What Does The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean In Love

If you are known with the tarot cards then you must be aware of the facts behind tarot cards and each card has something to tell you. Honestly, this is one of the most detailed systems available, and wight this, everyone can relate. The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean In Love

You must be aware of the 78 cards and we feel that learning tarot is basically a wonderful way to develop your intuition as well as stay connected with time-honored esoteric tools. This is necessary for spiritual awakening and growth. However, we all know that a tarot deck comes with 78 cards and they are typically based on a regular set of playing cards. Also, the deck is divided into two different main categories, one is Major Arcana and the other one is Minor Arcana. Also, they have four subcategories such as Pentacles, Cups, Swords, and Wands. Among all of them, the hanged man is one of those 78 cards and we will be focusing on this one card today!

What Does The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean In Love
What Does The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean In Love

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The Hanged Man Tarot

In this card, you will see the symbol of a man who is utterly suspended upside-down, and you will see that the man is hanging by his foot from the living world tree. The thee you will notice it is rooted deep down in the underworld and it is commonly known as the support the heavens. According to history, the hanged man has been poisoned there that too by his own free will.

This might be because of the serene expression that you will see on his face. With a detailed view, you will see that his right foot is actually bound to the branches, and on the other hand, his left foot is free. Apparently, you will see that he is also holding his hands behind his back in a weird way that also forms an inverted triangle. His pants color on the card is red and they are representative of the physical body as well as human passion. However, he is wearing a blue shirt and it is representative of the color combination and calm emotions that you will commonly notice in saints. If you think he is not intellectual enough then you are wrong because it can be clearly reflected by the yellow shoes, halo, and hair. So, you are now clear with the man that you will see on the card and we have tried to focus on every detail including his clothes. Now, you need to know the Hanged Man Arcana’s meaning and what it represents and you will be amazed to know it actually reflects a lot of things in a different category and it’s not about this tarot card only. Every card in the tarot deck has a detailed meaning and it reflects a lot of hidden things as well. Read More: How to do a tarot reading for someone, not present . Also, the hanged man has two different perspectives one of them is, an upright man and the other one is a reversed, man and also if a hanged man is a yes or no card.

The upright man reflects:

  • Release
  • Sacrifice
  • Martyrdom

The reversed man reflects:

  • Needless sacrifice
  • Stalling
  • Fear of sacrifice

The element of this hanged man card is water.

Hanged Man Reversed

You need to know the reversal meaning of the hanged man card and what exactly it reflects. The hanged man card represents a very specific period of time and at that time, you will feel like sacrificing a significant amount of time and you will hardly get anything in return.

Sometimes, you will feel that certain things are at a particular stage of an absolute standstill that too without any particular resolution as well as movement. When you are investing your time and effort is something, you would obviously be expecting something in return. But the fact is, you will get nothing such as.

Hanged Man Reserved Tarot Meaning has three different genres and you need to know about it.

  • Reserved Love Meaning
  • Reserved Career Meaning
  • Reserved Finances Meaning

Reserved Career Meaning:

When you will see the hanged man is reversed, you might feel for a moment that the scarifies you have been making in your career haven not really been yielding results. In case, you have changed your career, used your daily time for work projects, take your time off to go through retaining, anytime soon then the whole plan might not be worked as per your plan.

You might also feel that things have not gone that well and might not be worth it. Sometimes, this card can also represent stalling for time. We have seen a lot of people get really anxious they often feel like running on such a loss about what to do next and that is why you have been procrastinating on making any sort of decision that will also propel their next steps and that might also lead to a kind of feeling of stagnancy or even powerlessness.

However, if you are feeling all these then you should not languish too long but learn how to be an absolutely active participant in your life.

Reserved Love Meaning:

If you want to know more about The Hanged Man Reversed As Feelings, then we will be discussing on this. When it comes to love, you will understand that it’s the right time for action. When you will see the reversed hanged man, the waiting period is over for you and if your love life has just got slowdown then the hanged man is provoking you to take out and reconsider different perspectives on love as well as romance.

A lot of people keep wondering What Does The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean In Love, well you are going to get a clear understanding of what do you expect from relationships. It might be a typical time when you will see that the long-held beliefs are being shed. When you will develop this new perspective, you will find yourself equipped to make changes or even take actions in your romantic life and you will gain energy automatically.

