The Empress Tarot Card Meaning Guide

Tarot card reading isn’t a new concept to many people.

Especially not to those, who have a keen interest in being constantly in touch with themselves on a much deeper level than what one can observe at the face value and what else they can expect in their journey ahead.

As the card is laid across the table, the anticipation of what awaits you will always remain an unmatched feeling.

And, if you have chosen the empress tarot card and can’t wait to know what it means?

Then you are at the right place as we will discuss almost everything in concern with the empress tarot card meaning.

So, read further to quench your thirst.


The visual of the empress tarot card gives off an elegant vibe as you can notice an attractive woman is seated on a throne comprised of luxurious red cloth and a cushion.

she exhibits an aura of fertility, grace, and beauty.

Furthermore, she can be seen wearing a crown, embedded with stars, displaying the connection to the cycles of nature.

If focused on her surrounding, you can observe the lush nature as streamflow by her side, indicating her association with the mother earth. Meanwhile in the grown, wheat springs of color golden reflects the prosperity from a fresh harvest.

Well, that was the visual attribute of the empress tarot card, which takes third place in the set of major arcana.

As a person who is into tarot card reading, you should be familiar with the concept that the reading of a card varies depending on the position it appears right in front of you. That being said,

Let’s wait no longer and start with the interpretation of


The Empress Tarot Card Meaning Guide

Before, jumping right into the detailed description of the empress tarot card upright, you might consider getting a quick read of the empress tarot card upright card keywords:

  • Nurturing
  • Creativity
  • Nature
  • Abundance

The empress represents a powerful link to the nurturing side of you, which can be deciphered in terms like fertility, elegance, and expression.

It is not just limited to women but also men as such a delicate aspect of a soul is needed to create a healthy balance in any human being regardless of their gender.

Embrace Your Delicate Version

  • Thus, the empress card dearly wants you to be connected with your soft side, which will allow you to create peace in your life, and have a deeper understanding of who you are.
  • The empress signifies being kind to yourself by loving yourself and allowing your intuition to be your guide.
  • Find your source to express yourselves, whether it is through singing, painting, or any other art form which will prompt you to be in touch with your inner self.

Overflowing Creativity

As mentioned before, the empress also represents fertility, which can be applied both literally and metaphorically. For the former, it directs toward pregnancy while for the latter it indicated giving birth to new ideas and considering the abundance of fortune that tags along with this card.

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Successful completion of your project might be confirmed, hence don’t hesitate and place your best ideas on the table.

Blessed With Fortune

  • Moreover, the empress card is also about abundance, thus you should certainly display gratitude for what you have and as well the luxury and other life pleasure coming your way as you are at the moment in that phase of life, which is all about growth and optimistic energy will lead to accumulation of more abundance
  • Finally, the empress card urges you to be in contact with nature which calls for a trip to an area surrounded by beaches, mountains, lakes, and everything green.

Take a breath and feel yourself inhaling all the goodness of what mother earth has to offer.

Seems like a card of opportunities and peace, right!

Now, it’s the turn for the reader who has got the empress card, reversed.


The Empress Tarot Card Meaning Guide
The Empress Biddy

Just as the previous interpretation, we will start the venture of reversed reading with the empress tarot card reversed card keywords: –

  • Insecurity
  •  Lacking in growth
  • Dependent
  •  Negligence 

Now, let’s get into the details

 Love Yourself

  • The empress reversed encourages you to concentrate on yourself as you are required to be freed of any self-related insecurities and make self-care your topmost priority, gathering your energy to shower yourself with as much as possible.
  • It appears that you have been placing too much focus and energy into other people’s lives, which has resulted in neglecting your own needs and might also be dependent on others to make decisions for you, hence, it’s time to build confidence in yourself and avoid to be influenced by others.

Trust Your Gut

  • The empress card in reverse can also represent self-doubt in terms of ideas about projects arising in your head. You might not feel sure about them and let the fear of being judged get to you. But you need to understand that now is not the time to be bothered by others but crush the blockage you have created that has been restricting the flow of your creativity.

Besides the general reading, if you are looking forward to some news about your love life then the wait is over as you gotta read further to find out,

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Upright Empress Tarot Card For Love

You are a lucky one in the department of love if greeted by the upright Empress tarot card.

