The World Tarot Card Meaning

The world of tarot cards is filled with surprises and deep meanings pertaining to your life.

The card that you choose has the capability of describing your present situation in a context that is beyond what eyes can see and predicting your future as accurately as possible.

This must be one of the reasons that prompted you to see the possibilities of tarot card reading for yourself and now you have got the world tarot card meaning.

Leading you to wonder “what does the world tarot card mean?”

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to cover today, so before diving into the spiritual domain of the world tarot card.

Now without any further due let’s jump right into the interpretation of the world tarot card!

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Description Of World Tarot Card

If you want to attain a better insight into the visual representation of the world tarot card, let’s begin with the pictorial description.

Pictorial View 

One can notice a naked woman printed on the very middle of the card.

She is wrapped in a scarf-like cloth which is purple in color. She appears to be dancing inside a huge wreath.

Moreover, if you look closely, two batons are being held by each of her hands.

The wreath symbolizes the completion of a phase and also the commencement of a new one, what the picture represents is not static but rather continuously changing, ever-lasting and dynamic, a journey that never comes to an end as it will continue to flow.

The zodiac signs represented by this card are Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus Doesn’t this card emit a limitless positive vibe?

Excited to know more?

Let’s learn about the meaning of the card in more depth.

The World Tarot Card Meaning

The World Tarot Card Meaning

Great news!!

The world tarot card or also referred to as the universe tarot card represents the high possibility of you achieving your goals.

It’s your time to shine and flourish, you are about to reach the peak you must be dearly wanting.

In other words, success is around the corner.

The world tarot card is the final card in the set of major arcana and most of the time arrives before your fate to indicate complete fulfillment.

However, this was the general meaning of the world tarot card, the position at which the card appeared in front of you has a specific meaning of its own.

Said that let’s begin with,

The World Upright

Before we commence with a detailed explanation of the world tarot card in upright, let’s consider checking the world tarot card upright card keywords:-

  • Achievement
  • Fulfillment
  • Accomplishment
  • Success
  • Wholeness
  • Completion
  • Sense of belongingness

If you are the lucky person who got their hands on this card filled with abundant potential then you might be immensely interested in knowing a bit more than just a few keywords.

Hence read further for a better understanding.

Interpretation Of the Upright World Tarot Card

  • When the world tarot card appears in an upright direction it represents that you are thriving on achievement and completion. Moreover, it can also hint towards enlightenment, meaning that the self seems to be in harmony with other or outer aspects of life and things are flowing seamlessly for you, a sense of wholeness and belongingness.
  • This card signifies, all your efforts are about to pay off as you are stepping towards the phase that will make your goals accomplished, for instance, a project you have been working on for a while or any other such prominent event as you have overcome major hardships and heading towards success. It can direct towards a lot of development, whether it be graduating or marriage, or even birth of a baby.
  • However, if you aren’t being able to relate to these changes, don’t you worry as this card is here to prompt you to stay focused on your path because soon this journey of yours will bring the well- deserved happiness in your life in terms of fulfilling all the things that you have thought of and don’t forget to be grateful of what you have learned and accomplished so far by recognizing as well as celebrating your efforts.

 Seems so wholesome and joyous.

Moving forth, now is the turn for all the readers who are welcomed by the reversed world tarot card.

The World Reversed 

As usual, let’s go through the list of keywords which will be then followed by a meticulous description of the reverse world tarot Card.

  • Emptiness
  • Seeking for closure 
  • Feeling incomplete
  • Disappointment 

It appears that you might be experiencing emptiness pertaining to your past achievements and might also looking forward to closing. 

Therefore, you should consider reading further to gather some information that will help you work towards healing.

Interpretation Of the Reversed World Tarot Card

  • To elaborate, currently, you might be in a state where you don’t feel connected to what you are doing or have this constant feeling that something is missing or you are wanting to attain big goals but lacking in taking big steps towards them.
  • For the former part, you are required to let go of the past or any unresolved issues and believe in living in present, which can be complex but always remember the good old saying “nothing is impossible” and it’s for the greater good.
  • However, as for the latter part, big dreams turn into reality only if you put all your heart and soul into the work, so choose what is right not what is easy, and don’t look for a shortcut but pure dedication.
  • A determined mind will enable you to complete that project or task of yours as you might have faced some sort of blockage that caused your goals to remain incomplete. Nevertheless, when lacking motivation, visualize the sheer happiness that will wash over you when these goals are achieved.

Well, these were the general reading of the major arcana world card.

Though, as you might know, these cards aren’t just limited to the above-mentioned readings, they can go way beyond and can be more specific.

So, if you are in search of the world tarot relationship then the upcoming content might be perfect for you.

