The Magician Tarot Card

“Tarot belongs to the world of magic, which is true if you believe magic is real. But it is also true if you don’t.”The Magician

The uncertainty of life always makes us look for ways that give us direction, stability and some certain results.

But what can those options be? How do we know we are at the right place? Is there anything that can help us when our mind gets puzzled because of our daily chores and problems? Whom can we trust at times when we are unable to trust our own selves?

Well, the answer is simple, reader! learning tarot reading and figuring out what each card means, what it represents and how to decode what it is telling us, will help you gain that certainty and direction in life.

And who is going to help you learning tarot? Where is a detailed information of every card in the deck of tarot is available?

Right here!

We have got your back reader! And we are here to help you in becoming a pro at tarot reading. So, let’s begin this journey together.

But what are we learning today? The card you are going to learn about today through the abundance of information we are providing you is Card name: The Magician.

What is this card all about and how is it going to help you? We will find out but before that, have a look at your contents.

The magician tarot card and its meaning
The magician reversed card and its meaning
The magician tarot love
The magician arcana meaning
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The magician major arcana
The magician tarot tattoo
The magician tarot guide
The magician tarot love future
The magician tarot card in love compatibility

The information inside is much more exciting than the contents. You don’t believe us? Then look at it yourself.

Magic of the Magician

Understanding the meaning of anything new that we are about to begin is always important before discovering it in depts.

The Magician Tarot Card
The Magician Tarot Card

And on that note, let’s have a look at our meaning filled paragraphs on the magician tarot.

  • The magician tarot

To begin with, it is crystal clear that being a part of Major Arcana, 

Having said that Magician arcana meaning is reflection of higher level of positivity.

And how does this positive energy works in your reading, it is important to understand the details

Lets start the magical journey with The magician major arcana

Pictorial View!

A card with the image of a magician or a man standing in the middle with all of his tools on an altar and one of his arms pointing upwards towards the universe while the other arm is pointing downwards at the ground.

But what is the magician tarot meaning?

Well, What Does The Magician Tarot Card Cean

It appears with a message that you should give in all your potential into something you are doing or something you want to achieve rather than holding back and being afraid to explore your capabilities.

Having said that, In one words, What does the magician tarot card mean is Manifestation!

Let’s try to understand this card a little more closely.

This card basically stands for manifestation, power, inspired actions and resourcefulness. This card associates with the planet mercury and is an indication of new beginnings and opportunities to the one who draws it.

Furthermore, if you give a closer look, you will see the robe that the magician is wearing is of white colour which is symbolic to purity while the cloak he is wearing is of red colour and is a representative of worldly knowledge and experience.

All in all, the Meaning of the magician tarot card is indeed a possession of power that can bring magic if the energy is wisely used.

And when we say power, lets understand where does this power come from!

The magician is standing in front of his altar which as his tools placed on it. Even these tools have importance and each one of them represent something.

The four tools include a cup, a wand, a sword and a pentacle and each of them represent one of the four elements from air, water, fire and earth which states, the physical strength (earth), the spiritual power (fire), the emotional stability (water) and the mental health (air), all are in your favour.

Moving ahead, the flowers growing at the bottom of the card are a significance of fruition and blooming of his ideas, hard-work and aspirations.

Not only that, the infinity symbol above his head and a snake biting its own tale near the waist of the magician is reflection of ultimate power and potential.

Pretty positive, isn’t it!

Considering the same, if this indicates that if tis card comes out in your reading, you have all the required resources to manifest and achieve your goals.

This card tells you that everything that you need right now to accomplish your goals is literally on your fingertips. You just have to believe in yourself and have to give your talent and potential a chance.

Just stop being worried and scared and combine these energies to become a powerhouse of manifestations.

Meaning of The Magician Tarot Card

Drawing this card means that now is the perfect time to get your things done!

The Magician Tarot Card
The Magician Tarot Card

But what if you pull out the card in reversed position?

