We have often heard the saying that “life is not a bed of roses it’s a journey full off with thorns” and this is true to every sense. There are days when we feel extremely low, we feel demotivated, we start counting our failures, our mistakes keep haunting our minds. 

But that’s what life is. We will have to keep ourselves motivated throughout this journey. 

Some of us keep ourselves motivated with the help of books and some of us do it through things we love doing. We paint, we listen to some good music and we watch some motivational videos and others. 

But have you ever heard that there are cards which help us keep ourselves up and motivated? 

Just like there are Chinese and Japanese motifs and symbols which help us to be in presence of a positive energy similarly there is this Tarot card which exudes immense positivity and optimism. However, there are other meanings to it too. 

This is what we are going to brief you about in this article.

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A brief story of the Sun Tarot card
The Sun Tarot Life Guide
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The first thing that hits our brains is, what is the meaning of the Sun Tarot card?

So, lets figure the basics with the answer of what does the sun tarot card mean?

The Sun Tarot Card meaning insights begin with the understanding that it is a Major Arcana card and hence it is full of positivity, freedom, optimism and fun. The card shows a large, bright sun shining in the sky, representing the source of all life on Earth. 

Underneath the Sun, four sunflowers grow tall above a brick wall, representing the four suits of the Minor Arcana and the four elements.

In the foreground, a young, naked child sits on top of a calm white horse. The child represents the joy of being connected with its inner spirit, and his nakedness is a sign that he has nothing to hide and has all the innocence and purity of childhood. 

The white horse is also a sign of purity and strength. Thus, we can see that the card only exudes purity, positivity and strength. 


Source: Tarot Parlor

With reference to the Biddy Tarot there are two postures and their different meanings.

 Let’s get into them one by one. 

There is, 

  • The Upright Sun
  • The Reserved Sun

First let us see, What the Upright Sun is?

First let’s look into the upright sun keywords.

The main keywords that the upright sun exudes is positivity, fun, warmth, success and vitality

The upright sun represents success and radiance. The sun will become your source of power. It will give an individual positive energy and strength and tells the individual that no matter wherever they go and whatever they do positive strength will keep following them. This positive and radiant energy will in turn bring happiness and joy.  

People will be drawn to you because you will always be capable of seeing the bright side and bring such warmth into other people’s lives. 

This beautiful, warm and serene positive energy is what will get you through the tough times and help you succeed in every step of your life. A person’s positive energy will be such that they will be able to share positivity and their inspirational success stories with the others. You will be capable of radiating who you are and will love those who will care more about you. 

The upright sun is an energetic card always reminding us that – “Life is Good”. 

When somebody is into a bad phase of his or her life, the sun card brings forth the message that everything will get better. It’s just a matter of time. The challenges you face on your way will help you to be a better person day by day. It helps a person to discover his worth. This fills the person with a zeal for the future and leaves you with a brimming confidence.

The sun also helps to connect to a power that is not fear-driven, egoistical but an abundant positive energy. You will connect to the Solar Plexus Chakra, calling you to express yourself authentically and be fully present in the world around you. Through this you also expect to experience an increase in physical energy, vitality and general positivity. You will find yourself bursting with enthusiasm, invigorated and enjoying a wonderful sense of good health. 

So, what we find is the upright Sun is a full package of positive energy and happiness. 


“Dance like no one’s watching, sing like no one is listening and let your heart and soul fly free” – this is the motto of the reversed sun. 

The main Keywords are Inner child, feeling down, overly optimistic

The Reserved Sun gives a call to our inner child who has lost its freedom in the hustle and bustle of the adult life. The reversed card signals our inner child to come out and play. The busy schedules and engagements of the grown-up life makes us forget the ways of enjoying and having fun. 

When somebody finds the card reversed, the Tarot reading means that it’s calling you, rather it is giving you the permission to leave behind your work and take a short moment off your busy schedule, leave behind your responsibilities and just play for that moment. 

The Sun is never a negative card. Therefore, its meanings of the reversed reading are only temporary. It might mean that your path is being blocked with some obstacles. 

One may have experienced setbacks that have damaged the person’s enthusiasm and optimism and perhaps led them to question their selves on their capabilities of achieving what they have set their minds to do. He or she may feel depressed or left out and are no longer enjoying what they are doing. Their direction and path ahead may appear clouded or distorted. 

The Sun tries to take the person out of all these negativities by continuously showing it that all these obstacles are here to distract a person for a short span of time. With proper management of time and skill we can overcome all of them. 

On the other hand, it also shows that a person may be too confident or overly optimistic. While he or she is confident, the one may have become egotistical and out of touch with what he or she is capable of achieving. The card then posts some of the questions through which we can keep a check on our mind. These questions include, 

  • Are you truthful to yourself and others? 
  • Or, are you trying to talk yourself up when you know you cannot deliver? 

If this continuously resonates within you, then ask others for a quick feedback and a reality check. 

This process will again help you to get back to whatever you’ve been so far and put you on the right track.


Source: Keen

There are some major interpretations of this Arcana card. 

So, how do you think this card guides you about your life. 

The Sun tarot card’s Love and relationship status

When the sun tarot card is in an upright position it exudes positivity in the relationship. It is a sign of fun and passion in the relationship. It is an indication of great joy and happiness. 

It shines on to everything in the path of the relationship and may sometimes bring about the hidden issues in the relationship which it will also help in resolving for greater good. It sometimes indicates that relationships are going to become more open and lucid.

 On the other hand, it also sometimes shows that a relationship might terminate because the person will be getting into a better one. 

It also shows positive signs of the love life and might also sometimes indicate a marriage or wedding. 

will it not be beautiful to say that the sun tarot love is a reflection of rise and shine in any relationship.

We hope you agree but with that, there is a reversed position as well to consider.

 So, here we go!

When the card is reversed, it may indicate that a person feels left out in a relationship. It might seem that the spark or the passion in the relationship has come to an end.

 It might symbolize that a wedding has been cancelled. It might also indicate that one is finding it difficult to see a way with the partner.

 Also, trying to impress a potential partner may sometime take a bad turn. In this case you are suggested that you drop your ego and just be yourself and live in the moment. 

So, what do you think about yes or no responses? Find out here!


If you are wondering what the reading is, 

Then let me tell you, the Sun is a Yes card!

It is a positive tarot card that mainly represents manifestation, productivity and potential. It often shows that we are working on our personal development. 

When in an Upright position in the Yes or No reading it exemplifies very inspiring and motivating occurrences. When it is reversed it stills shows up a form of encouragement to truly believe in oneself. 

The number of the Sun Tarot that we have used in our reference is XIX which means that it is a Trump card in the Tarot deck. Trumps are called major Arcana by Tarot readers. 

The Rider-Waite symbolism associates it with attained knowledge. 


Many people love engraving tattoos of positivity on themselves. The Sun tarot is one such tattoo. It means celebration, it means positivity, joy. It shows our truest happiness when we are most in tune with our needs and wants. 

Tattoo designers suggests that if somebody needs a little more light in life, this tattoo will be a perfect one!

And after reading this article if you feel that you are interested in doing the same, go and get your tattoo done.  


All we want is some positivity in life. That’s what our motto should be and we will find everything is going on well. Through this that’s what we have tried to do. Spread some positivity and warmth. We have taken you through a journey of the Sun Tarot Card. We have shown how the card spreads happiness, joy, satisfaction, positive energy and warmth. We have also briefed about the meaning of its two phases, once when it is upright and second when it is reversed. Also, you are to get a brief essence of the meaning of its tattoo, and if you are a tattoo lover, what else do you need.

Keep reading and spreading positivity!

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