Top 4 Tips for Tarot Beginners

At first, it may seem that learning Tarot is as hard as studying how to play live roulette. Yet, it can get easier. And even people with no experience in this sphere can master it. To get professional faster, follow these simple but significant tips.

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Choose a Deck That You Like

It is a wise decision to begin your study of the Tarot with the Rider-Waite tarot deck, since it is the most popular and easy to understand. Yet, don’t get stuck at this point. There are many decks based on the Waite system.

Find such decks that suit your tastes. Make sure that it comes with a description to understand the individual characters and features laid down in the deck by the author. The images of the cards should connect with your heart and make you want to feel them.

Don’t Get Hung up on Memorization

Cards have common meanings. Yet, you’ve probably heard experienced tarot readers say that you should trust your intuition. It’s true! Your first impression when you see a card is just as important as its traditional meaning.

Of course, it’s helpful to learn the basic meanings, but that’s only the beginning level of knowledge. To truly know cards is to look deeper than system theory. In some cases, the feeling you get from a card may be completely different from what it should mean. Trust your intuition.

Study at Your Own Pace 

When you begin to learn the Tarot system, it can feel like progress is too slow. You begin to compare yourself to others and get frustrated that you can’t read the cards quickly, helping yourself and others. Take your time.

It’s okay if it seems like it will take you forever before you learn to immediately identify the meanings of the cards and understand the solvers without reference to a manual. Everyone goes down the path of learning Tarot at their own speed.

There’s nothing wrong with not being a professional Tarot practitioner from the beginning. Every master has started from scratch at some point. So, you must keep in mind that you are going to master it in your own way.

Define Your Goals

What is Tarot to you? Do you believe in divination or do you just want to use the cards as a tool for meditation and self-discovery? Maybe you need them to communicate with the spiritual world, or do you simply view the Tarot as entertainment? There are many ways to use Tarot cards. The purpose of studying them may not be entirely obvious to you at first.

Yet, it’s still worth finding it to make up your mind. If you use the cards as a predictive tool but don’t believe in their ability to show the future, you’re wasting your time. If you’re only interested in Tarot for self-reflection, then you won’t get the full experience. Take the time to understand what you need the cards for. You can even write down your goals.

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