Is The Devil Yes or No Card?

The Horned Goat of Mendes is depicted on the Devil card. This creature, which is half goat, half human, represents the balance between good and evil, human and animal. This figure became a model for the occult and everything considered evil. Sounds like a negative card, but you can always see the two sides of the coin. To know more about the card in general, you can read our article: General Meaning of Devil Card. And For now, Let’s interpret this card to get the answer yes or no!

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Is The Devil Yes or No Card? 

The devil in its upright position is a ‘no card. You need to be aware that you are allowing yourself to stay away from happiness with each step you take. Do you feel trapped by your desire for luxury and material gain? Try not to be too hard on yourself, that it is not bringing you any sense of fulfillment or happiness in your life, it might be time to attempt to alter those desires.

Is The Devil Reversed Yes or No Card? 

It suggests that you may now be aware of your bad choices and habits and can try to change them. Keep moving forward, just like you are, and don’t let these bonds hold you back. Self-improvement isn’t always easy, but it’s almost always required, and the road ahead will be tough.

Is The Devil Yes or No Card for Advice?

The devil in its upright position gives you a warning. Be careful who you give advice to because they might be encouraging you to continue your bad habits, whether they intend to or not. However, you may not be aware that you can break these bad habits right now. It’s possible that you’re just going to walk down, ignoring the hand that’s reaching out to lift you back up.

Is The Devil Reversed Yes or No Card for Advice?

The devil in its reverse position gives you positive advice. You should take your own advice to heart right now. You have broken those shackles and taken your first steps without being held back by them. After what you’ve gone through, it might be hard to believe that you can trust yourself, but I promise you can.

Is The Devil Yes or No Card for love?

If the devil card shows in your love-related tarot reading, it is a ‘no’ card. It means you are trapped with an abusive partner. You should not continue this relationship. You should not get into a new relationship if you said yes to this you will miss the chance to get someone special in your life just because you crave for physical relation

Is The Devil Reversed  Yes or No Card for love?

In the reverse position, the devil is a ‘yes’ card. It indicates that your abusive relationship is on the verge of a breakup. You have realized your value and importance and you have gained enough power to gain your life back.

Is The Devil Yes or No Card for Career?

The devil in its upright position for career is a ‘no’ card. If you are in confusion whether you should continue your current job or not. The answer to your confusion is you have to continue your job as you have no other option other than your current job. It also indicates that, despite the fact that this may not be your decision or that you are aware that the position does not suit you, you are unable to leave at this time due to a lack of alternatives. 

Is The Devil Reversed Yes or No Card for Career?

When the devil turns its position in career-related tarot reading it is a ‘yes’ card. It could imply that you are aware of the ways in which your actions and choices have affected your current situation. Consequently, you are taking steps to reclaim your power and make the most of your circumstances. It could mean that you will speak up to defend yourself in the face of an adversary or that you will decide to quit your job and look for another opportunity.

Is The Devil Yes or No Card for  Health?

Devil in its upright position is a ‘may be’ card. Take note of any areas in which you are overindulging that could be affecting your overall health. The next step is to devise strategies for incremental improvement in these areas. Like if you are getting anxious or feeling depressed try to reach out to others and ask for help, it will work.

Is The Devil Reversed Yes or No Card for  Health?

In health, the devil in its reverse position is a ‘yes’ card. It appears that you have just broken a bad habit! On the other hand, the Devil’s message is that you recently broke something’s hold on you. You have gained your independence and freedom by walking away.

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