Minor Arcana, Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Are you the one who happened to get the Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning in your recent tarot guide? Well, finally the time has come to step across in a cross situation!

You might have been taking everything lightly and escaping the reality of mastering all the difficult choices you come across!

But now, being a two the swords cardholder, you need to change this behaviour. Why? you may ask! The Minor Arcana two of swords Tarot Card Meaning will itself clear this doubt of you!

This article will provide you with a complete guide as to how to go ahead once you get your hands on this card! We’ll go all in and do the deepest analysation for you! But first, it’s vital to understand the basics. So, let’s get started!

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Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

To begin with two of swords meaning, the first thing to know about this is what encompasses as its core is the fact of this card being a minor arcana one.

Minor Arcana Card

Minor Arcana Card
Minor Arcana Card

Getting a minor arcana tarot card is representative of all the present trials and conflicts we face in our everyday life.

Yes, these cards are called minor but they would have major importance in your life!

They enlighten you on how these daily tribulations affect your lifestyle in a non-desirable way and will also give you some insights as to how you can forgo all these bad comings!

Now comes the turn to have a look over your complete two of swords tarot guide, its meaning, virtues and judgement for you!

What Does Two Of Swords Tarot Card Means?

The description of the tarot can tell you a lot about what the card actually means!

In this case, you can see a blindfolded woman in a white robe holding two swords in a cross beside a water body accompanied by some Rocky islands!

Here, the card shows the plight of the woman who is in a sceptical situation upon making the decision between the 2 swords crossing and balancing each other, representative of her real-life conflicts.

The holistic view of the water and some Rocky islands show how emotions and thoughts are in constant motion withstanding obstacles in her journey that keeps stopping her from making the right decision and eager her to reconsider the whole situation!

Basically, this card is a sign from your guardian angels to finally make that complex and painful decision that brought you to a crossroad you are running from!

See, how precisely an image holds so much meaning! Now, let’s move on to its literal interpretation.

Interpretation Of Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Generally, what is the meaning of two swords depends upon the way you choose to interpret it from the following 2 ways of interpreting a tarot card:

  • Upright
  • Reversed

Forgiving you a clear understanding, here is an example. In the case of interpreting two swords how someone sees you, the upright version will vary a lot in comparison to the reversed version.

Seen in an upright way, the other person would himself be clueless on how they perceive you! The commitment you both share may have reached a point where the other one doesn’t want to approach you to avoid any clashes!

However, in a reversed way, it would mean that the other person avoids seeing something about you or is ignoring you a lot.

So, if that makes sense to you, Let’s learn more about both upright and reversed interpretations of two swords!

Upright Meaning Of Two Of Swords Tarot Card

Was this two of swords biddy tarot card straight up towards you while you were reading it? If yes, then this upright justification is for you!

Upright Meaning Of Two Of Swords Tarot Card
Interpretation Of Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning
  • The upright context is a sign for you to disregard your behaviour like that of the blindfolded lady, who would just wait for this painful crossway to go away. For you, it’s time to back up from running away from your problems.
  • It indicates how your path to come to your current situation was not what you expected it to be, but you need to get over this!
  • It advises you to trust your judgments and intuitive thoughts. Think upon all the pros and cons of the decision you take, and you will be good to go!

It’s easy to keep such things in mind through some upright keywords like wishful choices, balance and intersecting decisions. Not only this, but this card has its impact over many spheres of our life like love, career and even health! Here’s how:

Upright Two Of Swords Love Meaning

If you have been searching for love related advice and landed on this card, you will finally get answers to your question now! You’ve been experiencing the situation of stalemate or deadlock in your relationship lately!

Constant fighting, disagreement, no quality time has driven your relationship to a place where you both know that there is very little or no scope of improvement.

But if you are willing to try that 1%, the card suggests you go for it! How to do it? Sit together, listen to each other, try to understand the situation and adjust some things if you want a forever bond with that person.

For all the singles out there who got their hands on this card, two swords crossing each other is representative of your conflict between those two persons whom you absolutely love! But for you, it’s high time to go along the hard path by selecting one.

Upright Career And Finances Meaning

Getting this card in your tarot spread is a clear indication of the tough time you are having at your job! In every aspect, no matter career choice, favouring people at work, investment opportunities, different ideas, you will come across choices that would be crucial yet difficult to make.

The only thing that can help you here is your mindful thinking leading to the right choices. In matters of choosing one colleague over another, it can cause rifts, so try neutralising the situation by giving what you really feel.