The World Card Tarot Love 

The World Tarot Card Meaning

Just as the pattern we followed for the general reading of reversed and upright, the love facet of the world tarot card has a different meaning, depending on the position it presents itself in front of you.

The World Upright Love

If you are in a relationship, the upright world tarot card signifies that you are about to reach the pinnacle of your relationship.

In other words, it represents that you are feeling complete and joyful in your current relationship and will enter the next step, for instance, getting married or having a child.

Love Life Status For The,

Singles, it seems the world card is assuring you a whole world of opportunity.

And, that you have finally come to peace with yourself and where you belong at the moment, after events of challenges.

You are presently feeling complete and confident by reflecting on the attributes of a whole person.

And, are destined to attract exciting and worthwhile people into your life. Apart from that, there can be chances that you meet a new person while you are traveling.

Be vigilant, the person you are eyeing on the trip to cruise might be the one for you.

Next at the stop is love reading for the readers who have received the world card, reversed.

The World Reversed love

If in a relationship, you might be experiencing the feeling of something is missing or things between you and your partner might have become stagnant.

Moreover, there seems the possibility that you might be trying to bring back the lost color in your relationship, but nothing seems to be quite a work and if that’s the case., don’t feel guilty for having second thoughts about the relationship.

However, if haven’t done anything yet to get your relationship back on track then the world card suggests you and your partner take the required steps for restoring the euphoric moments in both of your lives.

Time To Explore For Love 

As for the readers who are single, is your love life doesn’t seem as happening as you are expecting it to be?

  • And regardless of that, if you are still not doing anything to change it then let us break it down to you, that life isn’t a cliché rom-com where your soulmate will appear from nowhere and make your heart flutter, as for this to happen, you are required to come out of your shell and meet new people.
  • Test the water and don’t be afraid to explore by yourself as you never know how your one confident move, might save you from losing that perfect person, who, otherwise would have gone unnoticed if you continue to refuse the idea of putting yourself out there.

Moving Forward 

Although, it also seems that you still haven’t gotten over the past relationship that might have ended abruptly, leaving you with the desire for closure.

But again, if you aren’t being able to receive closure, don’t waste your future because of the unfortunate past as you need to forget and move on for the better.

This certainly can easily be said than done but gradually through genuine efforts, you will be able to get past it and live the glorious opportunities in your near future.

Talking about relationships, there are times when, unfortunately, the connection comes to an end and most of the time it’s an inevitable outcome for two people who aren’t meant to be together.

This brings us to the discussion of the world tarot breakup.

The World Tarot Card Meaning
The world tarot breaks up

Most of the time the world card signifies fulfillment and happiness and now it might have led you to think “how exactly do break up and happiness correlates?”

Well, the term breakup doesn’t always have to be associated with distress and dejection because the nature of this term definitely varies according to the circumstances.

It means, if the relationship isn’t good for your mental peace and well-being or is lacking meaning then you are certainly better off without it.

That will ultimately result in true happiness. 

But don’t lose hope as most probably sooner or later you will meet your true soulmate.

By any chance, do you have a question in mind that doesn’t really require such an elaborative explanation but a single answer in either yes or no?

Well, no need to wonder any further.

The World Yes Or No

You already know the drill!

We will look at this from two perspectives, upright and reversed, respectively.

The World Upright Yes or No

The world tarot card when upright is one of the most fascinating cards to encounter as a sign that you are brimming with unity, fulfillment, and accomplishments.

Said that the answer to your question in this context will be a clear “yes”

The World Reversed Yes or No

When the world card appears reversed in tarot card reading then the answer to your question, apparently can be either yes or no, depending on the question asked.

For instance, you might still be in search of closure from some past situations, and this card calls for you to slow down and give yourself some time to understand the changes and find peace with it and look forward to enriching experiences in the future,

However, sometimes in some cases, despite the card being reversed, questions that are based on starting something new because you want to overcome the fear of missing out on something then the answer is “yes”, an opportunity to gain better insight into what was earlier missing from your life.

Now that’s an end to the world arcana meaning or the universe tarot card meaning, guide.

Before you decide to analyze your decisions based on this information, let’s,


This article indeed was a journey in itself as we started from the word arcana meaning the word tarot card meaning which included details regarding the world upright as feeling as well as the world reversed as feelings.

And, then we walked towards the most beautiful aspect of our lives and that is the world’s tarot soulmate meaning.

Finally reached the end of our path by learning one of the most anticipated answers during a tarot reading, the yes or no.

The universe arcana indisputably is one of the most positive cards as it reminds you to be proud of yourself and live life to the fullest.

It further motivates you to untie yourself from the setbacks of the past and be hopeful about what’s coming next positively.

A lot of possibilities are going to greet you that will assuredly optimize your lifestyle as it will bring the feeling of wholeness to you.

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