No matter how hard your life is, being balanced and staying in the energy of love and calmness is indeed a goal to achieve.

Right! But, why are we mentioning this here? Hello Tarot Readers! There are some readings that led us to advise our clients to feel their strength and make them realize that they are indeed empowered by the universe to do everything with positive intentions now. Isn’t it? We hope, now, you must have understood, which card are we talking about here!

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Well, this little piece of information will enlighten you with all the facts and truths of the strength tarot card that can make your tarot card reading even more accurate. So, let’s get started with the basics and gradually uncover the insights!


To begin with, here is sight of grounds of strength card:

Astrological SignLeo
Healing CrystalBloodstone, Citrine

Moving forward, the name of the card is self-explanatory and expresses power, courage, and determination. The upright position of the card during the reading brings up the positive influence with the huge flow of strength and compassion.

Right! No matter what spread you are using and which position the strength card is taking, it always comes with something positive. Well, why not!

After all, it is Strength Major Arcana. And without any denial, pulling out Major Arcana is the ultimatum of good times. And, when it comes to Strength Tarot card, it is indeed a reflection of the phase when we need to embrace our confidence.To know more about Major Arcana’s’, there is a lot of guidance available on the internet and one of our reccomdations would biddy tarot major arcana 

But, for now, let’s know the card even deeper!


Well, till now, you must have got the idea of what does the strength tarot card mean in general.  If not, let us help you with quick words that you can always remember for basics and deep dive for insights.

                                                                Strength Card Meanings 
Upright PositionPower, courage, Generous, patient, calmness, determined, compassion
Reversed Position          dictatorship, self-doubt, weakness, cowardice

Easy and quick, right! It’s time to know the card even at a deeper level that will cover all the major aspects of life. SO, HERE WE GO, ON THE STRENGTH!


To begin with, let’s give a closer look at the card. So, tell me, what do you see?



Now, let’s understand the emotions!

If we see the picture on the card continuously, we are certain that you will come up with the word, WOW!


Well, the look will make you realize how the beast (Lion) is controlled delicately and calmly by the beautiful lady!

It is indeed a matter of strength, right?

So, what does it suggest?

The strength card suggests the inner strength that can influence the outer world so positively that haters, anger, terror nothing can really stand in power now.It is a reflection of the phase that is now talking about your confidence and handling all the obstacles patiently with determination and in a balanced manner. The card talks about maturity and commitment.And so, if the strength tarot card upright direction is a part of your reading for your client, it can be indeed a powerful reading.

But what If it is reversed?Let’s reveal another layer of the card!

strength tarot card upright direction
strength tarot card upright direction

Strength Tarot Reversed

As rightly said, ‘excess of everything is bad’. And so, overconfidence, and maintaining too much patience even when it’s time for action can worsen the situation too. Right! Having said, that, pulling out this card in the reverse direction is a reflection of certain emotions that are hampering your productivity and becoming a blockage for you. For more clarity, let’s know some quick descriptive words.


  • Impatience, impulsive and aggressive behavior: overconfidence
  • Lack of determination; Lazy, procrastination
  • Low self-esteem, self-doubt

Considering the aforementioned points, the reversal can be a suggestion of being cared for and loved too. 

If your client is indeed low energy which is even now confirmed by pulling out the strength card in reverse position, trust, this read is going to impact them at a deeper level and so is your associated word of advice too.

So, ensure that as a reader, you sympathize well and understand which aspect of life has a troublesome situation for your client.

Talking about aspects of life, let’s uncover another layer of strength Tarot Card.

Moreover, not only the overall view is beautiful and admirable of the strength card, but even some more elements of it brighten the shine of the Strength Tarot Card.

Curious, about what exactly it is.


The Strength Tarot card is 8th Major Arcana which is the reflection of harmony between the spirit and matter which builds the real energy of inner strength.Well, that truly justifies the name of the card as a strength card, right?Moving ahead, let’s know more about shine and light.


The Colour of the strength card ‘YELLOW’ represents spirituality and intellect. The Colour has the essence of entering the zone of positivity and hope. It is associated with the vibrant life force that enhances the balance of mental power and emotions.

And, hence, it becomes so evident that now you are in the energy of ‘MIND OVER MATTER.

Imagine, you or your client being in this energy can be in such a beautiful phase of life.

Now, following the same feel of the strength card, let’s go a little deeper to find what this card has to say on other aspects of life.

Keep reading!


