The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

Tower Keywords( Upright)Tower Keywords(Reversed )
confidence, happiness, optimism, joy, vitality, success, truthblocked happiness,  pessimism, excessive enthusiasm, conceitedness, unrealistic expectations.

The Sun card tarot meaning happiness and prosperity. If you see this card in your reading, you will find people attracted by these traits in you. You will light up each space you enter, feeling joyous and powerful.

If you are suffering any challenges in life, the sun tarot card offers the settlement of those concerns and beautiful skies ahead. The Sun in tarot also means truth. Therefore, it will likely shine down on any falsehoods or dishonesty in your life.

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What Does The Sun Tarot Card Mean In General?

The Sun Tarot card glows with brightness and enthusiasm. A brilliant sun shines in the sky, signifying the source of all life on Earth. Below, four sunflowers grow tall atop a brick wall, representing the four suits of the Minor Arcana and the four elements.

The child represents the joy of connecting with your inner self, and his nakedness sends the message that he has nothing to hide and is pure and innocent like an infant. The white horse also represents strength and purity.

Elements Associated With the Sun tarot

KeyThe Sun
Astrological SignLeo
PlanetThe Sun 
Hebrew LetterResh
Related Apollo, Helios, Ra
Count19th card of the Major Arcana.

What Does The Upright The Sun Card Tarot Meaning?

the sun tarot card meaning

The Sun Tarot guide represents happiness, optimism, freedom, and enjoyment in the Major Arcana. It would help if you were doing well when The Sun tarot card appears upright since it also denotes success and excitement.

Others will be attracted to your good feelings and wonderful energy, and you will provide light and pleasure to everyone and everything you come into touch with. You will be carefree, emancipated, and confident. It is also the truth card.

The Sun tarot card interpretation will thus illuminate any deceit you may have been the subject of, revealing the truth and those responsible for the lies. The upright Tarot sun card meaning also symbolizes luck. Any troubles you have will vanish in the comfort this card provides. It could also mean travelling to a country with a warm climate.

Upright The Sun Tarot Card Meaning In Love Matters.

If you are in a relationship, The Sun indicates enormous joy and happiness in a love meaning of the sun tarot card spread. It can represent the beginning of a period of fun, passion, and pleasure in your relationship.

At the same time, in an upright stance, the Sun pours light onto all that crosses its path, especially couples, so any underlying faults in your relationship may be accentuated. Any problems highlighted by The Sun will be resolved for your benefit.

This could take the shape of the partnership being more open and honest, or it might take the form of a failed relationship to allow a better connection to come to you. For verification, refer to supported cards. Whatever occurs, The Sun will offer something nice and good to your relationship life. The Sun may also indicate a wonderful event, such as a proposal or wedding. 

Upright The Sun Tarot Card Meaning In Money Matters

With The Sun showing in your Tarot reading, you should be doing quite well financially since it is the tarot card meaning the sun of plenty. Your business ventures, investments, and other efforts to make money should be succeeding. Any hidden debts you may have should come to light now, so save up some cash to pay them off.

Upright The Sun Tarot Card Meaning In Health

The Sun is the card of energy, so when it comes to your tarot reading, you should feel full of life, balance, happiness, and well-being. If you’ve been sick, The Sun is a great sign for healing. If you’re attempting to conceive, The Sun upright is a positive omen since it’s one of the key pregnancy cards.

Upright The Sun Tarot Card Meaning In Spirituality

In a spiritual setting, The tarot card the sun meaning might indicate experiencing the pleasure a spiritual path has to give. It is the card representing enlightenment. Despite all the obstacles, tribulations and sufferings the Major Arcana has placed at you, you had finally attained a level of deep understanding, enlightenment and contentment.

You understand your path and are glad to let things develop in their own time as you have total faith in the universe’s love towards you and where it guides you.

What Does Reversed The Sun Tarot Card Mean In General?

the sun tarot card meaning

In a wider context, The Sun Tarot card reversed might suggest melancholy, despair and pessimism. You may struggle to concentrate on the good with this card in your Tarot reading. The Sun reversed does not typically signify that your condition or surroundings are awful but that you are feeling gloomy and focused on the negative impacting your view on life.

It might suggest a lack of zest for life, being unsure of the appropriate route to pursue or being unable to see the way ahead. This Major Arcana card may imply that you are allowing bad energy/thoughts to distract you from the pleasure and joy everywhere around you.

You can alter this by allowing yourself to be receptive to the wonderful things coming your way and by appreciating the good things in your life.

The Sun Tarot Card Reversed In Love Matters

If the Sun is reversed in a love situation and you are in a relationship. It might mean you feel abandoned by your significant other. The spark or heat of the connection could have dimmed a little. That might be interpreted as a broken engagement or a delayed wedding.

It can imply that you find it difficult to see a future for you and your partner. It could also allude to the conflict or a desire to outdo one another. Spend time with your spouse, make an effort to highlight your relationship’s positive features, and keep in mind the initial reasons you began dating.

The Sun Tarot Reversed In Money Matters

The Sun reversed in a finance Tarot spread may be a terrible indication. It’s conceivable for assets to fall in value or for you to fall into financial problems momentarily. Examine your money troubles carefully and evaluate whether you may be doing more to solve them since The Sun Tarot card reversed typically denotes difficulties that are your responsibility.

The Sun Tarot Reversed In Health

The Sun reversed in a health reading might imply that your attitude or negativity exacerbates your health problems. If you have been unwell, The Sun reversed indicates that recovery is possible; however, you must be proactive in your rehabilitation and have an optimistic mindset to increase your health. The inversion of the Sun might also portend an unexpected pregnancy or difficulty, a stillbirth, a miscarriage, or an abortion.

The Sun Tarot Reversed In Spiritual Journey

The Sun Tarot cards reversed inside a spiritual circumstance means that you may be tough to understand the joy that spirituality has to provide. You may think you can’t see your path ahead and have lost trust in the universe’s love for you.

You have no clue where it is heading, and you have little trust that it is going somewhere beneficial because terrible thoughts and feelings are overwhelming you. The Sun, in reverse, may also imply that your ego hinders your capacity to connect with your spiritual essence. To gain enlightenment, you must let go of this.

Is The Sun Tarot Yes Or No Card?

The Sun tarot urges you to say “yes” to festivities, mingling, and reconnecting with your inner kid. But, to keep your passion for life, The Sun card asks you to say “no” to bragging, moaning, or taking things too seriously. So, lets know the insights of answers it brings up in another article, Is The Sun Yes Or No Card?

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