Three Of Swords Yes Or No Card

For a fact, three swords yes or no cannot be definitely regarded as a positive card. The three swords generally indicate a ‘no’ as an answer to your question. It indicates painful experiences, loss, a sense of betrayal, or feelings of separation during the ongoing period. 

Furthermore, from the picture on the card itself, it is easy to establish the possible meaning. You will notice a floating heart between dark clouds with heavy rainfall. The floating heart is pierced right through with three swords. And which evidently represents pain, damage, and hurt. With that being mentioned, we all understand that the heart is the symbol of love, compassion, and warmth. And, when it is pierced by the swords, it turns into grief, pain, and damage.

Know the Detailed Meaning of Three Swords

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Three Swords Reversed Yes Or No

Three swords reversed yes or no

However, if the three swords show up in a reversed position, it mainly represents a yes as an answer to your question. Since it is reversed now, it suggests a sense of a new beginning, healing, and renewal. It is a hope and encouragement for a better future. 

In contrast to the three of swords being in an upright position, this one indicates optimistic experiences and finally walking towards a confident self through the path enriched by determination and inner strength. Happier days are waiting ahead and you just need to keep walking toward the brighter side.  It is quite obvious that the past memories will linger for a while but keep in mind that hard days are over while happier and brighter days are waiting for you. 

Three Of Swords Yes Or No Card For Love

Three of swords yes or no card for love

If this card shows up in the context of a love-related question, it can be regarded as a no for an answer to your question. It is an indication of a difficult phase resulting in heartbreak or betrayal. It can also refer to frequent conflicts, misunderstandings, and arguments that might eventually lead to separation and pain.

Always make sure to conduct proper communication and be a great listener. Try to handle the situation maturely and talk everything out clearly without giving any area for misunderstandings. If the relationship eventually comes to an end, it is always advisable to learn from the experience and try to create a stronger bond in the future. You can always appreciate this phase as a learning experience that had helped you in becoming a better version of yourself. 

Three Of Swords Yes Or No Card For Health

Three of swords yes or no card for health

When three of the swords show up during a health reading, it indicates that physical or emotional issues might be around the corner, especially cardiac problems. The card mainly serves as a warning to get you into starting to take your health seriously. 

It is extremely important for each and every individual to maintain sound health and mind by taking proper care of their overall body. Even if your health deteriorates, try to build an optimistic mindset to accelerate the process of recovery.  Take out time to concentrate on your health and mind through meditation, therapy, and self-reflection. 

Three Of Swords Yes Or No For a Career

Three of swords yes or no for a career

Three swords s clearly not a good sign. And so, in the context of a career, it suggests a loss of a great opportunity or job resulting in emotional turmoil and grief. It can also refer to a lack of communication owing to anxiety and pain. 

If you incur any problem at work, then you must take the initiative to clear things up with the help of effective communication with your supervisor or other colleagues at work. The card also serves as a warning for the loss of your job. In this situation, it is always advisable to stay positive and try to come up with different ways of turning the situation around. Remember, the loss of one opportunity should not stand as a reason to restrict you from achieving greater things in the near future.

When three of swords mean no

The three of swords mainly stand as a negative answer to your answer. It involves feelings of grief, loss, and separation leading to emotional upheaval. This card indicates negative implications for your life. 

If it shows during a love reading, this represents a sign of heavy emotional turmoil due to separation, pain, and other similar feelings. Instead of lingering in the past, try to accept the pain and consider it as a learning experience for a better future. 

If it shows up in a career reading, this is a sign of the loss of opportunity or job. It might also signify problems at work resulting in the loss of your job. If you feel something is wrong in your workplace, try to conduct effective communication and talk it out with your supervisor.

Lastly, if this card turns up in a health reading, it indicates trouble in mental and physical health. Make sure to concentrate on your health by infusing healthy habits into your daily routine.

Three Swords Yes Or No Card For Advice

Three swords yes or no card for advice

3 of swords is as the advice card suggests to not be impulsive when making any significant decision. It clearly indicates the power of Thinking it through. Furthermore, often pulls you out of tough situations by being thoughtful about each step that you take is the way to go in this case. 

Moreover, the card is mainly an indication of a rough patch in your life that you might encounter soon. When the card turns up in an upward situation, the chances are high that you will go through an emotional upheaval which will only result in a brighter future and help you embrace the future and a better version of yourself. 

In the end, 3 of swords majorly emphasize the need to awaken yourself and prepare for any unprecedented circumstance. You can consider this card as a warning and take precautionary measures beforehand to combat it. 

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