The Fool Tarot Card

The Answer to your destiny!(The Fool Tarot Card)

Hey tarot card readers! Hope you all are doing well!

You would agree that Tarot reading is like an umbrella having different colors depicting different shades of human life. 

Here we are with some amazing insights about one of the colours- The Fool tarot card!

Do you know, a fool is not really a foolish in the world of tarot cards?

Hope you agree with us on that!

You will certainly resonate if we say that pulling out this card actually bring a glimpse of smile. Doesn’t it?

But, does it confuse you sometimes as per the questions asked by client? Specially, if you are a beginner!

On that note, keep reading to get the best understanding on what does the Fool card mean in a tarot reading and what does it indicate!

Tarot card: The Fool: Specifics 

UprightAdventure, innocence, and new beginnings
ReverseChoes, poor judgement, naivety
Astrological signAquarius

The Fool Tarot Card

‘The Fool tarot card’ or ‘the Fool card’ or ‘the Jester’ is one of 78 in the deck of cards and one of 22 Arcana. 

The Fool Tarot Card
The Fool Tarot Card

That’s why is known as ‘The Fool arcana’, Ranging from 0-XXll. It is the card with “unlimited potential” and Fresh Start!

You can understand it as card of faith and take a step ahead!

Hence, the blend of Major Arcana the Fool is indeed the essence of inhaling the freshness of life!

Well, that’s basic! The fool card is something more than expectation!

Pictorial View 

Well, a quick look to a card itself brings up the positive, playful energy. Doesn’t it

SO, lets find out the detailing!

On the Fool card, a young man is standing on the cliff looking in the sky with all the hopes and happiness.

Furthermore, it looks like he is ready to experience an adventure, without knowing that there are possibilities of falling down.

Considering that, isn’t it true that sometimes, we need to have faith and move ahead just like a fool!

Well, that’s relatable!

Now, let’s look deep!

A closer look will give a reason of faith here, as there are certain elements to know too!

  • A knapsack on his shoulder that includes everything he needed. 
  • A white rose is in his hand symbolizing purity and innocence.
  • A small puppy near to his feet that represents loyalty, motivating him to proceed and learn new lessons in his life. 
  • The mountains behind the young man represent challenges are on the way. 

But young man is in his tune and will face all the challenges with utmost audacity because of the positivity around.

So, what can you share with client if you pull out the card, challenges or adventure?

Well, a basic meaning depicts the probability of positivity, however, as a tarot reader, the spread and the element you are drawn to can give you more insight.

But as mentioned, basics are important and hence Fool Tarot Card Meaning is very simple and direct!

It symbolises the youth living with joy and excited to try something new.

Surroundings are warning them- dogs barking on him, crows cooing, and lot more. But his loyal puppy is with him. But what he is seeing is his dream destination only.

Hence, pulling it out as an advice card can be a meaningful insight of alerting your client to have faith for stepping ahead with calculative risk!

Does that mean, the hurdle reverses the hard work of youth man?

 Depends on his will power and determination.

Also, let know it more!

Numerology of The Fool Card!

The fool card represents 0, the tiny egg of hope. It is a cosmic egg, symbolizing the shape of 0.

The Fool Tarot Card
The Fool Tarot Card

So, seems, the number is again sign of positivity!

Hence, fool isn’t always fool, universe has a power to help beings with good intention and Having said that, pulling of Fool card during the reading is a essence of the message.

Now, as mentioned earlier, tarot card spreads and positions matters too when reading the card for client.

So, lets shed some light on the position of the card.

Upright fool!

If card in its upright position is pulled, it has following meanings which a beginner should answer!

Just like the young man, he is out for his journey to achieve something, standing on the cliff and looking for a lot of questions to be answered. He is ready to take first step. 

Now if he is confused, then you can tell hi, to follow his heart and commit to yourself only. And that is the point where he will get to know where universe is trying to take him. 

On this journey, Fool card encourages to be curious, open mind, and excited. And this will lead to personal growth, new exposure, and adventure.

This implies the same when the fool card is in present position and upright position.

On the contrary!

Reversed Fool: 

Well overall meaning of reverse position of fool card is exactly opposite to the messages which we get from upright position.

