5 Spread Tarot Card- Complete Guide

Spread Tarot Card- Complete Guide
Spread Tarot Card- Complete Guide

“Tarot belongs to the world of magic! (Spread Tarot Card)

It is true if you believe in magic. It is true even if you don’t!”

Hi Readers!

Struck somewhere in the art of tarot reading? Don’t know what to do? How to get out of the situation? How to help yourself and continue practicing tarot spreads?

And so, you ended up here. Your most reliable and factual place to grab all the tarot reading information.

We are glad you are here and you must know we are always happy to help! Look below to know what we have today in our box of aid to help our beloved tarot readers overcome their problem.

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So, let’s begin making you an expert in the field of spread tarot card. Brace yourself and come along with us.

Failing is Always Better Than Not Trying at All.

You know why we put that quote as a sub heading? Because we want you to keep trying tarot reading even if you are not a por at it yet.

And to improve your skills, here’s what we have for you to know.

Beginner tarot spreads

If you are not confident in tarot as of yet, you can always go for the simple ways to learn it. and for that, here are a few basic tarot spreads for beginners.


The best way to begin learning tarot spreads is by doing 3 card spreads. The easiest and helpful at the same time. Not just that but they are a very crucial part of tarot reading too.

  • Your weakness, your strength and your way to progress.

Spread the deck of your tarot cards on a table. The extreme left one is your strength, the middle one is your weakness and the card on the extreme right has the ways on how you can progress.

Take them all out, start reading them and understand what they are saying and what you need to do with every situation.

  • Past, Present and Future

This tarot spread will help you gain a clarity. Future card will show what you desire or what your goal will be.

Present card will show where you stand right now in relation to your future goal and what is the level of your progression.

The past card will show where it all begin from. How this goal started and came into your life.

For this tarot card reading as well, you have to repeat your cards spread exercise but this time your extreme left will be the past, centre one is the present and the extreme right is your future.

Well, not just this, but this particular card spread can help you understand so many various aspects of your life where past, present and future are involved.

  • Where am I now? What do I aspire to become? How do I get there?

Another interesting and easy tarot card spread that will answer so many questions. And this time you even know what and how to do?

if you are confused about what you really want in life and what you seek the most, this spread has got all the answers for you.

You can also use this layout technique to get answers for your various other questions and confusions like task, situation and result etc.

These were a few 3 card tarot layouts for beginners. Weren’t they interesting and helpful?

Now let’s have a look at tarot 5 card spread.

5 Card Tarot Spread

You have understood how to read a single tarot spread and 3 tarot cards spread. And now comes the five-card tarot spread.

Spread Tarot Card
Spread Tarot Card

What is so special about it and how is itdifferent form the other spreads? Let’s find that out.

Before moving forward, let’s upgrade you on the 5-card tarot spread meaning.

In this spread, you have to draw 5 cards, as suggested by the name.

  • The first card has the basis of your question.
  • The second card is about what you already know regarding the situation.
  • The third one has the information regarding what you are not able to see in that particular situation you are doing a tarot reading for.
  • 4th one holds the advice for you to follow and
  • 5th one is about the result or the final outcome.

After understanding the 5 card tarot spread meaning, now you must be wondering what is its exact usage? What questions or situations should I ask it? how is it going to help me?

And weather its really helpful or just a complex layout of tarot reading.

Well, it’s a lot more helpful than the simple and easy tarot spreads because it answers more questions you have in your mind and is also an upgrade in your level of tarot reading.

Here how you can use 5 card tarot reading;

  • Should they be trusted?

When you are confused about trusting someone, there are a lot things that you can happen to miss out, it will bring light to all those things and will help you get the clarification to your confusion.

  • You can use it to dig into a situation that is bothering you from so long and get all the required details using this spread.

In that case, the cards will present to you something different than what’s written above.

  • 1st card will be of far past,
  • 2nd will be of your past,
  • 3rd one is the present,
  • 4th is for the future and
  • 5th one will tell you about the far future.

5 card tarot spread past present future is the best way to find things that you are unable to understand and join the dots from your far past that will lead you to your far future.

