The Tower Tarot Meaning

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Disaster, destruction, upheaval, shocks, unexpected change, instabilityavoiding disaster, preventing what’s going to happen, fighting change

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What Does The Tower Tarot Mean In General?

The Tower card shows a tall tower on top of a mountain. A bolt of lightning hits the Tower and sets it on fire. People are jumping out of the windows in a helpless attempt to escape the flames that are breaking through the windows.

They might mean the same people chained up on the Devil card. They want to get away from all the chaos and destruction inside. The Tower is a symbol of ambition that is built on wrong ideas. The Tower must fall to eliminate the old ways and make room for something new. It can show you things in an instant of truth or inspiration.

Elements Associated With The Tower Tarot

Astrological SignAries
Hebrew Letterפּ – Pe
Related The Chariot 16/1+6=7
9 – planetary trump

What Does Upright The Tower Tarot Meaning

the tower tarot meaning

The Tower Tarot card stands for destruction and chaos. It is the Major Arcana card that shows sudden change and chaos. This change is often scary, can change your whole life, and is often unavoidable. A bad Tower event can make you feel like a bomb just went off in your life.

You don’t know how to get through it, but you will. Eventually, you’ll realise that even though it was very hard and you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy, it made you who you are today. One good thing about The Tower is that it usually destroys things built on false beliefs and foundations or on goals and dreams that were too big.

Upright The Tower Tarot In Love Matters

The Tower in the Tarot of Love means that big changes are coming. Relationships whose foundations are weak or crumbling won’t last long and may fall apart. Even though these are painful at first, they make room for new things. Maybe your relationship was a big part of who you were.

Maybe you were proud of being a good partner or parent, which made you stay even if you were unhappy. Even though things may be hard right now, they will get better. If you’re single, it might not be a relationship that’s falling apart but your view and understanding of what love means to you. These need to be changed so you can figure out your relationship needs as an individual.

Upright The Tower Tarot In Money Matters

Regarding a career, The Tower may mean you don’t have a safe job. It can mean that someone lost their job or was laid off. But it could also be a sign of a big change in your current job that will cause stress and be hard but could lead to a better job or more security in the long run.

From a financial point of view, The Tower tells you to be careful. At its worst, The Tower can be a symbol of bankruptcy. Avoid risky investments. There could be a sudden change in your finances, so if you haven’t saved any money yet, you should do it as soon as possible.

Upright The Tower Tarot In Health

The Tower can symbolise an unexpected health problem or incident, so it’s important to keep an eye on your well-being. When used with pregnancy cards, it may indicate a troubled pregnancy, an abortion, a miscarriage, or a stillbirth.

If your health is causing you to have to adjust, it’s important to see the situation as it is and not fight the changes that may be for the best. Give them an upbeat, accepting attitude. The Tower strongly warns anyone who engages in substance abuse: you could die from an overdose.

Upright The Tower Tarot In Spirituality

In a spiritual sense, the Tower is the end of old beliefs. Imagine having a home that you thought was well-built and would keep you safe for the rest of your life. The Tower would be a big storm that turns your house into ruins, destroying everything you thought was safe and showing you that the foundations were not as strong as you thought.

Even though you still have to feel sadness, loss, grief, anger, and confusion over this terrible turn of events, you can build a new, better home on stronger foundations from the rubble.

What Does Reversed The Tower Tarot Mean In General?

the tower tarot meaning

If you see the Tower card in a reversed position, you are doing everything possible to prevent an upcoming problem. However, you fail to see how these cracks can help you reduce your trust in an untruth. The Tower rests on unstable foundations and must eventually collapse as a result. The devastation will hurt, but the resulting simplicity might bring us calm.

The Tower Tarot Reversed In Love Matters

If you are in a relationship, The Tower reversed can mean that you know your relationship is over, but you don’t want to end it because you are afraid of the pain it will cause. You need to face the facts and realise that as long as you hold on to something broken, you keep yourself from moving on to something better. If you are single, seeing The Tower backwards can mean avoiding a bad relationship with someone who could have been dangerous, violent, or abusive.

The Tower Tarot Reversed In Money Matters

Regarding your career, The Tower backwards can mean that you can keep your job despite problems. This could be a sign that you are avoiding losing your job. But if you avoid something you think would be bad for your career and instead of feeling relieved, you end up unhappy or dissatisfied, you might want to think that this may not be the best thing for you.

When we get out of our comfort zones, we can be motivated to do amazing things we would never have tried otherwise. The Tower reversed is the same when it comes to money. It can mean that you are avoiding a financial disaster, but it doesn’t always mean that you should take action.

The Tower Tarot Reversed In Health

The Tower reverse can signify that you are ignoring an illness or a sign of an illness because you hope it will go away. You have the best chance of getting better if you face this head-on. It could also mean that a health scare turned out to be nothing serious, which would mean that you avoided disaster. No matter what happens, sticking your head in the sand is not good for your health.

The Tower Tarot Reversed In Spiritual Journey

Spiritually, The Tower reversed means that you may have realised that the old beliefs you once held sacred are now proving false, but you are still holding on to them. You might feel like you don’t know what to believe in if you don’t have those beliefs.

Maybe you’re afraid of what people who still believe those things will do to you if you go against the norm. To move forward and find your true spiritual path, you must face the truth and let go of what isn’t working for you.

Is The Tower Tarot Yes Or No Card?

The Tower is usually a “No,” especially if you’re asking about something you want to go well. As the Tower standing straight up is usually a sign of crisis and destruction, it tells you to be careful and on guard when it shows up in a tarot reading.

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