Tips for a romantic bedroom

The bedroom is, most of the time, the center of our romantic activities, and some various elements and aspects could shape how a relationship progresses. These aspects could either make or break the romance taking place. There are many ways we can ensure that our bedrooms are in the right setting for romance.

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Lust is usually the initial stage when someone falls in love. That kind of attraction that weakens our legs kill our appetite and makes our heart jump a beat. The energy and excitement come from chemical substances that flood our brains, such as dopamine, serotonin, and testosterone. Here are tips that can help us make our bedroom romantic.

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Make your bed

Your bed needs to look tidy and inviting. Have some pillows, fresh pillowcases, and linen bedsheets that are well made. Keep the colors matching and make it look appealing. You can borrow from some of the 5-star hotels.

Get rid of clutter

The bed should be a critical feature in the room. Everything else should be complementing the bed. To remove the items that clutter the room and would, in turn, distract the appearance of the room. Some serious decluttering is needed to ensure that the room looks presentable.

Improve the lighting

Tone down the bright lights and make use of peripheral lighting. Switch off the overhead light and focus on a soft lampstand that gives ambient lighting to the room. You can also use tea lights and ensuring you use safe holders and create a romantic mood. You may also opt to play around with colored bulbs, but keep a note of its effectiveness.

Tips for a romantic bedroom
Tips for a romantic bedroom

Use desirable scent

There are many ways to make a room scent. As mentioned above, you could use scented tea lights. Some other ways to get a pleasant smell in the bedroom is by using a fragrance plug-in, a spray of your perfume or after-shave, scented candles, or pillow mist. It is essential to keep it simple.

Please don’t use too much or use several different smells, which might make it worse instead. Be mindful of allergies of your partner before you start applying the scents.

Spread rose petals on the bed

Roses are a universal symbol of love. So the rose petals perfectly set the romantic mood. It does not matter what kind of petals you use. Whether you go for the real rose flower or you can buy an artificial one.

A piece of advice, real rose flowers make it more authentic. You can spread the petals along the corridor leading to the bedroom to make it more special. In case your bedroom is on an upper floor, you might also scatter the petals along the stairs.

Set the ambiance and mood on passion and intimacy

Get rid of items that don’t portray a romantic picture. Stuff such as clothes airers, and ironing boards should be kept away. Also, ensure that you store the kid’s toys out of sight. Consider playing some romantic music that is both agreeable to you and your partner. Your partner’s favorite song will make it more special. Tune the controls to ensure that the music plays softly.

Be prepared

Preparation is a crucial part of creating a romantic bedroom. You have to take part in making the romantic moment a success. Things you could do include putting a velvet throw on the bed, have some strawberries with you, and, alternatively, you could have some cherries to make better the sensual mood. A bottle of champagne on an ice bucket would be the highlight of the romantic moment. 


A romantic moment requires you to use all your senses to make it a success. Different people have different preferences and definitions when it comes to romance. You need to do extensive research to understand how to create a romantic bedroom. Luckily, the above tip helps you answer some of the questions and help create a romantic bedroom. Good luck with our romantic endeavors.

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