Top Video Slots with 25 paylines

Back in the late 1800s the casino world was treated to a fantastic new gambling game courtesy of a now-legendary Californian engineer called Charles D. Fey. The man took some of the very rudimentary slot machines that had started appearing in Californian bars and made some crucial alterations, mainly making sure that the slot machines could pay out actual coins, instead of the free drink or cigar prizes that were used prior. 

The result was the Liberty Bell machine, something that proved to be the catalyst for the slot gambling revolution that took place over the next century. By the time the 21st century rolled around slot machines were everywhere, however the industry wasn’t finished yet, far from it… Oh yes, because in the early 2000s online slots hit the market, and they further revolutionised the casino gambling world. Everybody plays online slots at  these days, so keep reading for the top video slots with 25 paylines. 

A recap on video slots 

Firstly, however, a quick recap on video slots is in order, because some people might not know that this term is very similar to online slots. In fact, every single online slot you can play in the 21st century is also a video slot, because the action takes place on a video screen, rather than a mechanical set of reels. 

Video slots were first invented in the 1980s after the discovery of Random Number Generators, and since then they have become immensely popular. The possibilities with video slots are more or less limitless, as developers can very easily design their slots to work in any way they want. 

What are paylines? 

Before we get into the top video slots with 25 paylines we’ll also just give you a recap on paylines, because beginner slot gamblers may be slightly be confused by the term. Basically, a payline is where slot gamblers place their bets, and also where they see whether their wager has been successful. 

There is a chance for symbols to line up on each payline, and most modern online slots will have a number of these paylines, all of them taking the form of different sequences across the reels. 

Top video slots with 25 paylines 

That’s a bit of the theory out of the way regarding video slots and paylines, so read on for the top video slots with 25 paylines: 

· Secrets of the Stones MAX: The Scandinavian online slot developer NetEnt is by far the most respected developer in the game, and that is because pretty much anything the studio makes is top-notch. It’s no surprise that Secrets of the Stones MAX tops our list of the top video slots with 25 paylines.

·  300 Shields Extreme: The popular Spartan film 300 helped to greatly popularise the Ancient Greek warrior state, and there have been countless online slots over the years that has also used it as a crucial theme. 300 Shields Extreme is by far the best, however, and luckily it also has 25 paylines. 

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