What Does Ten of Pentacles Mean?

Representing instability, insecurity, and inconstant foundations is what the ten of pentacles reversed mean in general. An element of warning is attached to this card to guide you out of harm’s way as they will not go well with you. Neither it’s a great card to see about family since it signifies domestic disputes & family feuds or burdens. Also in the context of health or money, the ten of pentacles reversed signify unexpected change or collapse.

In this guide, you will know about how ten of pentacles have an impact on relationships, health, or money. That way you can reduce adverse events & look forward to a happy & prosperous life.

Associated planetMercury
Associated elementEarth
Associated zodiacVirgo
Associated number1

Love & relationship

Being in a relationship, viewing the 10 of pentacles reversed love tarot reading is not, particularly a good omen. It can signify that your relationship might be on shaky grounds. Furthermore, suggesting an unconventional or non-traditional approach to relationships or family values. It also indicates

  • You may be neglecting your relationship for materialistic pursuits.
  • Whether you can have a long-term relationship.
  • It also represents marrying for money rather than love.
  • That may be it is time for you to rethink your relationship goals.

Also, the Minor Arcana card of disharmony & domestic disputes and indicates you having arguments with your partner over financial burdens. If you are single, ten of pentacles love readings on reverse may indicate that you may be are not ready for commitment or long-term relationships. On the contrary, you are looking for a more casual or fun type relationship. Whereas, it also might indicate that an unconventional or non-traditional relationship might just be on the horizon.

Whereas, being in a relationship the ten of pentacles tarot upright indicates stability and long-term foundation. It is also the Minor Arcana card of the traditional approach to family values & signifies the conventional approach towards family, domestic harmony, and bliss. Furthermore the card indicates that

  • Provisions are being put in place to be secured.
  • Can indicate that the roughness or issues you & your partner are dealing with might be outcomes of different family backgrounds & traditions or inherited. And to identify the root cause of the matter.
  • A solid foundation for the relationship between you and your partner.
  • Signifies deeper commitment, engagement, and settling down. Moreover, it might also represent marrying into a wealthy family.

If you are single, ten of pentacles tarot readings upright on love indicate that a new love will come in your life. And this new person may be someone sharing the same values as you. As well as you might also want to settle down with this person. If you were hoping for a deeper commitment, this card can indicate that it is on its way.


In this context, ten of pentacles upright represent a healthy life & suggest stability. It is a good card to get indicating long-term health benefits. Usually, a good omen for healing and also indicates that you will have support from those around you. Further indicating

  • Health disorders are often associated with DNA aspects other than an energy connection.
  • Struggling with long-term disabilities might be due to genetic links.
  • Puts you to make your health a priority. And use the knowledge of the past to build a stronger future.
  • If you feel it has more to do with the spirit than the body, you might consider realigning the Chakras of your body or meditating.

On the contrary, the ten of pentacles meaning in reverse, and the context of health are an indication of sudden change or unexpected results. In this connection, it is often an unforeseen change in terms of health. The ten of pentacles reversed is a strong signal that your condition is obtained from a previous source.

  • It often indicates an illness that money can’t cure.
  • Hereditary health issues or genetic influences on your health are also associated with the reversed ten.
  • Being not well enough to enjoy health benefits or family life carrying emotional family baggage or the consequences of a bad living when young are often associated with the reversed ten of pentacles.
  • It might also suggest anxiety, nervous breakdowns, and breathing troubles to diabetes.


It is considered to be a good omen in the context of a career if the reading is upright. It might signify a business further turning into an empire. Not to mention the stability it’s going to provide you in the future. This Minor Arcana card may also represent working for a traditional company. Especially the Ten of Pentacles is a great card to achieve in a financial tarot spread.

  • It signifies an unexpected financial inheritance or lumps some amount of money coming your way.
  • Further signifies financial provisions to be in place for the future.
  • Represents family riches, privilege, affluence, and wealth.

On the other hand, viewing the ten of pentacles reversed is considered to be a bad omen. It might signify the collapse or breakdown of a business empire further indicating dodgy business deals or illegal activity. You might consider this to be the Minor Arcana card for instability and insecurity. Also, it might suggest that your current job might be insecure. Similarly, viewing it in a financial spread signifies an unexpected financial disorder. Also

  • It indicates debt, bankruptcy, dissolution of a company, or huge losses.
  • The ten of pentacles represent fake affluence, wealth, or family riches.
  • It can also indicate you being excluded from a will or provision by your loved ones or a disputed inheritance.

