups demands your quick thought to check the acceptance level of emotions, thought by your partner. 

This indicates that if there are issues in the existing relationship, the time is here to balance it out!

During the tarot card readings, an upright position of 2 cups brings a sigh of relief with the inculcated positive energy in it. Isn’t it?

Now, imagine the effect of upright position 2 of cups card at your workplace or business.

Upright Position of 2 cups meaning in Career 

Being a tarot card reader, throw a quick question on your client to check the overall behavior of people he/she is surrounded with.

You may ask your client to think and answer if his/her boss accepting the viewpoints, proposals pretty easily? Or your colleagues are mutually respecting you and showing acceptance is given suggestions?

If yes, well that can be good news for the client, you may want to say, ‘consider the energy of 2 of cups already inculcated in you’.

The energy is already positive and balanced, so let us explore the magical effects of upright position of 2 cups in the financial situation.

Upright Position of 2 cups meaning in Financial Status 

Well, when the reading is already positive in terms of your professional life, the impact shouldn’t be bad in your finances too. Pulling out upright 2 of the cups card with questions related to finance can bring up the good news for you. 

Upright Position of 2 cups meaning in Financial Status
Upright Position of 2 cups meaning in Financial Status

The current energy is suggesting that the financial conditions are going to take good shape and will have balancing in terms of making expenses and savings. This is the time when you are in the mode of being stable in your financial front.

But, does everything remain the same? What if the card of 2 of cups you pull out is in a reverse position?

Scared already?

Well, don’t be! Lets us explore the right meaning of reversed position of 2 of cups for the next best plan of action.

Reversed position of 2 of cups Meaning

Reversed position is already suggesting that all the positive effects of the 2 of cups are taking a turn.

So, here we are with the in-detail version of Reversed 2 of Cups in all the aspects of life.

Let us start with 2 of cups reversed concerning the emotional status of life of your client.

Reversed 2 of Cups Meaning In Relationship

Well, to begin with, you may want to check the status of the current relationship of your clinet and asks questions like:

  • Are you struggling in your relationship?
  • Is the relationship flowing in one direction and missing the aspect of being a better person for each other?

Well, these are the question that can be asked during the reading and the involvement of 2 reversed positions of 2 of the cups card is the right sign to help your client better.

So, at this time, the real time advice as a tarot reader can bring comfort to your client. 

A quick suggestion of complimenting each other, nurturing the individuality of your partner can give direction to your client and help them to bring back the stable energy in the relationship.

Reversed 2 of Cups Meaning In Career

However, if the client is disturbed because of being disrespected by copartner in business, unacceptance of proposal from bosses and lack of interest among colleagues at workplace and looking out for the right ways to deal with the situation, a reversed position 2 of cups card in the reading can interpret the current energy the client is into already.

And so, the advice of being cautious in partnership and not reacting to the cold behavior of bosses can help your client to calm down currently by keeping in mind that situations do change.

Reversed 2 of Cups Meaning In Financial Status

Reversed 2
Reversed 2

A question of finance related issue can be a limelight of reversed position 2 of cups card wherein the unstable energy of your client is not letting save much for now.

And at that moment, a suggestion of saving money and keep track of your expenses can alert your client and save him/her from being a part of miserable situation.

Point to keep in mind!

 The meaning is defined on the basic level, however, the spreads can talk a lot about the position of a tarot card. So, if the understanding of the card is strong, the help of your client will bring change in the situation in-real. 

2 of cups Card as Yes or No

Sometimes, the minor arcana cards bring positivity even in the equation of Yes or No, which is certainly more than enough for your clients. 

Having said that, getting to read two cups for yes or no questions can be the solution for your client.

Being a part of positive minor arcana cards, 2 of the cups suggests ‘yes’ in the upright position in relationships.

On the other hand, the reversed position of 2 of cups indicates ‘No’ .

What Does The 2 Of Cups Tarot Card Mean
What Does The 2 Of Cups Tarot Card Mean

So, keep reading and practicing the spreads and the meanings of the cards for being a best friend of your tarot deck.

                          2 of Cups card energy: Time for clarity in ideas, acceptances

Furthermore, here we are with quick glance of 2 of cups meaning in upright and reversed position for a quick read for you.

Upright Position of 2 of cups

Reverse Position of 2 of cups 
Poor Choices,SeparationRefusalsUnacceptance
Upright Position

Reverse Position
RelationshipReconciliation, marriage on charts, commitmentsSeparations, break ups, miscommunications
CareerGrowth, new ideas
More effort, less outcome
FinancialMore Savings, StabilityUnstable, unable to keep savings, unwanted expenses
FamilyHappiness, prosperityDisharmony, imbalances


2 of cups cards suggests the real stability of your emotions which does affect all the other aspects in life too. The involvement of the minor arcana card of 2 cups in a specific card is a blessing for you and a time for good moments. So, stay harmonious, enjoy appreciation in friendships and relationships and but never forget the feeling of gratitude.

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