Are you spending long hours in deep thoughts to get the clarity in your life decisions? Or, contemplating too much about your desires to get all your answers to make a wise decision?

Well, if Yes, you are probably in the ‘THE HERMIT TAROT CARD’ energy.

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If you are a beginner and trying to recognize the meaning of tarot cards at deeper level, you have found the right link now.

Considering the same, if you are reading this with us, we assume you are looking for deeper understanding on the Hermit tarot card.

Well, to start with, here is a tip for you to quickly feel the real spirit of the card:


We all learn through our experiences, emotions of the moment and situations around us and so, it is important to know that each card in a tarot deck is talking about certain situations that we all come across at some point in our life.

And so, during the learning phase of tarot card, relate the cards with your emotions and situations to grasp the energy of the cards.

Trust us, you will never forget about the meanings and interpretations.

To know more on how to read and what can be the best spread in the beginning of your learning, you can check the link right here:

Besides, keep reading as you are going to get your answers here regarding The Hermit tarot card. This piece, will help you understand and connect well with the 9th card Major Arcana, 


To begin with lets the know the foundation of the card.

Astrological SignVirgo
Healing CrystalAmethyst, Rhodonite

Now, after knowing the basic elements attached with The Hermit Tarot Card, let’s get into some clarifications to comprehend the card better.



The quick look of an old man standing on a peak of mountains with lantern get us in some thoughts in no time during the readings.


Well, that’s the energy of the of the card which is followed by its one first look.


The gloomy appearance of an old man in grey outfit looks like as if he is on some path and searching for something. But the question is,



In real, this man is representing our own energy or we can say ourself.

Wondering, how, and what does the hermit tarot card mean?

Well, take it as your INNER SELF, who has knowledge yet in deep thoughts and shedding light on facts to gain the clarity as there are great possibilities exist in white and black. (that is the representation of grey outfit of an old man)

Afterall, in the end, we decide what we feel right, and with that, we can say:


Hence, the overall meaning of this card is that there is a requirement of disconnecting yourself from the noise of outer world to hear the voice of your own.

(Possible situation: You are seeking others confirmation on what you feel is right or wrong and hence uncertain about yourself even when you know the grounds)

Pulling out this card could be a reflection of taking a step of reconsidering your thoughts and decisions once more and trust your intuitions to move ahead that will certainly bring the real change in the situation.

It is a card of find yourself self and enlighten yourself spiritually to be strong and sure in your decisions and so get the desired outcome.

Hence, we can say pulling out Hermit Arcana is a reflection of analyzing yourself for the betterment.

However, we as readers do understand that during readings, it is important to consider the position and the spread of the cards too.

So, let’s see what does hermit definition say as per its Position.


Considering the the overall energy of the Hermit card, we can say that hermit arcana meaning in the upright position is indeed a message of willingly disconnecting ourselves from social life for sometime to understand the real self.

And, hence, we can clearly say that pulling out this card in upward position can be a very meaningful advice for your client.

However, if the hermit reversed itself during the readings, it can be matter of concern.


Well, it defines the state of mind wherein your client is already isolated and disconnected with the outworld but Unwillingly and hence, feeling lonely and sad.

And so, we must understand the real matter of our client little deeply so we could analyze our reading accurately too, as there is a possibility that you are reading for someone who is on the path of soul searching but under some pressures.

For your quick learning, keeping the essence of the card intact, we have created some keywords for you that will help you to always remind the real action. Here are these:

Upright positionSoul Searching, meeting higher self, willing to isolate, spiritual enlightenment, ready to receive guidance from the power of intuitions.
Reversed PositionLoneliness, sadness, fearful.
Hermit Yes or NoNo

Moving ahead, lets know the outlook of tarot card the hermit in other aspects of life!


Pulling out Hermit card during relationship reading does indicate certain issues, however, here the whole understanding of the card lies.

Despite of the fact that the overall energy is a reflection of contemplation, achieving higher wisdom, it works as a suggestion and mirror of oneself when it comes to matters of love.

Wondering how?

Well, ask your client, if he/she is committed, are they happy? Do they miss something or stuck and feel monotonous in their love life? Are they lost in relationship?

Well, answer to these questions would be the reflection of Hermit tarot card as they suggestion and requirement of isolating ourselves sometimes is the only method to increase and improve our positive vibrations and outlook towards the situations.

