What Does Three Of Swords Mean?

Did you get the ‘three of swords’ tarot card in your tarot spread? If yes, then gather your full gear to finally know what’s causing the depression to you nowadays! Moving ahead, you might have been just laying around blaming your fate for everything bad that is going on in your life and totally blowing them off, but when the three of swords tarot card becomes functional in your life, you gotta be more conscious than ever!

Three of Swords Tarot Card Insights

What does Three of Swords Mean?
What does Three of Swords Mean?

Talking about 3 of swords, the first thing to understand is that it is a minor arcana tarot card.

Minor Arcana Card

Getting a minor arcana tarot card is representative of all the present trials and conflicts we face in our everyday life. Furthermore, they enlighten you on how these daily tribulations affect your lifestyle in a nondesirable way and will also give you some insights as to how you can forgo all these bad comings!

Now that you have an idea of this card’s origin, let’s hop on to have a look over your complete three of swords tarot guide regarding its meaning!

Three Of Swords Meaning

A lot of the true meaning of a tarot card can be determined by cautiously analysing it’s the description.

Here, you can see a heart floating in the air and covered by three mighty swords. This heart is surrounded by dark clouds above it and heavy mist in the background.

While this illustration seems basic, it is symbolic of deep meaning!

  • The heart with a sword through it is the image that captures how negative conditions are likely to curb your happiness and spirit to live in the near future.
  • The red floating heart is indicative of all the happy and positive elements of our life which give us hope to live and this is symbolic of what. The three swords are the feeling of being hurt, pain and agony, and the damages of our real life.
  • The sad imagery of gloomy clouds and rainfall is nothing but a representative of how the atmosphere around us becomes full of despair on the onset of these negative swords.

Basically, it’s just a warning for you from your guardian angels to be prepared for sad and negative events coming your way!

For more clarification, let’s move on to the literal interpretation!

Interpretation Of Three Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Generally, what a tarot card means depends upon how you interpret it. There are 2 ways of interpreting a tarot card:

  • Upright
  • Reversed

For example, in finding context regarding three of swords feelings the interpretation will vary a lot in both cases.

  • Seeing in an upright context, Three Of Swords how someone feels about you, is indicative of a love triangle or upcoming drama of hurting someone. The other person whose feelings you want to know is probably afraid that you are gonna end up cheating on them and hurting them really badly. Your past bad deeds might have been disclosed to them!
  • However, in a reversed view, deciding how someone feels about you takes a different turn. The other person probably thinks of you as a very lonely and wounded person who has a low self esteem because of all the disappointments in your life. Also, they might wanna tell you something not easy to bear as leaving it unsaid is not the best thing for you.

Let’s explore upright and reversed judgments in detail!

Upright Meaning Of Three Of Swords Tarot Card

Was the tarot card upside down while you were reading it? If yes, then this upright interpretation is for you!

  • 3 of swords biddy tarot judgment in its upright form can be understood by some main keywords it’s indicative of like heartbreak, grief, upheaval, loneliness, depression, and confusion.
  • It’s your time to realize that the swords of pain and agony are normal ventures that will come and go frequently. Instead of focusing on that, we should value things that help us get relief from them, i.e, our elements of joy and cherish.
  • Despite the warning, you of all the hardships that you might experience, getting your hands on this card is also your chance to learn from your mistakes. This card comes along with the hope of becoming a better and stronger person by kicking off all the difficulties.

Read on more if you want information regarding a specific domain of our life like love and relationships, career, finances, and health!

Upright Three Of Swords Love Meaning

If you went for a relationship reading and got this card in its upright position, well, your relationship is definitely in trouble!

The cheating secrets of one of you will be out soon and the relationship you built over years will end in a flash! If not that, years of stocked up feelings of either one of you will finally flash out that can cause problems within you two, eventually resulting in a breakup. The only way to make things better is to talk it out in a mature manner and try to understand each other!

In the case of singles, this card is a sign that you are still not over from your past relationships and the horrors of heartache from the past are preventing you from accepting love in the present!

Upright 3 of swords Meaning For Your Career

Getting a three of swords card in a career spread isn’t the best thing to happen! It’s representative of a loss in your career, be it loss of job, loss of a huge amount of money or loss of an opportunity you have been waiting for a long time!

The possible reason for this mishap is your lack of ability to maintain a repo with your colleagues and supervisor plus your overconfidence regarding your skills.