Selecting a career path and investment mode can be tricky, that’s why get your facts straight there and think critically of what virtues each option holds for you!

Upright Meaning For Your Health

Two of swords as advice in health-related matters is screaming to let out all the emotions, feelings and thoughts that you have held captivated for a very long time now!

Upright Meaning For Your Health
Upright Meaning For Your Health

In the end, if not treated correctly, all these blocked feelings will only lead to bad side effects on your health like injury or even chronic diseases!

Only you hold the power to improve your health by rising above these feelings! Seek professional help and seek therapy. Try meditation and yoga to achieve peace. Sometimes, nothing but inner balance is the key. Let it guide your way rather than other people’s unsolicited opinions!

Henceforth, those were all the important sectors of our life that can be influenced a lot by this particular card. Now, let’s head over to what reversed meaning of the card holds for you!

Reversed Two Of Swords Meaning

Was the tarot card facing away from you or in an upside-down position while you were reading it? If yes, then it is the reversed 2 of swords meaning that you need to know! Let’s see what it wants to tell you:

  • This side of the two of swords card is indicative of how you are stuck in a situation and not able to choose the right option as both can have detrimental impacts. Being stuck and not able to proceed to any solution has made you question your existence.
  • Like the blindfolded woman, you are also blindfolded from seeing the truth, realities and full information required to make a sound decision. Although, totally contrary can happen too. You might have so much information with you that is now confusing you!
  • For the time being, you need to get detached from all the worldly affairs bothering you and focus on what you want, what your conscience demands!

Now, let’s attempt to find what two swords reversed hold for you in love, career and well being!

Reversed Two Of Swords Meaning In Love

Does your relationship require some big decisions that might affect everything you have with your partner? Well, 2 swords are reversed as feelings of love and affection is significant of how such a decision is proving so overwhelming for you.

You are fearing taking any decision that might bring hardships in your relationship. Overall, all such stress is indirectly making your distance from your lover and causing losing the connection from your beloved!

If you are single, then two of swords feelings in matters of love tells that you have been pretty unlucky in experiencing a love life which is now avoiding you to even try for one. Instead of losing hope, this card encourages trying to give love a chance again in your life!

Reversed Two Of Swords Meaning In Career And Finances

In a career aspect, this card reads how you are facing so many conflicts at work that may include incomplete projects, impossible deadlines and delayed promotion even after working all day long! It seems like you are losing grip in your work and recognising the problems and defects too late.

This feels just like holding a sword down, which results in weak grip and weak results and uncontrolled work measures!  Also, soon you will realise the root cause of being in a financial crisis for a long time, which will motivate you to rectify such mistakes and avoid such blunders in future.

Reversed Two Of Swords Meaning In Health

Here, all that’s troubling you is the anxiety and the stress that you take in little things. Through all this stress, it’s very likely for you to catch up on a serious health issue.

Overexpressing your feelings and emotions has obstructed you from creating an inner self-balance. You need to realise the wisdom inside of you and ignore all the negativity around you and then say a forever goodbye to all the stress and anxieties!

And with that, we hereby conclude the reversed interpretation of the meaning of two of swords tarot cards!

However, we bet that just like many others, you are also looking for an apt answer in yes or no from the tarot cards! So what exactly should one do when it’s a minor arcana, two of swords tarot card? Let’s see!

Two Of Swords Yes Or No

Generally, two of the swords tarot card is more of a maybe instead of yes or no in its upright context. All-time grinding thoughts will result in vain and more scepticism only.

Therefore, instead of stressing about it, it’s good for you to just fold like a deck of cards meaning give up on it and try to take a rest and create a balance in your mind to actually know what you want with a new clarity!

On the contrary, it would be a sure ‘yes’ in the reversed sphere! It’s a positive sign to proceed on with your intuition and take the step you have been confused with!

Now, you have all the knowledge you need to keep in mind once you get your hands over the minor arcana tarot card of two swords!

Final Words

To summarise, the two of the swords tarot card is symbolic of the difficult choices you get to face in reality and how you tend to escape reality by evading making such choices!

Based on what position you get: upright or reversed, the meaning would be interpreted accordingly!

While the upright context motivates you to trust yourself and make decisions confidently, the reversed context dares you to choose between the two options wisely and bravely ignoring its bad outcomes. Now, you know what your next step is going to be!

Hope this article helps fulfil your purpose.


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