Tarot Reader Salary: A new opportunity

Anytime we start working on any new skill, we always look forward to the outcome. This result comes along with the expectation of being an expert so that gradually the focus can be on earnings too. Well, learning a skill can strenuous yet joyful, however, keeping an intention of earning from the skill is practical, exciting, and indeed a struggling path to walk on too.

Tarot Reader Salary: A new opportunity
Tarot Reader Salary: A new opportunity

Having said that, reading and understanding tarot card begins with experimenting the skill, joy and desire to feel the magic in life and the news of attaining the skill to the level of earning makes the journey even more exciting.

So, if your journey begins on the similar lines in the world of tarot reading, and now you are looking forward to answers of how much money can a tarot reader earn, you are on the right page.

So, keep reading, because this good read will help you to analyze your earning at each level. Let us start with a little background that a lot of aspiring readers experience, so here is a quick story for you to relate

I could have been a millionaire! I had high aspirations about my life. Inspirations went missing!!! I never knew how to drive my life in the way of success. The Happy-go-lucky-person that I am, ooopppss!!! I was.

As a Bachelor of Commerce degree and thereafter with a degree in masters of Business Administration I bagged a job with quiet a handsome salary. I started settling down with ease and comfort. No burden, no pressure!!

It was a scenario of no-profit no-loss. I did earn as much as I did spend. Practically there were no savings, no investments for the initial 5 years.

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The turmoil

I opted for a change in job and unfortunately, it did not click well. I was in search of another and I never thought I would put myself in jeopardy.

But then again, it was me who thought of rowing the boat out from the storm.

It was a friend of mine who was practicing Tarot and had inspired me a lot, as I had a brain for speculation. I had a wide friend circle too, who used to come to me to speak out their mind. So I knew about the psychology of people.

The New Sailor

Though I was new into the Tarot reading by myself, I was introduced to its tit-bits by my friend. It was more like a distant past-time earlier. But now, it’s a bread earner.

Tarot Reader Salary:  A new opportunity
Tarot Reader Salary: A new opportunity

And already on walking the path of a difficult road, I delve into the traits of it with much more enthusiasm. I started looking at my life from a completely different angle. Earlier I was working for others, now I am working for myself. And also that, now I don’t live to work but work to live. Now I am figuring out my expenses and goals and loving to generate the money.

I have started dreaming too. I have started with the Tarot.

The Initiation

In the beginning, I consulted the cards to get my acumen tested and put them in writing. With that experience, and with a range of Tarot Cards, with my own observations, I started consultation against fees.

In the next step with my judgmental skills, I learnt to interpret the cards from memory and also peeped into the practitioners to learn their tricks.

It was obvious that you can’t swim if you are not thrown into the water. You can never learn swimming from the banks.

Plan and Discipline

Every trade needs a concentrated time for itself. But I have never kept myself away from other things in life.

  1. To plan for the initiation Cost.
  2. To set up a target market
  3. Time to reach the break-even point
  4. Interesting name for the business.

Let us figure out the details to know the return on investment.

  1. Initial cost for setting up the tarot reading business. A good workspace is needed with a computer/ laptop, phone, internet connection and a good website. The main cost is of that marketing too.
  1. The Target Market : Tarot reader earning or salary completely depends on networking, hence, reaching out to the audience is the one important stage.

Thanks to amazing platforms of social media, I joined tarot groups on Facebook and started networking with other readers. Many of the tarot groups did not permit to advertise, few allowed with a clause of test reading.

It is better to go through rules of the groups or pages thoroughly before going for advertising, otherwise one can be banned for life.

It is the involvement that matters. Just going on commenting paid me off. A sample offer for, three – card reading enhance my reputation. The word-of-mouth took control of the rest.

Social media is a good enhancer as well as spoiler. It all depends on how you handle it.Apart from this advertising in local venues, mall, fairs, forums are also beneficial.

But setting up of a good website is also very much necessary.

Tarot Reader Salary: A new opportunity
Tarot Reader Salary: A new opportunity
  1. The Break-Even Point Target: The initial cost has to below. But I remembered that too low designate one to be a newbie, while too much high may lead to being a charlatan. Earning $5 per reading and more to start with is normal. There are also some guys who are lucky enough to get $250 per reading.

There are some steady clients. Consistent ones, who gave a good breakthrough. The book for a schedule of weekly or monthly readings.

There are clients who call in for a shorter period and provide an excellent income. Clients keep coming in from varied income ranges and walks of life. It is best to welcome them with an open mind and provide them with the best solutions.

However, the earning factor completely depends on your expertise and experience.

Now a days, to structure the payments and to ensure the professional ethics in place, tarot readers are following amazing pattern of charging wherein the wages are indeed depending on the expertise level and can always look forward to increase it with time.

This pattern can still certainly help to maintain your calculation and being sure about your work pattern.

So, let us start with few ideas most of the tarot readers are already implementing to get their salary.

Here is the glimpse of the structure that you can follow:

If you are at the beginning level and answering basic questions, you can opt for the pattern of charging your clients per hour wherein, being a beginner, you will be able to answer maximum questions and can take enough time to interpret the cards for them. This strategy in turn will not just help you stay in regular practice, but also help you to build your market.

Isn’t it a fair deal to you and for your client?

Now, Gradually, on the intermediate level, you can step into the pattern of charging as per the category.

Wondering, what category means?

Well, here is the deal for you,, you can always fix your charges basis life’s 4 major phases, relationship reading, personal development reading, finance related reading, career readings etc.

And with time, you can limit your number of questions and charge accordingly for each phase (depending upon your outcome and your market building strategy)

Now, already an proficient tarot reader? Here is what is for you!

D. Interesting name for the business.

Now, if you are an expert already, you are a brand already and so the trust of your clients is already well maintained. This stage is ‘Yours’.

And this is the time to adapt the strategy that can take care of clients in best way without making them feel that you are overcharging because you are an expert.

And so, it is a time for considering the name for your business. And structure your payments by maintaining the number of questions to be answered under each category and adding offering a free reading in a month.

But hey, keep in mind!

Tarot reading is a classic skill and a perfect example of understanding the fact that we all support each other and survive in this world. Hence, anytime, don’t let your reading affected by greed because that’s when the magic vanishes.

Tarot Reader Salary: A new opportunity
Tarot Reader Salary: A new opportunity

Considering the same, let us get on to the Basic Worth of A Reading

The main thing is goodwill. Earn a fame, win the game. People are automatically drawn to the personality traits.

Experience, reputation, offers of various kind attracts the people. More in-depth readings requiring multiple spreads will charge by the hour. 

With overheads being minimal, the quantity assures the earning. In fairs or forums, it is easier to get number of clients, but at the same time, the time allotted is less. But in-depth readings give accuracy

Here comes a great appreciation for technology. Communicating with people right is indeed difficult, hence leaving message on email resolves the issue

Also, E-mail readings are cheaper than Skype readings. So, there are ample opportunities.


Responsibility has to be borne for every letter spoken. It’s more the just fortune-telling or interpreting the cards. People need to rely. People come in for guidance.

Weird questions to life-saving questions are also asked. It’s always better to be positive. Even if there are negative interpretations, let people know them in manner of warning with a positive note.

With power comes responsibility.


People are always inclined to know the future. Out of these several opportunities I chose tarot reading to give people a positivity and rays of hope.

To be on the side of truth is the ethics of the business. But it is also true that positive vibes eradicate negatives, if they are strong. Hence, the salary or earning depends on the level of experience and how well you are able to connect with people. Because, it is a matter of trust and comes with big responsibility.

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