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What Does The High Priestess Tarot Mean In General?

The High Priestess tarot card is a card from the Major Arcana which is understood as a powerful card of inner guidance and wisdom. Furthermore, it indicates the conscious and subconscious realms which means seen and unseen aspects of life. If we look at the card closely, we will find various elements in the card that are typically associated with intuition, secrets, hidden knowledge, and the unconscious mind. So, let me help you, with how it connects with different mind rules. 

The High Priestess tarot card typically features an image of a woman sitting between two columns, often identified as the pillars of Solomon’s Temple. These columns represent the duality of the conscious and unconscious mind which is elegantly balanced by a woman named  High Priestess and is seen as a mediator between the two. Furthermore, she is usually depicted as being serene and contemplative, with a crescent moon at her feet, symbolizing her connection to the mysteries of the unconscious and the realm of dreams and intuition. She holds a scroll in her hand, representing hidden knowledge or secret wisdom that is yet to be revealed. Also, The veil behind her head symbolizes the hidden, secret, or unknown. 

But, In some decks, the High Priestess is also shown wearing a crown with the symbol of the crescent moon, further emphasizing her connection to intuition, the unconscious, and the spiritual realm.

So, with the insights of the high priestess card beauty, we can recognize that  In general, drawing this card during tarot reading sessions suggests that one should have faith in inner voice to navigate the situation successfully and to make crucial decisions. Additionally, a High Priestess tarot card can also suggest that a situation or information may not be fully revealed yet and to be patient for the truth to be revealed. So, there is a lot that you can discover during the tarot sessions. 

Elements Associated With The High Priestess Tarot

Astrological SignCancer
Hebrew Letterג – Gimel
Related Justice 11/+1=2, Judgement 20/2+0=2
Count9 – Planetary Trump

What Does The Upright High Priestess Tarot Mean?

The High Priestess in an upright position can be a sign of a smooth flow of thoughts that results in trusting your intuition, listening to your inner voice, paying attention to your inner wisdom, exploring the unknown, and being open to hidden knowledge or secret information that may be revealed to you. This means that during the reading, basis the spread and the question, it could suggest that this is the phase of keeping quiet yet being vigilant as there could be a lot to explore. Furthermore, if you are considering other people’s views before and failing to make a decision then it would be a good idea to trust your instincts and take a step accordingly. 

Upright  High Priestess Tarot in love Matters

In a love reading, the appearance of the High Priestess in an upright position means happiness, sexual contentment, honesty, and transparency in the relationship. However, If you are in a relationship and not feeling happy and content, then be a high priestess and also suggest that there may be hidden aspects of your relationship that you are not aware of, or that your partner may be keeping something from you.  Thus, it will be good advice if you communicate with your partner with an open mind to explore the unknown parts of your relationship. And since this will lead to a phase of contemplation and introspection, it would be good for you to trust yourself and your intuition. On the other hand, if you are single and drawn to someone but, unable to make a decision yet, this could be a reminder or an alert to keep exploring the hidden aspects for now and not rush into a commitment until your heart says yes to it completely.

Upright High Priestess Tarot In Money Matters

In the context of finances, an upright high priestess plays a very crucial role as it suggests that there are high chances that something is not revealed yet in the situation. or maybe you are keeping secrets to save the problem for now.  If you are planning to reach any final proposition that involves a good amount of money, it is better to trust your intuition and make sure that your brain and heart are saying the same thing. To do that, ensure that you see the pros and cons of the decisions clearly as black and white. Furthermore, getting the upright priestess could be a sign of upcoming opportunities, all you need to do is, keep an eye.

Upright  High Priestess Tarot in Health

In terms of health, an upright high priestess indicates the importance of self-care. It is possible that you are feeling fit mentally or physically and also not able to understand the root cause. But, at the same time, there is a feeling that tells you to observe your health issues. And so, pulling out this card during your reading is a sign and confirmation that you certainly need medical help or some expert healer’s support to help you to keep your thoughts and feelings in line.

Upright  High Priestess Tarot in Spirituality

The upright position of a high priestess in the tarot spread is a positive sign that suggests that you are in tune with your higher self and can rely on your inner voice. Furthermore, it is a phase to strengthen the consciousness by meditating and practicing yoga which helps in self-reflection and introspection.  As a result, It will help you to explore more about yourself. Drawing this card during your reading is empowering because it takes you on the path that will help you evolve in life. It indicates the phase of having a strong connection to one’s intuition and inner wisdom and a deep understanding of the unseen and mystical aspects of life. 

What does Reversed High Priestess Tarot Mean In General?

Reversed High priestess may indicate that you are feeling lost and confused and doubting more in any given situation due to a lack of trust and inner guidance. Moreover, pulling out the high priestess in reversed position could be a sign of the tendency of refusing to see the truth. Thus as general advice, it suggests you focus on reconnecting with your inner self by practicing some spiritual practices. This will help you to eliminate the resistance to welcome the change in life. The high 

What does Reversed High Priestess Tarot Mean In General

Reversed High priestess Tarot Reversed in Love Matters

In love matters, the appearance of reversed high priestess indicates the relationship trouble. And these issues are majorly due to a lack of trust, harmony, and insecurities in one of the partners. With that being mentioned, it is important to consider here that these trust issues could be because of your own self-doubt. And this could be a result of a lack of self-introspection. Furthermore, this card suggests you are refusing to pay attention to important aspects of the relationship that build the bond and help you feel emotionally content. Thus, it is advisable to practice self-care by practicing meditation, yoga, and taking therapy to lighten yourself up and make space for better things in life.

Reversed High Priestess in Money Matters

In money matters, reversed high priestess could be a warning for you. It could suggest that you are maybe struggling in gaining self-confidence while making financial choices. Also, knowingly, or unknowingly, you are ignoring the important factors to consider before reaching final decisions on money matters. However, you know at the same time that something is deceiving and missing but still not relying on your inner voice. Rather, chances are higher that would take decisions by deceiving yourself at some stage. Be aware, that might get you in trouble. So, rather delay a decision for some time and be a good observer for now.

Reversed High Priestess in Health

In the matter of health, reversed high priestess in the sign of mental pressure, confusion, and insularity which eventually effecting you physically as well. And as rightly said, self-help is the best help, it might be a time to consult a healer, or psychologist, or indulge yourself in meditation and yoga practice 

Reversed High Priestess in Spiritual Journey

The reversed high priestess is indeed not a great indication of smooth spiritual practices. There is a possibility that even when you are taking good care of your mental health, working towards attaining self-awareness, and connecting inner wisdom, you are feeling lost and unable to focus much. Your thoughts are not in line and discouraging you to maintain your spiritual routine. So, for now, the good idea is to tell yourself that this is just a phase and not pressure and force yourself for anything. 

Is The High Priestess Tarot Yes or No Card?

In general, a high priestess is indeed a yes card and brings in a positive situation. However, it also comes along with some warnings in situations. Understanding the answers of yes or no through this card can be descriptive which you can know through another piece of article that is, Is high priestess Yes or no?

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