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Is It Bad To Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?




Being one of the most used tools, tarot cards are used for mostly practice the art of the divine century. If you want to know the history of tarot cards then tarot cards have been come under the spotlight in or around the 15th century.

Firstly when people of Italy and France have discovered tarot cards, it was just a game and nothing more than that. But with times, it has developed into a play of divination and morphed to something similar. The reason is, we need every card to hold its own individual meaning.

Previously it was only for privileged people even when it used to be just a game. But nowadays tarot is available for everyone and we have seen people are utterly desirable about the cards.

Although, often they end up thinking if they should own tarot cards or not. So, for us facing the question “Is It Ok To Buy Your Own Tarot Cards” has become common and we would be answering the questing in this article. So, you do not end up being misguided.

Is It Bad To Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?

Is it bad To buy Your own Tarot cards?
Is it bad To buy Your own Tarot cards?

If you are new to things and seeking to learn then there are so many ways. In fact, you will find so many books or history and it will make you understand the meaning of the decks and it will guide you towards a better understanding.

People are seeking wisdom through tarot cards and exactly from there, the superstition has to occur that you should not buy your own tarot cards. 

People have a wrong perception that if they buy tarot cards then it will carry bad luck for them not only this, but people too have a wrong perception that you should not take tarot cards as gifts. You should not believe in something without any solid proof as dig before you believe. 

Is It Bad To Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?

To be honest, is it bad or not that can be only understood by you. You might accept tarot cards as a gift or buy yourself but you can not understand if t is wrong or right. You need to start reading them and then only you can understand if they are feeling right or you might not seem to read it properly.

There might be not the right energy you would be receiving especially when you will be holding it. More or less, readers generally buy their own cards from online sources and they haven’t face any further difficulty. 

So, it seems highly irrelevant that tarot cards will give you bad luck just because you have bought them as most of the people do that only. You should no believe in those superstitions anymore because we have come so far and we need to be open. If your energy will focus on something negative, then bad luck will definitely come.

Should Your First Tarot Deck Be A Gift?

Tarot cards as a gift? Well, that’s not really a great idea at least according to the tarot cards readers. But that’s just a half of the community because most of the tarot card readers do believe that getting tarot cards as a gift is absolutely fine.

Most of the tarot cards readers still keep adding new deck from their friends so you should not believe in those superstitions. 

Is It Bad To Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?
Is It Bad To Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?

Just like that, some of the tarot card readers still think that they should not use the cards they have received as a gift and they have literally kept it in a dark drawer. So, it would be up to you!

Are You Supposed To Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?

If you are really confused about you should buy your own tarot cards or not then you do not need to fear any longer. We have already discussed why should you step your heart out and but tarot cards for yourself.

The more you will believe in superstitious things, the more you will fear, the more you will be drowning into fear. If you really want to enter into a spiritual world that too as a personal tarot, then it would be anytime better to buy your own tarots.

Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will end up with a “meg deck” which might not be your type or even match your taste. 

First of all, you need to explore the deck before you buy the cards otherwise, you won’t get that fun. Also, to know what is your taste you need to research and read about tarot cards before buying them so that you don’t end up buying the wrong one. You should always check the deck in-person way before making the final decision. 

Why Can’t You Buy Your Own Tarot Deck?

Who said that you can not buy your own tarot cards? To be honest, the people who have been in this profession for several years, they even do think that there is no such good option other than buying your own tarot cards.

Tarot cards have plenty of decks and you need to decide which one suits your taste and which one you want to buy.

Is it bad To buy Your own Tarot cards?
Is it bad To buy Your own Tarot cards?

If you do no by your own tarot cards then how would you understand will that suit your taste or not? Especially, for this reason, you should always buy your own tarot cards even without thinking otherwise. 

Can You Buy Your Own Oracle Card?

Wouldn’t you want to be your own fortune-teller? Of course, you do. Not only you but we all do. Well, tarot cards and oracle cards are similar and there is just a slight difference but the work they perform is the same.

You should be always picking the deck according to your choice so you know buying cards for yourself would be the best option any day. Hence, you need to feel positive while reading the oracle cards otherwise you will obviously feel negative, there is no donut in that. You should not have any doubt and you should be buying your own cards. 

Is it bad To buy Your own Tarot cards?Discussion 
Is It Bad To Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?Not at all, you should be buying your own tarot cards for so many reasons. 
Should Your First Tarot Deck Be A Gift?Of course, there is nothing wrong except the person’s intention. 
Are You Supposed To Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?You can always buy your own tarot cards so that it can match your taste. 
Why Can’t You Buy Your Own Tarot Deck?Who said, that you can’t? 
Can You Buy Your Own Oracle Card?Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying your own oracle cards. 


You need to learn from the internet and the plenty of books available on the internet that will give you a brief idea about tart cards and you can read your own fortune. Since you are getting the option, you should not be thinking anymore and but tarot cards so that you can start practicing right away. You need to stay positive in order to get in touch with your divine power and you will soon be a fortune reader just like other professionals. However, using the cards is literally super and you just need to get accustomed.


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