After understanding the complete usage of this spread, we would like to help you in understanding how to do a 5 card tarot spread as well.

So, get excited and continue reading.

You have to refresh your deck of tarot cards and spread them on a flat surface. After that you have to draw five cards one by one and you have to place them in a sequence.

The sequence that you have to make or follow is called the cross formation where 3 cards are placed in the middle line and 1 card on the above and 1 card at the below.

The 3 cards in the centre are placed as card number 2,1,3 in the numerical order. The above one is card number 5 where-as the below one is the card number 4.

Make sure you remember which card was drawn at what number because after completing the 5 card tarot spread layout, you have to read them one by one according to their numbers and have to find out the solution to your query.

You already know which card represents what by following the above given information. Now start reading your cards and follow up the advices they are trying to give you.

Are you already scared, beginner?

 Don’t be! Because this is a long journey and its worth it, we promise!

You still have long way to go in tarot reading till you reach the level of Thoth tarot spreads where you have to do a spread using 15 cards.

  • 3 cards on all the 4 sides and 3 cards in the middle.

In this layout, the 3 cards in the middle are your past, present and future.

  • 3 cards on the top right side

will tell you about your future as you are creating it.

  • 3 cards on the left top corner

are your guide to the alternate future possibilities available for you.

  • 3 cards on the left bottom corner

are related to your challenges, advices, karma, warnings, tools and allies that you will face/have along the path.

  • 3 cards on the right bottom corner

 is the ultimate outcome. It holds the answers to the future that does not change.

How amazing is that?

So, complicated for others but so easy for a tarot reader like you.

Did we just forget to inform you that in this kind of layout, you can also have a 5 card tarot spread love.

A spread that tells you about your love life and will help you understand where your relationship is going. Not just that but weather it’s worth it or not?

Oh! maybe we haven’t forgotten it. it was just another 5-card tarot spread free for you because you are special to us and we care about that.

Well on that note, let’s tell you how this 5-card tarot spread works in case of love.

While you have to make the regular formation of a 5-card tarot spread, here as well.

You have to place your card number 1, 4 and 2 respectively, in the middle row while card number 5 is above card number 4 and card number 3 is below it.

  • Card number 1 will tell you about your place and perspective in the relationship.
  • Card number 2 is about your partner’s place and perspective.
  • Card number 3 has the reason for the foundations of your relationship.
  • Card number 4 has the present state of your relationship including the issues you might have.
  • And finally, card number 5 has the chance of outcome of your relationship.

Another great revelation regarding tarot reading. How do you like our free tarot reading 5 card spread?

If you like it, then read below to check out another interesting tarot spread.

Single Card Tarot Spread

Now you must be wondering how a single card can help us? what problem is it going to solve or what question is it going to answer.

Spread Tarot Card
Spread Tarot Card

But you don’t know how amazing and useful a single card tarot spread is. This spread actualy help you to reflect your whole day. Your surroundings, things you need to focus on the most and things you need to avoid, all this can be found out with the help of the single tarot card spread.

How to make choices, how to react and how not to react during your current situation is detected by this card. Not just that but it also helps you in balancing your emotional and psychological state.

Here are a few things you can ask your single tarot card to answer for you.

  • Clarification card
  • Feelings/experience card
  • Your focus point for the day card
  • For dream interpretation card
  • Colour dominance for the day card

Basically, the question you had in your mind when you woke up can be the reason for your single tarot spread and if you ae a pro at understanding the cards, even if you have to take help for the guide books, you can get the answers or clarifications of the thing that was bothering you the most in the morning.

This is helpful in so many ways, isn’t it?

It makes every non-tarot reader to start learning tarot spread so that they can wash away all their confusions and live a comparatively easier life. And while they cannot do that, you can! Because you are already into tarot reading.

So, start doing if form now onwards.


If you are a beginner in a tarot reading, there is a long way for you to go. But don’t worry, the journey is beautiful, informative, interesting and definitely worth having.Also, this art form has the capacity to answer every question that pops up in your mind, you just have to believe in it to feel its magic.

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