Top 9 spiritual apps: Psychic, Tarot, Palm, and more ways to connect from your mobile

Now getting predictions about your future life is no longer a complicated thing to do. You can get spiritual readings, astrological forecasts, love forecasts and much more on your phone. Yes only from your cell phone. Here are the 9 best spiritual applications which you can download on your mobile. Curious? Keep reading!

Kasamba Psychic Readings

With this app, you can get 3 minutes of free reading. Download Kasamba Psychic Readings on the App Store and launch it. Choose one of the best psychic mediums. You will only be charged if you decide to switch to paid season. The interface is on a purple background with a list of selected categories according to your questions. Whether you need relationship advice, or you need a Tarot card reading, Kasamba Psychic Readings is one of the best solutions you can find online. You can request a refund if you are not satisfied with your first session. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iTouch, the app supports iOS 10.0 or later. Just go to Kasamba Psychic Chat and get your answers!

Palm Reading

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Need a palm reading? Or predictions about the fate line? Then you need Palm Reading! This application works by using your phone camera (to take a picture of your palm). After you send a picture of your palm, in no time the app will “read it” and send you a thorough analysis. You can choose from hundreds of professional palm readers available. You never run out of options! Like Kasamba, you can enjoy 3 minutes of free reading. If you find that satisfying, you can move on to paid sessions. Palm reading has many advantages because it can provide a more complete analysis, involving many aspects of human life. Palm Reading also supports Android.

Tarot Cards Reading

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Tarot cards are one of the most popular media for fortune telling, covering reading of love, career, welfare, future, and so on. In the past you needed to go to an astrologer in a scary place to read your fate. Now you can do it on your mobile, thanks to Tarot Cards Reading. All questions will be answered privately. 3 minutes of free reading before you decide to switch to a paid session. This app has been reviewed by millions of users and so far, the majority of responses have been very positive. Choose the Tarot reading category you like the most and get your reading right away!

Psychic Mediums

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As usual, free reading for 3 minutes. With Psychic Mediums, you can have a lot of personal psychics on your cellphone. So far this application has served no less than 3 million customers with a satisfaction level of 95%, one of the highest among similar applications. If you’re curious about someone you like, then post her photo and let Psychic Mediums analyze if she could be your next match. By using this application you can save a lot of time in searching for your true love. There is also a daily free horoscope feature. What are you waiting for?

Relationship Advice

As the name implies, this application focuses more on romantic relationships. There are several features provided, one of which is what is called the Love Calculator. This tool will give you more complete insight into your relationship so you can go through it more purposefully. You will consult a real love psychic, tell you all the problems related to the relationship you are currently living. Like the apps above, Relation Advice also provides 3 minutes of free reading before you decide to switch to a paid forecast session.

Free Psychic Reading Prediction

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This application is able to help you create your own personalized birth chart. More focused on the past, present, and future, this application is suitable for those of you who want to understand more about your life journey. There are several interesting features offered, including;

– Daily Horoscope
– Online Psychics
– Personal Birth Chart
– Love & Relationship Readings
– Numerology Readings
– Chinese Astrology Readings
– and much more…

As usual, 3 minutes of free reading for every new user!

Psychic Chat Reading

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This application focuses on astrology with a fairly complete category; Western astrologers, Vedic astrologers, numerologist, etc. There are 3 million subscribers with a satisfaction level of 95%. Still in doubt? You can get 3 minutes of free reading before deciding to pay. The spiritual advisor provided is able to provide “extra insights” which can provide a more complete solution. If they have trouble reading, they can use other clair-senses to understand the situation and provide really useful advice, not just cliché advice that doesn’t do much good. The last update was on October 27, 2020, so if you download now, you will get the most recent version.

Love Compatibility Test

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If you prefer zodiac-related forecasts then the Love Compatibility Test is for you. This application is more focused on zodiac predictions, so almost all of the predictions carried out involve the zodiac. For example you need a prediction about your love relationship then you have to tell your zodiac sign and your zodiac partner. Then let this application analyze it. This application has received 5-star ratings as proof of its quality. Try it free for 3 minutes. If you are an Android user then make sure your device is running version 4.1 or later.

Best Psychics

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This application serves a variety of predictions that vary, from Vedic astrology, Tarot guide, love psychics, to Angel Guidance specialists. Get a 3 minute trial as a new user. For information, this application has helped more than 1000 people to solve their problems. Supported by fortune tellers with more than 10 years of experience, you can’t doubt the quality of this app. One more thing, the fortune tellers are not limited to one country. This application employs many fortune tellers from European and Asian countries, especially India.

The 9 applications above are the 9 best spiritual applications that you can get online on your mobile. Hopefully, this information can be useful. Thanks for reading!

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