Here are the details!

  • The magician reversed : What does the magician reverse mean?

In simple words, reader, the reversed card is exactly opposite of the upright card, doesn’t matter which tarot card we are talking about.

Here also, in the case of magician reversed, the card is a representative of 

  • manipulation, 
  • poor planning and 
  • unexplored talents.

This card is reminder that although you are exploring things that you want to, but you are still not manifesting them.

This card signifies greed and trickery as well.

The reversed magician is a reminder that you are worthy of having so many good things at life but you are not allowing it to come to you because of your own actions.

Or maybe you are even aware of what you deserve or what you can do but you are not allowing yourself to grab that opportunity to change your life.

This card is an eye opener in real.

Now, hope the above insights have clear the basics of the card. Let us explore all the aspects of the magic card.

The Magician Tarot Guide

We draw these cards for some other reason, right? Let’s see what can those reasons be? And what answer the magician has to that reason?

Well, according to us reader, love is the biggest reason why a person believes in tarot reading. Some opt for it so that they can know when their love life is going to start and some are curious to know weather it’s the right time to propose their partner for marriage?

Not just that but sometimes, the one who are not very happy in their relationship, get a tarot reading done to find out whether this is the right relationship for them and they should wait for the things to get better or they should just move and without them and be happy because they were not meant to be in this relationship.

Yes! Tarot reading has got the capability to answer all these questions and a lot more about a person’s life.

The Magician Tarot Card
The Magician Tarot Card

That’s why we say tarot reading is the master key to the solution for all of your problems. You just have to believe in it with all your heart.

And on that note, let’s see what is the connection in between the magician card and love.

  • The magician tarot love

What will be the first question that you will ask your tarot expert if you will draw this card for your love related queries, from the tarot spread?

Weather this card is positive in case of love or not, right?

Well, there’s good news for you reader. This card is definitely a positive card if drawn for love.This card is whirlwind of romance which will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. 

If you have met you Mr. right/Ms. Perfect already, then get ready to experience this kind of love and if you are still waiting for the man/woman of your life then also don’t worry because the magician tarot love future is also about receiving love in the near future.

So, your love life is surely going to a very amazing one because this card is all about love, romance and fairy tale feelings.

But this card does not guarantee a life-long love. It does not claim that your life will always be filled with the fairy tale love.

It will totally depend upon time and your personal experiences in the relationship.

The magician tarot card in love compatibility also represents manipulation.

It says that when you find your lover, always be careful with them. They can be very charming and can even hold the capacity to manipulate you to fall in love with them.

This card is also an indicator to always listening to your intuition and gut feeling before taking any big and sensitive decision that can be related to your love life.

And now, moving forward from our love zone and discussing another important thing related to the magician tarot.

Reader, now when you know so much about the magician tarot card, a question might have come in your mind that why people get tattooed with the symbol of magician? if you haven’t thought about it yet, you can do that now.

Why so many people get this card tattooed on their body? What is the significance of the magician tarot tattoo? 

Now when you know all about this card, can you tell why is it trending so much as a tattoo?

Well, the reason why people get the magician of this card tattooed on their bodies is because it represents your greatest burning desire.

As we have discussed in detail, how this card represents string, powerful, skilled, determined, resourceful and dexterity as its key elements.

It is believed that getting it inked on your body helps you enable these qualities in you and thus helps you in improving your life and getting things done.

The main sun signs or astrological signs of these cards are Gemini and Virgo, and a person with different sun signs other than that wants the qualities that the magician has to offer, they often get it tattooed on their body.

And with that ends our research on the magician card and an attempt to make you an expert in tarot reading.


Universe has all the ways to give you opportunities and you just have to trust and feel its power. And to understand it even better, magician card is one way of giving you the same message. 

Hope the above-mentioned insights of the card enhanced your vision towards the card and help you to understand the details basis the card spread you prefer to draw.

Always make sure to read it thoroughly and understand what it is trying to tell you.

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