What does Hermit Tarot Card Mean?

Hermit Upright KeywordsHermit Reversed Keywords
Self-understanding, introspection, Soul Searching, meeting higher self, willing to isolate, spiritual enlightenment, intuitiveLoneliness, sadness, fear, Rejection, feeling distant in a relationship, no emotional fulfillment

Are you spending long hours in deep thought to get clarity in your life decisions? Or, contemplating too much about your desires to get all your answers to make a wise decision? Well, if Yes, you are probably in the Hermit energy. What does this mean? Let’s know in detail!

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Elements Associated With Hermit Tarot Card

Zodiac Virgo
AstrologyAug 22 – Sept 23
Hebrew Letterי – Yod
Yes/NoMay Be

Now, after knowing the basic elements attached to The Hermit Tarot Card, let’s get into some clarifications to comprehend the card better.

What Does Hermit Tarot Card Mean In General?

What does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean In General

The Hermit card is the ninth card in the Major Arcana which is typically associated with the qualities of inner wisdom, introspection, and solitude. It indicates a need to withdraw from the world temporarily in order to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world. Considering this it is a sign of willingly disconnecting ourselves from social life for some time to understand the real self. Furthermore, this is message is clearly evident if closer to a card wherein an old man standing on a peak of mountains with a lantern gets us in some thoughts in no time. The gloomy appearance of an old man in a grey outfit looks suggests he is on some path and searching for something. And now if we relate well, in reality, this man is representing our own energy who has knowledge yet is in deep thought and shedding light on facts to gain clarity as there are great possibilities that exist in white and black. (that is the representation of the gray outfit of an old man).

Having mentioned that, the overall meaning of the hermit card is that there is a requirement of disconnecting yourself from the noise of the outer world to hear a voice of your own. (Possible situation: You are seeking others’ confirmation on what you feel is right or wrong and hence uncertain about yourself even when you know the grounds) Pulling out this card could be a reflection of taking a step of reconsidering your thoughts and decisions once more and trusting your intuitions to move ahead which will certainly bring real change in the situation. It is a card of finding yourself self and enlightening yourself spiritually to be strong and sure in your decisions and so get the desired outcome. Hence, we can say pulling out Hermit Arcana is a reflection of analyzing yourself for the betterment. So, let’s see what the hermit definition says as per its Position.

Upright Hermit Tarot Card Mean In Love

When an upright hermit card appears in love matters it suggests you may be feeling a sense of loneliness and isolation in your current relationship. And thus, it is a time to spend some ‘Me Time’ and re-evaluate your love life., to identify what is truly important to you, and what changes you need to make in order to achieve happiness and fulfillment. On the other hand, if you are single and feel to get into a relationship just to kill your loneliness, it suggests that this approach is bad to start a relationship and instead you are not completely prepared to maintain a healthy relationship. This loneliness suggests and pushes you to know and discover more about abilities for now so you free-flow happily in relationships while taking care of your needs and your partner.

Upright Hermit Mean In Career And Money Matters.

When the Hermit card appears upright in career and financial readings, it is a sign of preparing yourself to take up bigger opportunities in the future. Having said that, this phase is making you feel feeling unfulfilled in your current career and hence, it is important for you to seek guidance from your inner wisdom to help you make important career decisions. This means it is a period of taking a step back from your career temporarily in order to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world, and you’ll return to your career with renewed energy and focus.

Upright The Hermit Tarot Card Mean In Health

In terms of health issues, the upright Hermit card can suggest that you may be experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can affect both your physical and emotional well-being but you are actually neglecting the concerns n favor of taking care of others. But, it is high time to bring back the focus on yourself and seek medical advice or treatment for an undiagnosed condition or for a condition that you have been neglecting. And also, it is important for you to take a step back from your daily routines, rest, relax and reflect on your overall health and well-being.

What does Reversed The Hermit Tarot Card Mean In General?

What does Reversed The Hermit Tarot Card Mean In General?

When the Hermit card appears reversed in a reading, it can indicate a lack of introspection and self-awareness or a fear of being alone and facing your inner self. Instead of seeking guidance from your inner wisdom, you may be relying too heavily on external sources of guidance and information. can lead to a lack of authenticity, alignment, and intimacy in your relationships, and can ultimately contribute to feelings of unfulfillment and dissatisfaction. It hence, there are high chances that you are consciously, or unconsciously avoiding facing your own feelings and emotions, or that you may be repressing them. Moreover, you are n denial about some aspects of yourself that you should address now.

Reversed The Hermit Tarot Card In Love Matters

In love matters when the reversed Hermit card appears, it is not a good sign of keeping healthy relationships. It is the phase where you are unsure of yourself and relying too heavily on external sources of guidance and information. This could lead to a lack of authenticity, alignment, and intimacy in your relationships, and can ultimately contribute to feelings of unfulfillment and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, in the moments of taking wise decisions, you are simply burdening your partner by acting impulsively or recklessly in your relationship, without taking the time to consider the long-term consequences of your actions.

Reversed The Hermit In Career And Financial Matters

When the Hermit card appears reversed in a career or financial reading brings up your overwhelmed feelings due to the pressure at work and feeling unsupported by colleagues and superiors. But, at the same time, you are unable to express your discontentment and rather repress your feeling of needing help in your career growth. But, it is important to remember that this is just a phase that demands you reflect on your own feelings, needs, and goals, and communicate them to the relevant parties, in order to build a successful career and financial path.

Hermit As Yes or No Card

Most of the time, the Hermit tarot card means “no.” It’s a clear signal of encouragement to stay inside and not do anything significant right now. Before making any decisions that will have an impact, it’s time to look at things in a different light and consider them. You will be able to enlighten yourself and gain a better understanding of your values if you make time for yourself. To know more in detail, you may refer to our another piece of article, Is Hermit Yes or No Card?

The Hermit And The Magician Combination

Well, so far, we can say that HERMIT is the energy of walking on the path of gaining higher wisdom and being more spiritual, and, on the opposite, the magician has the power to manifest everything he wants as he has all the elements available already. However, do you know! The Magician as an archetypal achiever is in danger of losing himself in the material world and so he also seeks inner wisdom and to gain all the strength to manifest what he wants. To do the same, at some point, The Magician needs to become The Hermit for a time and withdraw in order to seek the light within himself. Likewise, the combination speaks to the desire of being in hermit energy at first to strengthen the manifestations. If your client read brings up the combination of The Magician and The Hermit, it could be a clear reflection of taking a step ahead for practicing meditation and focusing on inner wisdom to manifest everything he/she desires with strength and a positive outlook. To know more about it, you check the insights in The Magician Card Meaning.

To Summarize Hermit Tarot Card

The overall gist of the Hermit Tarot card is a reflection of life’s journey that now requires you to be on the path of spiritual awakening and finding your real peace.  No matter if you are single, married or wealthy, the understanding of yourself, and the existence of happiness to feel and live with. Moreover, we all come across certain situations wherein there is a need for soul searching, the time demands that we walk on the path of inner guidance and be able to listen to our inner voice. Considering the same, if we get the Hermit Arcana during the reading, it is a clear indicator in most cases to mediate well and do spiritual activities so we could calm down and listen to the power of intuitions that guide us to the real path and let us explore the life in a better way. So, if you are experiencing this energy willingly, it’s a time to deepen your life’s purpose as you are towards the creation of life which is going to give you a lot more happiness, growth, and spiritual awakening and as a result will improvise your quality of life. Hope this read has helped you understand the hermit tarot card even better and widen your perception of this energy.

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