The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning


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Let’s get started with basic facts check to of the Hierophant Tarot card. Here it is:

  • The Hierophant is in real, the priest or the pope.
  • It is the male counterpart of the High priestess.
  • This shaman of archetypal scriptures corresponds with the Taurus, one of the major zodiac signs.

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Pictorial Value of Hierophant Card

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning
The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

The card depicts the holy figure wearing vests which represents three distinct worlds seated in a traditional church setup. As a gesture of invoking blessings. His raised is seen raised and the left hand is portrayed as holding a triple cross.

It is said that the trinity of the Father, the son and the holy spirit is depicted in the horizontal bars on the cross.

If you see, two people are seen waiting for the transfer of knowledge from the great person to them so that they can take up their roles appointed to them or the spiritual wisdom.

Do you know?

This pictorial value depicts emphasis the balance between the conscious and subconscious minds are represented by the crossed keys at the feet of the Hierophant and these keys also indicate that there are many mysteries to be unlocked which only Hierophant can reveal.

Doesn’t it sound positive already? Well let’s dig into the details!

Well if you are on walking on the Tarot Reading, you must be aware that position of the cards plays a major role in interpretation of the meaning.

Having said that, let us find out what it implies let us understand the hierophant upright position to begin with.


Pulling out the Hierophant card during reading is certainly an indication of a positive aspect. The energy of the card itself is encouraging and advises the positive steps to be taken.

The pope sitting in the church is already describing the form of spirituality. And so the card in the reading is inclines you to either become a mentor and enlighten the people around you. Or look for some one who can be real guide, teacher and help you experience the spiritual path.

However, depending on other cards along with Hierophant, it also suggests to bring some twist in your ideas and way of leading the life, plan. As it suggests that you might be unwilling to adapt innovation and wants to be on your principals which could be as per circumstances are not letting you move ahead in life and you are in energy of rigidity.

Hence, read the card carefully and analyze the complete spread thoroughly.

Now, lets get started with another opposite position of the card!

What Does the Hierophant Reversed Mean?

The reversed position of Hierophant indicates the challenge. It challenges the approach which has been followed for quite a long time in traditions and this conventional approach is something that the reversed position of Hierophant repels.

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning
The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

The person feels the need to break the rules and modify the same and resist following the good old traditions that have been followed for a long time. The card signifies an unconventional thought which creates an alternative style of living that lacks spirituality. This card indicates that you are guided by your own and do not follow any belief, tradition, or system blindly but rather oppose such beliefs around you. You seem to be least bothered about things going on around you and feel a more open and a carefree lifestyle and about the things that surround you.

This card is a clear indication that it is not to follow the crowd but represents a time to follow your instincts and rules which you trust more than the traditional beliefs and conventional thoughts.

Getting deeper into the meaning of Hierophant, let us discuss and understand how Hierophant reversed read in love and relationships.

The Hierophant reverse reads similar with respect to love and relationships that represents carefree approach towards relationship and is an unconventional approach. It could be not in alignment with the belief of the institution of marriage and break the traditional norms of the society.

The fear of commitment makes you think twice before arriving at a decision and also encourages you to think out of the box to arrive at a decision. There could always be insecure feelings about the relationship that you are in and there is always a weariness and boredom about the same old relationship.

You may always want to have some kind of excitement and freshness in the relationship. There always will a conflict in the ideas that you and your partner share, so what is the solution for this kind of relationship to be straightened?

This is the time you need to understand that two people with different ideas, thoughts and likes can also get along well if understood properly and adjusted. All that you need to give is space and time for both yourself and your partner.

When we speak about love and relationships, it is inevitable that the topic of feeling to chip in. so here let us try to a little more understand of what is it in respect to feelings.


When the Hierophant reversed is read in respect with feelings it indicates that the relationship you are into is more of spiritual upliftment and it is about a person who loves to feel and understand the true meaning of life and explore its deeper meaning.


The card indicates that these persons are in a confused state of mind because of their deep desire to find the true meaning of their life. There are two different implications of this card one if you are single and the other if you are committed.

 If you are single and if you find your protentional partner to be against the social norms there is a sure indication that you will be disappointed whereas on the other hand if you are committed you become the soul mate for your partner.

They tend to share anything with you without the fear of judgment and they are solely dependent on you. You seem to be a person who are always there for them whenever they need and they get a feel of safety and security when you cross their thoughts.

There could always be a doubt to have a confirmation if the answer is yes or no. So with the Hierophant reversed here is what it says about yes or no


This card is a clear neutral card and there is never either a yes or a definite no. when you are in confusion the answer from this tarot is “ Maybe” which is surely not a definite answer.

It is a card based on the context for example if you want to take a big risk by investing in big plans the answer from the tarot could be a clear No. This tarot reverse is always a card that pushes and motivates you to take advice whenever you are in a confused state of taking big decisions. It is a general desire of human being to know what the other person thinks of them, and this is how the hierophant reverse card read with respect to how someone feels about them. Furthermore,to know the answers in all aspects of life, you may read our latest article, Is Hierophant yes or No Card?


This tarot card reads as that you are a person to be trusted and with whom they could share their secrets which otherwise would never risk talking about.

They get the comfort level and see you as person who can give them the comfort zone which they usually don’t find otherwise.

You are someone like a shore when they are in a ship caught in a storm and they feel that romantic urge to see you as a family or they would love to build a family with.


Each card in the tarot deck has its own energy and suggestions for us. Hence, understanding the meanings and interpretations of spreads are two different things to learn.

Hence, while reading the hierophant card in specific, choosing the spread, positions of the cards also require the focus and flow of your thoughts and intuition. And as rightly said, learning never ends, so keep experiencing the energies through the beautiful cards in different spreads.

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