The ideal move for you would be to take a step back from always proving yourself right and taking opinions from your supervisor and other people while maintaining a healthy communication with them.

Upright 3 of swords Meaning for Your Health

3 of swords as advice in matters of your health is something to really take seriously! This card is a warning for some serious health issues coming your way or a loved one. This pierced heart is probably a sign of you or someone close to you catching on to a heart disease.

This card is a mode through which your guardian angels want to give you a message regarding taking care of your health and others around you! Now onwards, there should be no excuses for ignoring your health and start inculcating habits beneficial for you and your heart!

Now you know what virtues this card in its upright way holds for you! Being over it, let’s dive right into learning insights regarding the reversed meaning of this card!

Reversed Three Of Swords Meaning

What do three of Swords In Reverse Mean?
What do three of Swords In Reverse Mean?

Was the tarot card facing away from you in your tarot reading? If yes, then this 3 of swords’ reversed meaning is for you!

  • It’s not very often that you get joyful when a reversed card shows up in a tarot spread, but things get a little different in the case of 3 swords ! This side of the card can be familiarised by these main keywords overcoming, getting over negativity, reconciliation and achieving positivity.
  • If you have been experiencing miseries for a long time now, this card is a blessing in disguise for you as it indicates you will now finally gather the courage to move ahead of the bad times and yet again live a life you cherish. Although, sometimes, flashbacks of past heartbreaks might make this recovery path difficult for you but eventually, you will learn to accept the reality and move on.
  • Lastly, this card is a reminder to stop self-criticism. No matter how much people degrade you or your character, 3 of swords want you to stay calm and unaffected by that. All you need to do is to stay on your best behavior and let go of these hurtful people for the onset of positivity in your life.

While this was one interpretation, now witness what three of swords reversed holds for you in love, career, and health!

Reversed 3 of Swords Meaning In Love

3 of swords reversed as feelings in love and relationships is the good news you have been waiting for! Your relationship is finally going to progress and you will be again feeling the spark of true love with your beloved. You will realize that it’s better to let go of the past fights regarding betrayals or mistrust and start all over!

And for our single friends, this tarot spread is indicative of some serious dating life! If you have held back from the love of your ex, you will be getting over your ex. So, in simple language, your time of being the single one is about to end.

Reversed 3 of swords Meaning In Career

Well, the sword trio coming in a reversed way is very good for your career life. Things at work will become in your favor! The rift between you and your co-workers will resolve and you guys will bond better. The goal on which you have been working hard would be achieved.

One concern here is that if you are not making efforts to overcome the past conflicts at your workplace and still avoiding necessary communications, things can get worse. So, say no to holding grudges.


Here, 3 of swords are keen on being more optimistic as you will be experiencing a recovery in your ill-health or any kind of post-surgery effects and if you are full of hope, this state may be witnessed a little early.

Also, this card is symbolic of how you are a stress loader and it’s the anxiety that you take in little things that’s troubling you. Continuing this kind of attitude will result in losing all recovery. Hence, it’s very crucial to say a forever goodbye to all the stress and anxieties even if professional help is the way to do that!

And with that, we are over with a reversed interpretation of the meaning of three of swords tarot card!

A lot of times, people tend to look for a clear yes or no and that’s when they go for tarot reading! So what exactly should one do when it’s a three of swords tarot card?

3 Of Swords Yes Or No

Nevertheless, the good reversed side, the main representation of the three swords is pain and heartbreak. Hence, whatever question you have in mind for which you are seeking a yes or no, it’s a clear no as doing it might result in suffering a loss.

Sometimes, your instinct favors yes. In most cases, inner satisfaction is right but three swords is something you don’t want to mess up with. It’s only for a better future, hence, stick to a no!

Now, you have all the knowledge you need to keep in mind once you get your hands over the minor arcana tarot card of three of swords!


To summarise, three of swords is a minor arcana tarot card indicative of the pain and agony life holds for us. The heart pierced down with three swords is our happiness shoveled down by all the negativities, damages, and trauma surrounding us.

It has two meanings, upright and reversed. While upright represents that coming days wouldn’t be lucky and you are likely to be feeling hurt and disappointed in various aspects of life, the reversed notion means that you’re eliminating all the bad elements in your life, overcoming past despair!

Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose.

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