What does Devil Tarot Card Mean In General?

Devil Upright KeywordsDevil Reversed Keywords
Addiction, depression, Obsession, bondadge, dependency, Cheating, secrecy, Materialism, Sexuality, Powerlessness, Hopelessness, Abuse
Detachment, Independence, Overcoming addiction, Freedom, Revelation, Reclaiming power, Reasserting,

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What does Devil Tarot Card Mean In General?

What does Devil Tarot Card Mean In General?

As soon as one hears the word “Devil” w We think of bad omens and evil things. Likewise, the devil card is a sign of feeling trapped or restricted. The Devil Arcana signifies that you are being ruled by outside forces and that you are powerless. However, this is just an illusion. One should always be in control of their karma and destiny.

Insightful Facts of Devil Tarot Card

  • The Devil (XV) is the fifteenth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks.
  • It is used in game playing as well as in divination.
  • In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Devil is derived in part from Eliphas Levi‘s famous illustration “Baphomet” in his Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (1855). In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Devil has harpy feet, ram horns, bat wings, a reversed pentagram on the forehead, a raised right hand, and a lowered left hand holding a torch.
  • The card represents, being seduced by the materialistic pleasures of the world.
  • Lust and obsession for money and power
  • Associated with Capricorn zodiac sign and planet Saturn in astrology.

Elements Associated With Devil Tarot Card

Hebrew Letterע – Ayin
Zodiac SignCapricon
Related toThe Lovers* 15/1+5=6
Count12 – zodiac trump
Healing CrystalHematite

The Devils Tarot (Upright)

The upright-positioned card says that there is always a silver lining in the cloud, meaning that one can always find positivity in a negative situation. One must be sure about the feelings one is going through, so that, one has control over his words. This also indicates impulsive behavior. One doesn’t understand why he/she is behaving in such a way. Overall this card is a sign of materialism and that one is concerned with power and material things like money, status, etc.

Love and Relationship (upright)

We are certain that being a reader, you often come across a situation that is related to love and relationship. And, pulling out the devil tarot card is indeed an indicated situation that needs major attention. Hence, to ensure that you guide clients well, check the current status of their relationship and analyze the card accordingly. Wondering, what ‘accordingly suggest? The Devil’s Tarot Love, for people who are currently in a relationship, the devil tarot relationship would mean that you are feeling trapped in the relationship. You sense a loss of freedom, very much dependency on the partner. One can also be facing some serious mental health issues which in turn might be affecting a relationship. In such cases suggest counseling for couples. Furthermore, the devil also indicates intimacy without love. Considering the above, it becomes the responsibility of a tarot reader, to suggest the right ways and deal with clients even more sensitively. And what can be the suggestion? Well, you may want to recommend that he/she should take a break from all things and focus on himself and build self-esteem. On the other hand, when you are single, The devil indicates danger! So, ask, if your client is recently inclined towards someone, and the suggestion could be: to avoid the person altogether as this will not leave any good.

Money and Career (Upright)

When it comes to a career, a devil in reading could mean that you are feeling trapped in the job or a position. You are not able to control your life, not how the way you want. This also indicates that someone in your workspace is trying to pull you down. At this time, one should be careful about whom to trust, as one might be stabbing at your back while smiling at your face. Also, when it comes to money, one should watch their spending. Try to save money and avoid gambling.

Health (upright)

In a health context, the devil in upright may be a sign of health conditions that might have arisen due to harmful behavior such as alcoholism, overeating, etc. Having said that, it is a clear indication of mental health such as depression, and anxiety. The one who is facing a mental condition should immediately seek a counselor. Furthermore, It is also a silent indication of high blood pressure, which demands seeking a doctor. No matter what, one should not exaggerate things, and keep them light. With that meditation can be a solution. One is complaining of not being able to meditate!

Spirituality (upright)

In spirituality, the devil can mean that one has become too materialistic. The connection between the soul and the universe is somehow getting weaker or almost ending. In such a case one should try connecting to the supreme power. It could mean that you are lacking in hope which is stopping him to move toward the light. One should never allow darkness to take over. When issues like depression and anxiety attack, it is necessary to surround oneself with a loving environment and people.

Some techniques such as energy healing therapy can also be tried.

What does Reversed Devil Tarot Mean In General?

What does Reversed Devil Tarot Mean In General?

The devil reversed can signify that one is becoming aware of the things happening around him and not letting the negative energies control one’s mind. It is a very positive card for the one who has been facing addiction, as now is the time he will be getting out of it. It is also an indication of turning towards a new perspective on life, and the urge to change oneself from the position of powerless to powerful.

The important message this Major Arcana card brings is to be grateful that you avoided it, learn from it, and move forward. Do not fall back into the old bad or risky behaviors that led you so close to danger. Don’t get conceited and think you are invisible if you managed to dodge a bullet. Just appreciate the blessing and show gratitude.

