Six Of Water Angel Tarot Card Meaning

The ancient theory of 4 elements, illustrates the influence of each element in our life cycle.

And, Water, one of the elements, has been well-thought-out the most sensitive and emotional element.

Furthermore, the philosophy mentions that our emotional senses are like free-flowing water.

And, the foundation of the emotional grounds begins with the exchange of information and so highlights the reflection of thoughts and feelings.

The same theory can be perceived in the world of angel tarot cards.

Also, water Tarot Cards are the echoes of your emotional side which speaks about your feelings and emotional thoughts in your conscious and subconscious mind.

The messages that the water angel tarot conveys should be interpreted carefully to figure out the possible consequences.

Moreover, guiding instructions to move on in your relationships with your family, friends, and even work connections as well in a much better way.

Six Of Water Angel Tarot Card Meaning
Six Of Water Angel Tarot Card Meaning

Thus, let us figure out the influence of free-flowing water in our life through six cups of angel tarot card reading.

Six of water angel card meaning

Before deep-diving into the concept of water in relation to angel tarot cards in the arrangement of six water angel tarot.

Ask yourself a quick question, are you keep getting flashbacks of the past and somewhere making you feel gloomy?

Do you often dwell in the memories of your past just like being nostalgic?

If the answer is Yes, you are probably in the energy of six of water angel tarot.

Six of the water angel tarot is the reflection of your memories which are flowing in your heart and bringing the emotional connection you had in the past.

Moreover, it defines itself with the statement ‘Memories from your history or childhood. Issues regarding children. Romanticizing the past.

Six Of Water Angel Tarot Card Meaning

The literal meaning of six water angel cups says that ‘Memories from your personal history or childhood have resurfaced for a reason. Perhaps there is an old issue you still need to resolve, or your memories could be a sign of what’s yet to come.

You may reconnect with friends or romantic partners from your past. New acquaintances may feel like familiar old friends because of Karmic Connections.

Six of water Influence in Various Card Spread

The placement of each card in spreads indicates various timelines.

Hence, while reading the angel tarot deck, if you happen to pull out the six of water card in past placement.

It is a reflection of your past memories which is impacting your present moments and basis on the situation.

And, other cards placed in the spreads will be able to define the reasons for the energy that is inclined towards your memories and emotionally connects.

Hence, in a relationship reading, six cups have a major and strong influence.

Remembering the memories of the time is never a bad deal, however, staying in the energy of six of water can bring sadness and dullness in the present moment.

Six Of Water Angel Tarot Card Meaning
Six Of Water Angel Tarot Card Meaning

On the same account, let’s step ahead to find out the insight and meaning of six of water in angel tarot as a card of advice.

Six of Water as Advice Card

If you are seeking advice on emotional grounds, angel tarot deck can be your best friend.

During your reading, if the six of waterfalls out, the angels are certainly trying to whisper in your ears.

And, advise you to free yourself from guilt and anger which is pulling you back into your past and making you feel sad.

It says that the angel is there to guard you and encourage you for self-care and have faith that situations will change to make you stronger.

Your love yourself will open gates of new beginnings in your life and also make your relationships worth living and re-living.

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