It seems that your current relationship which is filled with love is about to get even more deeper and stable.

Furthermore, the possibility of pregnancy or starting a family is plausible.

However, for the singles out there, if you are all set to be in a relationship then no need to wait any further.

As romance is about to embrace you and if you sense that they are right for you then the empress card is your green light.

Now that the love reading of upright empress is out the way.

Let’s shed some light on the relationship status for,

Reversed Empress Tarot Card For Love

As the saying goes, “if you can’t love yourself then expecting the same from others can be nearly impossible” which seems to be the situation in your love life.

If you are trying to be someone who you are not, to be loved by the person of your interest then you are deceiving yourself more than the other person.

Gaining approval by such means won’t be good in the long run, you need to express your true feelings and emotions.

Especially in romantic relationships, a healthy and worthwhile relationship is based on honesty and trust.

If in a relationship, the tendency to suppress your true feelings might be stemming from the insecurities bearing within you.

But you can’t prolong this behavior, so try to focus on redeeming your confident self back by trusting your true intuition. Furthermore, make sure that none of you is overbearing to the other as it can certainly be suffocating to be part of such a relationship.

If in a relationship, focus on spending meaningful time together, go on dates that you must be postponed for a while, hold hands, and lock eyes. All those clichés yet heart-melting attributes of a relationship can help to enrich the connection between you two.

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When we mention that it’s The Empress Tarot Card Meaning Guide, we sincerely mean it, thus, the upcoming details will give your insight into objective questions.


When it comes to yes or no reading and the empress shows up in an upward position then you are at sheer luck as it means that there is no room for hesitation.

It symbolizes success in projects, business, and different areas of your life, a motivation to not look back but to keep moving ahead and pursue your objective with courage.

Hence, the answer to your question is a “yes”

For those who are wondering “what if the position is reversed”, the answer below is your cue to act accordingly


So, in your case, the card is a reminder to act wisely and to strip of narrow-mindedness.

If you think that unproductiveness has become a second nature of yours then it’s time for a reality check as good things come from only hard work.

So, focus on nurturing yourself and being independent.

Yes or no reading most of the time is utterly based on the circumstances and the type of the question asked. So, keeping that in mind, the answer can be “no” in some circumstances but “yes” in others.

Future is uncertain and uncertainty makes us human beings feel vulnerable which we surely don’t prefer. Hence, mostly we divert towards tarot card reading to attain as much knowledge about our future as possible.

The Empres’s Future Position

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning Guide
Emperor Tarot Time Frame

As suggested by the empress tarot, you have nothing much to worry about as an abundance of opportunities is coming your way.

However, make sure that you are making sound decisions and quite soon all your efforts will eventually result in fruitful consequences.

Did you know that besides your astrological sign, there is also another thing that describes you?

It’s the soul card!

The Soul card represents those traits that are deeply embedded within you, in other terms, it’s the core of your soul.

If the empress Soul card is what you identify yourself with then it means that you are compassionate, creative and a loving person. Who tends to attract people around them and you love to help them and be their shoulder to lean on.

Moreover, you have the tendency to create new ideas in any field you choose to work in. By any chance heard about the queen on the tarot card?

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And now wondering what is the difference between Empress and Queen?

 Well, you are not alone because they tend to overlap in terms of keywords application, although to learn the exact distinction between these two,

Read all the way!

Without any doubt, both belong from a different section of the pile of cards as the empress is a major arcana meanwhile the queen is a court card.

And both reflect a motherly figure, though to note what separates them.

Let’s understand from a point of view in which these two cards are living figures.

What is the meaning of empress?

The empress is a mother archetype who makes you feel warm and welcomed.

She teaches you the importance of nurturing and creating new ideas and boosts you to be a courageous person with ambitions

What does the queen symbolize?

The queen can seem to be well acquainted with running a household just like the empress but the queen also believes in paying attention to making money.

Hence indicating the materialistic needs of life and knowing how to master such an element.

Time to call it a day, we are completely through with The Empress Tarot Card Meaning Guide.


Each person is different and is at a different phase of their life which means the readings of any tarot card for that matter should be applied according to the way you can resonate with them.

It enables you to make you’re present better than the past. Remember to play your card right, all decisions made now will lead to a certain event in the future.

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