And so, the, the hermit relationship future can be more emotional fulfilling.



Well, this pick can be tricky as there is reversed position of hermit card is clearly is the indication of loneliness and so during the love readings, it can be clear suggestion of coming back to life and feel the energy of love around you.

Its time to be back on track of enjoying social life and don’t be afraid of this come back or else it could be damage you now.

Furthermore, acknowledging the overall essence of the card, we can say that ‘excess of everything is bad’ which means, adopting the soul-searching path is indeed a positive and wise decision to make at some time however, loosing yourself on that path can be a problematic and bring up the opposite results.

For quick understanding, here is the vocabulary list that you can always keep handy:

The Hermit Tarot Card Relationship Meaning
Hermit Upright LoveSelf-understanding, taking pause to introspect 
Hermit Reversed LoveRejection, loneliness, feeling distant in relationship, no emotional fulfilment 

Furthermore, reading hermit tarot with combination can talk a lot about what is necessary at the moment.

Talking about combinations, one of the impactful combinations could be the picking of the hermit and the magician love.

So, let’s see what does HERMIT AND MAGICIAN have to say in the matter of love.



Well, so far, we can say that HERMIT is the energy of walking on the path of gaining higher wisdom and being more spiritual, and, in the opposite, the magician has the power of manifest everything he wants as he has all the elements available already.

However, do you know!

The Magician as archetypal achiever is in danger of losing himself in the material world and so he also seeks for inner wisdom and to gain all the strength to manifest what he wants.

To do the same, at some point, The Magician needs to become The Hermit for a time and withdraw in order to seek the light within himself.

Likewise, the combination speaks the desire of being in hermit energy at first to strengthen the manifestations.

If your client read brings up the combination of The Magician and The Hermit, it could be a clear reflection of taking a step ahead for practicing meditation and focus on inner wisdom to manifest everything he/she desires with strength and positive outlook.

To know more about The Magician Card Meaning, you can check the link here:

Now, lets shed light on the other aspects of life.


Holding the lantern and shedding light on money matters can be matter of concern?

Well, yes, it can be!

How, lets dig deeper!

During the career related readings, the energy of tension, anxiety is pretty common, Afterall, it’s about our bread and butter.

And so, pulling out The Hermit card can be advice of changing a focus.


Ask your client, is money minting is giving the real peace and happiness?

Asking such questions can clarify the deep thoughts of a person as there is a possibility that pulling The Hermit Card Upright position is now the indicator of step ahead on the path of soul searching for real happiness.

The focus on materialistic world is now overpowering the person and exhausting which is refraining them to experience the happiness and peace,

It is reflection of a phase that tells us that now it’s a time of explore the divine time and getting on spiritual awakening and spiritual growth. And so, meditation is one good method to adapt to connect with higher self.


Does it mean, loss?

Don’t panic, it is not really a loss, yet an indication of seeking advice from someone who is wiser and more experienced before you experience loss.

Keeping in mind the general reversed meaning of the card, this card is clear indicator of making connections and coming out of solitude for the growth in their career.

Here is a list of words that can help you to learn the meanings in no time:

The Hermit Tarot Card for Money and Career
Hermit UprightSeeking advice of wiser person, contemplating the plan of action, too much focus on material world but not feeling contempt.  
Hermit Reversedworking alone, feeling rejected at workplace, unsure about decisions, need of building connections for betterment in situation. 



The overall gist of the Hermit Tarot card is reflection of the life’s journey that now requires you to be on the path of spiritual awakening and finding your real peace. 

No matter if you are single, married or wealthy, the understanding of oneself, existence of happiness to feel and live with.

Moreover, we all come across certain situations wherein there is a need of soul searching, the time demands that we walk on the path of inner guidance and to be able to listen to our inner voice. 

Considering the same, if we get the Hermit Arcana during the reading, it is clear indicator in most cases to mediate well and do spiritual activities so we could calm down ourselves and listen to the power of intuitions that guide us to the real path and let us explore the life in a better way.

So, if you are experiencing this energy willingly, it’s a time to deepen your life’s purpose as you are towards the creation of life which is going to give lot more happiness, growth and spiritual awakening and as a result will improvise your quality of life.

Hope this read has helped you understanding the hermit tarot card even better and widen your perception about this energy.

Keep reading with us as we are about to get more information. 

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