Two Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

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Planning, first moves, making a decision, stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, and taking risks.Poor planning, excessive analysis, delay, playing it safe, risk avoidance

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What Do Two Wands Mean In General?

2 of Wands card depicts an individual standing on top of what appears to be a tower, with a little globe in his right hand. From where he stands, the man can see a large landscape with an ocean on the left and land on the right which implicates choices and vision of the bigger picture. Considering which, In general, the Two of Wands represents having two options in the decision-making path.

So, keep in mind that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! The man is dressed in an orange tunic and a dark red cap, representing his passion for life and his thirst for adventure and hence indicating the scope of travel. Furthermore, The small globe in his hand signifies the possibility of broadening his thoughts and gaining new life experiences.

Elements Associated With Two Of Wands

Astrological SignAries
Hebrew Letterפּ – Pee
Count2 – Card Number

What Does Upright Two Of Wands Mean?

Two of Wands General Meaning

Two of Wands is a more refined version of the Ace of Wands, which means that this tarot card is all about progress and planning by seeing the bigger accompaniments, weighing the pros and cons of the steps, and making the right choices.   Another meaning of the two wands is a discovery that suggests that you are emerging from your nest and exploring new life experiences and worlds. While the beginning may appear challenging, 2 of Wands card encourages you to stay strong.

Having mentioned that it makes you realize your long-term goals and objectives before you set out to accomplish them. In other words, you worked hard to get where you are, and you are thinking about your long-term objectives in the future. Making decisions is central to the meaning of the Two Wands. In other words, you are either moving forward and taking risks, or you are content with your current level of knowledge. It entails stepping outside of our comfort zones and discovering new areas.

Upright Two Of Wands In Love Matters

The Two of Wands in a love reading is not a positive sign if you are in a relationship because it can suggest that there is not enough joy and happiness. It suggests that you or your partner may be experiencing restlessness, withdrawal, or disconnection. Also, there is the possibility of extramarital affairs.

Furthermore, as the card also represents travel, it might suggest that you and your partner might think about traveling or going abroad.  Moreover, if you are single, The Two of Wands also suggests that you will have a choice between two lovers. You might discover that one of these potential partners is steady and dependable. At the same time, the other is fearless and adventurous because this card symbolizes being broken between security and adventure.

Upright Two Of Wands In Money Matters

The Two of Wands in a career reading denotes that you will have two options. You may have the option of continuing in your current position or career or choosing a different one. Or you can choose between two positions with your current employer. If you run a business, you may decide whether to grow or join forces with another organization. The Two of Wands in a financial Tarot reading denotes stability in money matters. When it appears, you must maintain a balance with your finances.

Upright Two Of Wands In Health

The Two of Wands in a health Tarot reading denotes that you will have a choice between two paths regarding your health. This can be expressed as having to choose between two possible courses of treatment for a disease or injury or deciding whether to continue your exercise routine or give up entirely and revert to old habits. It’s your life and your health at risk; only you can decide which path to take.

Upright Two Of Wands In Spirituality

The Two of Wands in a spiritual context denotes that you might be interested in learning more about another religion or spiritual path. Don’t be afraid to investigate your options. Even if a new path isn’t right for you, there is no harm in learning about another one because you never know what knowledge it might contain.

What Does Two Of Wands Reversed Means In General?

Two of Wands General Meaning

When the two wands are reversed, it’s time to take the jump and do it. It’s taking them too long to consider; they’ve been doing it for a while. It is now time to make plans and long-term objectives. It is advised to think about everything, including what you want to be, what you see for the future, and what best fits your personality; by identifying and determining what is essential to you, set goals.

Then go one step further by formulating the best course of action. It also warns that something is wrong with the plan. You must have overlooked little but critical details when planning, which could prove fatal and lead to your demise. It also indicates that overconfidence or a lack of patience may later become the primary cause of failure. So reduce your confidence and try to remain cool.

Two Of Wands Reversed In Love Matters

If you are in a relationship, the 2 of Wands reversed indicates that you or your partner may find your relationship mundane and boring. Still, you are staying together because it is the safest bet. However, you know that your relationship is holding you back, but you are afraid to leave because you are afraid of the unknown. But, when this appears in your Tarot reading, it may result in a breakup.

It could be because you have been observing a sudden change in your partner’s attitude toward the relationship if they have been distant or withdrawing. But, if you are single, it can suggest that you decide whether to get back together with your ex or continue being single. Although your options are limited, there are more options available Furthermore, in reverse, it can mean that you or your partner are thinking about traveling or emigrating, but the other wants to stay put. 

Two Of Wands Reversed in Money Matters

The Two of Wands reversed in a career reading, it denotes that you might impose restrictions on your work possibilities or choices. It suggests that you might have chosen the safe path in your professional life and are kicking yourself for not being braver. Your choice could not have turned out well if you were in business. You might have lost out on a partnership or expansion. The reversed Two of Wands in a financial Tarot reading denotes unstable finances. It may not be easy to maintain your economic equilibrium when it emerges.

Two Of Wands Reversed In Health

In terms of health, the Two of Wands reversed suggests that you require a second opinion on a current health concern. It may mean that more has to be learned about your health or that you need to identify the underlying causes of your sickness to determine the most effective course of action. This does not imply that you should dismiss the opinion of your medical professionals. Still, it may be wise to seek a second opinion if doing so won’t harm your recovery.

Two Of The Wands Reversed In Spiritual Journey

2 of Wands reversed in a spiritual context denotes that you generally refer to your current religion or spiritual path out of fear of change and the unknown rather than because it inspires you. Be open to exploring your options once more.

Is Two Of Wands a Yes or No Card?

When the 2 of Wands is drawn in the reverse direction, a “no” is represented. It implies that you have been focusing on things that will have no actual impact. The reversed Two of Wands invites you to halt and establish a logical and beneficial strategy for reaching your goals. If you see the Two Wands oppositely, it could suggest that you have been putting off taking action that will bring you closer to your ultimate objectives and dreams. Furthermore, you can know more answers for each aspect of life in our another piece of article, Is Two of Wands Yes or No

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