Ten of pentacles as feeling

Notably, all these insights that the ten of pentacles provide with their reading are not the only attributes of it. 10 of pentacles as feelings come into play right here since we are all spiritual beings. Depending on your situation it can provide some interesting input on how someone feels about you.

Also touching the parameters of love and spirituality, the omen would provide you with finding peace and happiness in all areas in an upright reading. In this position, the reading suggests you are happy, financially secure, and feeling content. To illustrate more

  • It also indicates you are excited about moving towards a deeper commitment.
  • You and your partner are feeling happy, stable, and secure with your current relationship.
  • It also indicates a person is feeling appreciated or loved by those around them.
  • In case you are single, it might represent being comfortable with yourself and emotional well-being.

The main message from the ten of pentacles in regards to feelings is that everything is going in a positive direction and all is good whereas, the reversed position would suggest your insecurities and fear of loss. You might feel like you are not good enough or lacking in the way. To say more

  • You might feel unfulfilled with your current job in case of career readings.
  • The reversed ten might also indicate you might be feeling disconnected from your surroundings.
  • In cases of love readings, you might feel envy or jealousy or maybe your partner is not satisfied with you.
  • You might feel greed or insecurity.

In this kind of scenario, you must always take 10 of pentacles as advice and try to reach out to near ones who are all ears. Though it might feel challenging yet often it’s a sign that things will eventually get better.

Yes or No

What Does  Ten of Pentacles Mean?
What Does Ten of Pentacles Mean?

Being all about a stable and strong foundation, the 10 of pentacles yes or no readings usually ends in yes especially if you have questions regarding family, friends, or relationships. Let’s talk about the yes or no factors as well in this ten of pentacles tarot guide.

An upright reading will indicate strong & meaningful relationships around you.

  • You possess the characteristics & qualities to turn dreams into reality and move towards great success.
  • It also indicates good fortune in terms of financial conditions. Bright future and prosperity with your loved ones.
  • Moreover, it indicates you radiating strong energy attracting your deepest desires and dreams into existence.

While in the ten of pentacles future predictions, if the readings appear to be a no, it usually is an indication for you to wait or to stay put for now. It is a clear sign for you to take a break for now till the time is right. It is best advised not to make any quick decisions. In case of a reversed reading, it is more likely

  • Indicating that there might be some issues ahead that need your attention at the moment.
  • To say that it’s most advised to spread your risks as much as possible.
  • Indicating problems in regards to relationships with family members or partners.

Solutions online

To add more to the matter, it’s not always necessary to visit a tarot reader in person. These days several online platforms are providing easy solutions and answers to your queries. In several instances, they provide you with one-step solutions often at a minimum or free of cost. Additionally, some of these platforms offer you free training & learning. Not to mention the free readings.

It enables you to take power into your hands and even read your luck. To mention one such name would be Biddy Tarot. You can always go online & search for biddy tarot 10 of pentacles. On the website, you’d get all the resources starting from e-books and products to courses and training.


Where can I get a free financial tarot reading?

These days several online platforms provide you with such privilege. In other words, you don’t even need to visit a reader in person. Just go online, search your query & you’ll find several platforms to help you out.

What is the meaning of wealth?

The meaning of wealth in a tarot reading is an upright ten of pentacles. By this, it means wealth in accumulated or inherited form. On the other hand, a reversed 10 of pentacles will mean a loss of wealth.

What are the Major Arcana cards in tarot?

They are the fool, the magician, the high priestess, the empress, the emperor, the hierophant, the lovers, the chariot, strength, the hermit, wheel of fortune, justice, the hanged man, death, temperature, the devil, the tower, the star, the moon, the sun, judgment, and the world.

What does gratified mean?

In terms of tarot readings gratify would relate to the spiritual, feelings, love part of the tarot occult. And not to mention it has to be on the upright side. Since the reversed draw mostly yields a bad omen.

What does a 10 of Pentacles card look like?

It depicts an elderly white-haired man sitting with two dogs at his feet. Well dressed in an embroidered robe while a young couple with a child stands close by. The elderly man being rich has accomplished much in life and is overjoyed to share his prosperity with his family. Being the provider for his family all of them has gathered in the courtyard of a large castle to demonstrate their comfort and wealth.

Final words

Accordingly, 10 of pentacles as a person have had good careers and are financially independent. Being the central figure in the family or community he is called upon in case of significant financial investment or important decisions. With his children and grandchildren around him his pride beams. More of all he looks tired and old with eyes and skin wrinkled but he is satisfied. The man depicted in the ten of pentacles has achieved great things in life and is now enjoying the fruits of his labor.

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