It might be considered as a caution that you should no longer make sacrifices for love rather you and your partner both are well balanced.

What Does The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean In Love
What Does The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean In Love

Reserved Finances Meaning:

If you have invested in something huge and you are being hesitant for any further investment, then you should stop right there. The hanged man card also represents that you are not going to get the desired result of your investment so you may not go any further. this card means your sacrifice will be utterly wasted so even if you have taken any sort of loan for your family member or anyone close to you, you sacrifices are clearly getting wasted. So, you better take a lesson now and do not make the same mistake.

Now, when you are clear with the reversed hanged man, it’s time to focus on the other part which is upright hanged man. The upright hanged man also portrays something that you should know.

Upright Hanged Man: What Sign Does The Hanged Man Represent

Honestly, there is a lot said about sacrifice like if you see you will understand that the position of the hanged man is nothing but a sacrifice. He made the sacrifice so that progress can carry forward. The time that he has spent here will never be wasted and he does this as a part of the progression forward. The upside-down state also symbolizes the feeling of those that walk through a spiritual path and that’s why you will see the world differently. Also, you can consider it as a natural action as you will have to walk on the path alone. Further, it portrays a particular state that needs to suspend a few actions. The result will indicate a major period of indecision. And those actions need to be properly implemented as likely to be postponed even if you feel any sort of urgency at that very moment.

Although we felt that this card is actually designed for suspension and waiting. You might think in every situation you need to take action but honestly, it’s not right. Sometimes, it’s better not to take any kind of action. That’s something this card also reflects. The upright is also divided into three genres,

  • Upright Career Meaning
  • Upright Love Meaning
  • Upright Finances Meaning

Upright Career Meaning:

If you are thinking of your career or work then you need to understand a few things. The hanged man can keep sending the signal of uncertainty as well as waiting about what you should do. You might be thinking of taking a break from your work or even contemplating what you want to do next, then you should wait for a moment.

You will learn a lesson from this card, sometimes it doesn’t matter but you are not allowed to force a decision or change things when it’s not the right time.

At some point, you will just have to wait and then make a decision. Sometimes, we might think that that’s the right time when it’s clearly not. You will understand the meaning of going with the flow and you need to act accordingly. On the other hand, you will have to focus on the process of making any kind of major change in your career. You might have to take a step back to reach your destination and that’s absolutely okay!

Upright Love Meaning:

In general, we have already said that the hanged man is a symbol of sacrifice, waiting for the right time, and a new perspective. If you are single then this card is trying to say you that not everything can be happen in rush.

It doesn’t really matter how much you want a relationship right now and how romantic you do feel, but you will have to wait till the right time arrives. You should not force yourself into something rather exploring different perspectives is a great thing that you can involve yourself in.

Timing matters to some other level when it comes to taking your relationship to the next level or even having important discussions. If you are in a relationship then the work sacrifice will matter to you the most. If you wait and slow down then you may become close and your relationship will see a new perspective.

What Does The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean In Love
What Does The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean In Love

Upright Finances Meaning:

You will have to understand that change is the only constant. If you are stressing out over anything such as money then you are actually gotta pause there are find out some new perspective and a new way to look at things.

Can’t you change a bad situation into good? And sometimes, things are not that bad how they seem! So, you will have to think twice before deciding anything. The main dilemma would be The Hanged Man Yes Or No, well that’s something you gotta decide. But the main things we have already told you!

Bottom Line:

What Does The Hanged Man Tarot Card Mean In LoveDiscussion
The Hanged Man TarotWe have discussed everything about the hanged man tarot card. You will have to read this article to know!
Hanged Man ReversedIt represents a meaning that we have discussed here and you should chcek out!
Upright Hanged Man: What Sign Does The Hanged Man RepresentThe meaning of an upright hanged man is different than the revered one. You will get to know me here!

However, we hope that we have made your doubts clear and you will not ever face any kind of issue when it comes to predicting the future that too by a hanged man card. You will have to believe in yourself and tarot cards are there to show to the right path. Now, it would be your decision if you get it right or not!

Both of the symbols are certainly different from each other and you need to understand both of them separately so that it can give you a clear view.

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