Love And Relationship (Reversed)

When it comes to the Devil reversed Feelings, the partner who is feeling a little bit of distance and avoided, it’s time that one has come out on the other side. It indicates that one of the partners might have cheated and still decided to honor the relationship. While those have faced abusive relations, it is time to take back the power. On the other hand, when one is single, the reversed card would mean the entry of a negative person, as described in an upright person. It also says that one who was longing for love for a long time, you were prepared to give everything for it. However, it is a good time for you to start being more aware of yourself as to how this behavior is hindering the love to enter. This is the time when you start enjoying the freedom of singlehood. When you let go of some hurdle from your mind, you give a space for positive things to enter. This is where love starts to enter your life!

Money And Career (Reversed)

It states that one is becoming more aware of his current situation, regarding some unwanted situation, but now you are ready to make changes and take leaps and bounds to go ahead. It signifies that one is ready to take challenges and focus on living a happy and fulfilling life.

Thus, Seize this new motivation, and don’t fall prey to old habits that were pulling you down.

Speaking financially, if one was involved in gambling and excessive spending behavior, this is the time to regain control over oneself.

Health (Reversed)

If A person is continuously approaching being in better health! The devil reversed is a good omen that now is the time to stop all the bad habits related to health, such as addiction, you will definitely get the strength to come out of it as well. On a mental level, one feels that he is overcoming anxiety and depression levels. It is important to regain control of your life and do not fall back to old ways and habits. It’s time to start afresh!

Spirituality (Reversed)

When a person starts to incline towards higher energies! The Devil tarot card reversed, in a spiritual sense would mean that a person has successfully managed to avert a dangerous and harmful situation. The universe has been kind enough to allow you to learn lessons even in a negative situation. It also means that one is turning away from the darkness and coming back to light. This may also mean that one is emerging from depression and serious health issues be it sadness or feeling lost spiritually. You are leaning to deflect the negative energy of people around you so that it doesn’t affect you.

How does the Biddy explain this card?

The Devil card shows Baphomet, or the Horned Goat of Mendes, a creature that is half-man, half-goat. Baphomet originally represented the balance between good and evil, male and female, and human and animal, however, more recently, this figure has been linked to the occult and has become the scapegoat. The devil has the wings of a Bat, Bat being a bloodsucker animal, it sucks out the blood of its prey. The hypnotic stare gives a feel like it has a magnetic effect it. Above this is an inverted five-sided object, which reflects a darker side of magic and occultism. At the foot of the devil stands a man and a woman, chained to the devil which symbolizes that one is indulged in so much negativity. They seem to be standing against their will, but if one seems closer the chain in their neck is a bit lose, which signifies that if one wants he or she can be free of negative desires. The horns in their heads symbolize that they are on verge of becoming like a devil. The tail symbolizes that they have animalistic behavior and attitudes, while the grapes and fire in the tail, signify lust and pleasure.

The Devil and the Lovers or the Two of Cups Combination Suggest

Love should be a mutual feeling between two people. But these pairings show something different. The Devil symbolizes jealousy and obsession when the card is attached to the Lovers Tarot Card or Two of Cups. When the emotions are opposite to love, it starts to peep in. Hence, it will be a good idea to take some time off from your partner and try to figure out what is happening within, so that the relationship still remains intact rather than fighting over and compromising on the relationship. The partner would definitely show a lack of interest and avoidance, try to understand the reason behind it. But in the end, when things still don’t work out, it is better to take the help of a counselor and take back your self-worth.

The Devils tarot Card – Yes or No

The Devil Tarot Card outcome is that the card is a straight No, a big one though! It symbolizes all the worst situations be it in love life, career or finance. It is associated with violence, bad luck, abuse, and everything harmful. It brings little to the table, except a warning.

When it comes to deciding Yes or No, make sure you understand that it is time for you to reroute your ways and paths. And in this regard, you may also know more from our another piece of article that says, Is Devil Card Yes or No?


Concluding the overall scenario of the card, the Devil the Arcana is basically a negative card. It shows all sorts of negative emotions such as anger, lust, resentment, etc.No matter if the card is in an Upward position or The Devil’s reversed tarot, the emotions vary, in an upward position, the unwanted emotions are high, while in a reversed position, the emotions are a little bit less and there is a shift from more negative to less negative. All the aspects related to the card are covered above. Furthermore, one needs to know how the Devil tarot Guide works. We would suggest, that one should not be in a hurry to learn the card, as it all depends on someone’s state of mind. More patience and calmness, the more the connection to the card. Science is very clear when it comes to connecting with the universe. The more positive mindset you have, you will feel connected to the universal energy. As the book “The Secret” also says, one can achieve all the major and minor things in life just by letting them inside the subconscious mind and directing the energies to fulfill the wishes.

Happy Reading!

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