‘’not all relationship is sunshine, but an umbrella of strength filled with love and care can certainly survive the storm’’

Well, the above-mentioned quote is indeed a real picture of a beautiful relationship, however, sometimes, in some relationships, this umbrella of strength loses its power, and then real guidance is required.

That guidance and ray of hope become a tarot reader when people finally seek consultation.

As a tarot reader, we hope till now, you are able to resonate well.

So, without further ado, let’s know the strength tarot relationship and what if your client seeks confirmation on their relationship with just yes or no.


As the meaning of the strength tarot card is already depicting heroism, courage, and compassion, it is indeed already a positive sign.

However, depending on the spread you are using, the strength tarot presents the meaning of realizing inner strength in difficult times or needing to stay in strength.

To know the details of various tarot spreads, check the link below: 

5 tarot card spread Guide:

Celtic Cross Spread Guide:

But in general, if your client is single and has hopes to get into relationships or walk onto their wish fulfillment, pulling out a strength card is a reflection of achieving their dreams and appreciation and celebration of the confidence that person possesses.

Furthermore, if anyone is already in a relationship, picking up the card of strength is the indicator of maintaining the strength and embracing the relationship with a clear loving intention to overcome the obstacles in the relationship.

Isn’t it amazing to analyze how a Strength Arcana let you know how someone sees you and what could expect in your current situation?

Well, sometimes, it all about the realization that enables you to move ahead confidently and that’s what a tarot reading can do.

Additionally, a single word of yes or no encourage even more to take a step, right?

Considering the same, lets know more!


As strength card is a part of the major arcana, indicating the major aspects, yet associated with the positive side. Interpretation of the strength card in a reading is a reflection of ‘YES’, however, it could give us ‘NO’ if it is in reversed position in any strength. Though the essence of the card never changes and keeping this fact intact, we can certainly say that the upright position of the strength card is a message of permitting to take a step ahead. You may also consider reading our other article, Is Strength card yes or no for a more insightful read.

But, please note, there is a lot that depends on the spreading that you are using while reading. Most of the time, yes and no answers is the way of looking at things at the surface level. 

However, to understand the depth it is always beneficial to use card spreads.


And as we are already talking about spreads which help to understand the meaning of a card or situation in a deeper level, it would be truly interesting to know the combination and position of the Strength card with The HERMIT TAROT CARD.

Interested to know How?

Let’s know a little more about the aspects of the combined cards.


Hermit Tarot Card is a reflection of self-discovery.If the upright position of the strength tarot card is with the combination Hermit Tarot Card, in most cases, the phase will be an indicator to moving ahead with all your strength to contemplate and introspect your soul purpose.And so, it can be a beginning phase of divine time wherein the universe is filling with the energy of courage to step on to the journey of spiritual enlightenment. 

Will it not be a beautiful read, readers?

We are certain that you would enjoy the read and feel even more light and happy in exchange of energies.

Now, let’s move ahead and figure out what is more about Strength.


Life is not just about living emotions, but about some practical decisions too that need to be taken care of well and does require a strong mind to deal with.Hence, possible that your clients at this stage seeking for your guidance in other phases of life, like:

  • Career
  • Finance,
  • Health,

And just then, during the read, you pull out the Strength Tarot card. So, what does it indicate now? What hidden messages it has to give to your client? Now, take a look!


Well, so far, we understand pretty well, that the essence of the card is indeed a reflection of positivity and determination, and so, following the same if the cards pull out during the reading of another aspect, it will certainly have some positive messages to give.

So, let’s know the strength at a deeper level to deal with other layers of life too.

Layers of LifeUpright PositionReversed Position
Careerself-mastery at work, bold career moves, taking big stepsimpostor syndrome, insecurity, fear of making big moves
Financelarge purchases, controlled spendingcompulsive spending, hesitancy about spending
Healththe energy of self-love, recovering, healingStressed out feelings, frequent illness

At The END

Life is a one-time gift to live and the universe has given us all the strength to deal with all the aspects of life. But sometimes, the certain situation leaves us hopeless and don’t let us move ahead. Always remember that’s one kind of energy too. Some people call it phase. And so, pulling out the strength cards during in that difficult times is certainly a message of the universe to empower and fill us with courage and determination, and pulling out the reverse side is the aspect of self-realization and starting the journey of healing to come back in our form.And as a reader, we shouldn’t be hesitant to give these messages to our clients as everything has a meaning in life.Hope this piece of information would be helpful to understand the Strength Card Meaning even more. On that note, keep reading for more information on Tarot Card as the messages has no limits.

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