What Does The Magician Tarot Card Mean In General?

  • Magician Upright Position Meaning: Manifestation, desire, willpower, ability, focus to achieve, resourceful, intellectual
  • Magician Reversed Position Meaning: illusion, lack of resources, manipulation, deception,

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What Does The Magician Tarot Card Mean In General?

Rider Waite Magician Tarot card is the number 1 Major Arcana card. It means that you have all the required skills and resources to achieve your goal. And you are in the perfect position to work magically. If in case you have been waiting for some answers to make a final decision, then this is the phase that will resolve all your doubts and allow you to move forward in life. Pulling out a magician card during reading a positive sign that tells you that you have all the right stuff, time, and directions in hand to utilize for the desired outcome.

Furthermore, The magician is standing in front of his altar which has his tools placed on it suggesting that the universe has aligned you with the availability of all the resources which are shown in the form of minor arcana cards such as cups, wands, swords, and pentacles, that represents four elements from the air, water, fire, and earth respectively. Collectively it says that physical strength (earth), spiritual power (fire), emotional stability (water), and mental health (air), all are in your favor. Also if you give a closer look, you will see the robe that the magician is wearing is rob in white color which is a symbol of purity. And the read clock represents worldly knowledge and experience. Not only that, the infinity symbol above his head and a snake biting its own tale near the waist of the magician is a reflection of ultimate power and potential.

Considering all the positive symbols in one card, there is no denying that Magical in general is a positive card that inspires us to move ahead in life. Talking about its positivity and symbolism, now let’s know all the elements associated with Magician Tarot Card

Elements Associated With The Magician Tarot Card

Zodiac SignGemini, Virgo
AstrologyMercury, Moves Quickly
Hebrew Letterב – Bet
Related toWheel of Fortune 10/1+0=1, The Sun 19/1+9=10

What Does Magician In Upright Mean?

The upright position of Magician Tarot cards comes with the message that says that you have all the power of the universe to help you succeed. Thus, it’s time to act by utilizing all the resources and information presented to you at this phase and make it work for you. Acknowledge your willpower and make your mantra you can do it and you will be amazed to see your potential and accomplishments.

With that let’s know, the meaning of the card in different phases.

Upright Magician Card Means In Love Matters

In a matter love, drawing this card during readings is already a positive sign. It suggests that you are in a place of maturity who can manifest happiness and deeper connection in the relationship. But if you are single, its time to welcome the new love who will be committed and would have good intentions to make the relationship successful.

Upright Magician Card Means In Career and Money

Drawing a magician card for receiving answers related to career and money comes with good news. It says that new opportunities will be presented to you. And thus, you need to recognize it and take a brave move by implementing your creative ideas to showcase your skills. As a result, doors will be opened for promotions and growth. And if you are in business, your finances will be improved and you will have all the necessary resources to expand your business during this phase.

Upright Magician Card Means In Health

If you have been feeling unwell and facing many health issues recently, drawing a magician during the reading is really fortunate. As it’s time to get healed. However, this card also suggests that you now take a step forward and seek help from an experienced healer to boost your recovery.

Post knowing all the details, and explanations, here are some keywords that will keep reminding you of the meaning and empower you in your journey.

Pro Tip: Create your affirmation cards by using these keywords and keep them in your pocket or on your desks!

Upright Love MeaningUpright Career MeaningUpright Finances Meaning
deeper connection manifestation,
being proactive in love
scope of promotion, growth in career,
determination and focused, easy availability of required information
pursuing the financial opportunity,
making use of skills

What Does Magician In Reverse Mean?

Reversed position of the magician’s tarot card signifies greed and trickery as well. In simple words, it is exactly the opposite of the upright card. This card is a reminder that although you are exploring things that you want to, but you are still not manifesting them. It suggests that you are worthy of having so many good things in life but you are not allowing them to come to you because of your own actions. Or maybe you are even aware of what you deserve or what you can do but you are not allowing yourself to grab that opportunity to change your life. This card is an eye-opener in real.

Magician In Reverse Mean In Love Matter

The reverse position of the magician tarot card in love compatibility also represents manipulation. It says that when you find your lover, always be careful with them. They can be very charming and can even hold the capacity to manipulate you to fall in love with them. This card is also an indicator to always listen to your intuition and gut feeling before taking any big and sensitive decision that can be related to your love life. As a result, it suggests to be honest and open about your feelings and what you want in the relationship

Magician In Reverse For Career And Finance

Reverse magician cards indicate unnecessary expenditure. So, hold off if you are planning to change your job or in case thinking of investing your money in some project. This phase might force you to ‘go for it’, and create the illusion of a good outcome. But, beware, you are blinded and greed is taking over at this time. Step back for some time and delay major decisions.

Magician In Reverse For Health

In a health context, The Magician Tarot card reversed indicates mental health issues involving any sort of hallucinations or overthinking. Thus, at this time, seek the help of an experienced professional sooner rather than later to help you stay and heal in peace.

Reversed Love MeaningReversed Career MeaningReversed Finances Meaning
romantic illusion, trickery, rushing for unnecessary decisions, workplace deceptionmissing a financial opportunity, investing without analyzing

Is Magician Tarot Card Yes or NO?

The magician is indeed a positive and ‘Yes’ card when answers are required in yes or no. However, it also depends on the position of the card and the related situation. If you are seeking details, please refer to our other article, Is Magician Yes or No Card?

To Conclude

Universe has all the ways to give you opportunities and you just have to trust and feel its power. And to understand it even better, a magician card is one way of giving you the same message.  Hope the above-mentioned insights about the card enhanced your vision towards the card and help you to understand the basis of the details of the card spread you prefer to draw.

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