Hence, it can be an insight to a situation wherein there are lot of blockages and hesitations around

It resonates to a situation that implies lack of confidence of “What if I will fail?” and as result the person is standing at just one place. Just say him that universe is with you and step ahead, everything will happen right. 

Just like that!

On the flipside, reversed fool can also show that too many risks have been taken. In the greed of living in the moment and be adventurous, the person has totally ignored that consequences of his actions are harming others. 

Now, when you got the basics, tell us, keeping the message intact, how do you read the fool card?

Moving ahead, we also have an ultimate guide that will separate you from this connotation and perceive what they actually mean.  

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, there is not any hard and fast rule to read the Fool tarot card. 

So, let’s roll the guide!

  1. Shuffle the whole deck of cards.
  2. The person takes Fool card out of the whole deck.
  3. Now shuffle the remaining cards and cut the deck and put the cards out facedown.
  4. Now ask him to choose five cards out of the remaining and prepare for the questions 


  • What do I need to do to follow the path in my life?
  • Is the risk worth taking?
  • How will be my love life?
  • Will my relationship long last for life?
  • How will be my health in the future?
  1. The five cards person choose symbolise the following:
  • Card 1: Person and his situation.
  • Card 2: The risks.
  • Card 3: The potential rewards.
  • Card 4: What he can gain.
  • Card 5: Advice and its probable outcome.

Pretty questions, right?

Now, considering the fact that situations can be many, reader ensure the separate reading for each segment of life.

Hence, let’s shed some light on various aspects of life.

What Does The Fool Tarot Card Mean in Career?

Is the person is asking about his career after pulling the fool card?

The Fool Tarot Card
The Fool Tarot Card

WOW! There is a good news!

 It means that it is the perfect time for him to go for his dream job or business he/She always aspired for. There are infinite opportunities in this card to open up with new ideas.

However, don’t forget to advice to take the calculative risk.

And when we are talking about career, future is indeed important!

However, reading a card in future position has a different aspect.

If your client wants to understand the possibilities of the future, The Fool Tarot Card in the Future can be adventurous because no matter it’s a reading of love or career, opportunities are going to come!

Further, life is all about balancing personal and professional aspects.

Let’s see what fool has to say for Love Life!

What Does The Fool Tarot Card Mean in Love?

Have you pulled out the fool card and want to know about what does the Fool tarot love means?

Well, the fool tarot relationship outcome can be really exciting!

It means, it is going to embark a new romantic journey. If the person is already on the romantic journey, then he can consider getting married or even have a baby. 

If the person is single and ready to get mingle, then Fool Card indicates that he is on the way to get into romantic relationship.

Don’t confuse the romance with dates. These are different!

Some points to consider:

  1. Be open and give chance to potential partner.
  2. Trust the unknown if your heart says so.
  3. Get ready to take your relationship on next level.
  4. Celebrate and love your inner child.

Well! details are important!

Now, moving ahead, what is life without health, right! So lets know more!

What Does The Fool Tarot Card Mean in Health?

It means strong energy. If the person is struggling with mental or physical illness, the fool card represents new phase of health in life.

  1. Be true to yourself.
  2. Show some self-love.
  3. Learn spirituality.

These are some points which the person should consider while he is pulling Fool tarot card.

Now to conclude the Fool Tarot Card Explained above, we gathered various prospects in points for your quick review:

  1. Numerology: The fool card is numbered 0 which means never ending cycle and beginning. But as every coin has two sides, the other side of being 0 is its emptiness, openness, and nothingness.  
  2. Element: Want to know what element is the fool? The fool card is associated with the element of Air, he travels where the wind blows or is easily mind washed by some people. 
  3. Astrology: Fool is neither attached to zodiac sign nor any planet, Uranus- symbol of freedom.
  4. The Fool and Kabbala: The letter of Fool is “Aleph”. Herbrew alphabet’s first letter. It is soundless- the breath and chi, life force of universe. The meaning of Aleph means ox, for endurance. 


All in all, we must say, there is a possibility that you are unable to see the clear picture in life. However, pulling out the Fool tarot card, indicating your innocent energy, depicting the messages of faith, and stepping ahead in life can be relieving and beautiful.

And so, understanding the basics of the card can be the initiation of learning the detailing through spreads and positioning.

Have a nice day!

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