What are Megaways slots?

If you have been playing for any amount of time, the chances are that you would have run into a Megaways slot. Due to the massive amount of winning combinations, many players wonder what exactly these slots are – click to learn more.

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History of Megaways

Megaways slots have taken over the slot world. There is no chance that you can enter an online casino and not find at least one or two Megaways slots in their repertoire. The history of Megaways slots is an interesting one, it all started with the release of a title called Dragon Born in 2015. Although it was the first slot to feature this game mode, it was quickly forgotten about by players. It actually wasn’t until the release of Bonanza Megaways, a year later, that players began to take notice of this game mode. Big Time Gaming were the developer behind these slots and quickly realised that the gameplay mechanic was popular with players, they released many titles bearing the mechanic soon after.

Why are they so popular?

Megaways slot games took over the slot gaming world for a time, today they are still incredibly popular with players. Despite this, it can be hard for newer players to appreciate just how insane the initial popularity of this game mechanic was. The following are some of the main reasons why Megaways are so popular with players.

  1. Unique format – When it was first released, the Megaways gameplay mechanic provided an exciting new format for players to try. As slot games don’t usually deviate from a standard format, this made the gameplay mechanic standout massively. It was easy to understand and fun to use, which helped propel the popularity of the game format into the stratosphere.
  2. More chances to win – You will often hear that a Megaways slot game offers players over two thousand different winning combinations, this is not exaggeration. Most Megaways slot games will offer more than two thousand different winning combinations, some even offer over three thousand! With so many chances to win, there is little doubt as to why the gameplay mechanic is so well liked.

Best slots

Megaways slot games have proved to be incredibly popular with players, the standard of slot has been so high it can be difficult naming just a few titles. The following are just some of the very best Megaways slot games

● Bonanza – It is hard, to begin with, any other title, this is the first Megaways slot game that set the world on fire, and in some ways, it is still the best. With a simple theme that still looks good today and an amazing reel structure that promises over 2,000 different ways to win, Bonanza Megawyas is a slot that all players should try at least once.

● Gonzo’s Quest Megaways – This is a remake of the popular slot game Gonzo’s Quest, not only are the graphics updated but the Megaways game engine has been added! Developed by Red Tiger Gaming, this slot manages to improve on the original, something which is no small feat!


Megaways are a unique variation of a slot game that promises over 2,000 different ways to win.

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