Six Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Swords Upright MeaningSix of Swords Reversed Meaning
Mental agility, ideas connecting, using logic to identify a solution, using your intellect
on an inner journey of discovery, relocation, and a period of calmness ahead
managing a challenging period successfully
Mental fog, not being able to find a solution, travel delay, Uncertain times coming., feeling directionless, persistent challenges, being led astray, a temporary respite.

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Elements Associated With Six of Swords

Astrological SignAquarius

What Is The Meaning Of Six Of Swords In General?

The 6 of Swords spiritual meaning represents a transitioning period, new beginnings, optimism, and progress. It showcases the forward movement of an unknown. This shift could be mental or physical, which means, there could be a change in job, moving on from a tough situation or relationship, or from your comfort zone.

Six of Swords encourage you to look forward and make a way for betterment in life and not dwell in the past. Thus it leads to a situation wherein tough decisions and compromises will have to be made. Furthermore, six swords also highlight the mental baggage you may carry as you move from one phase to another which can be memories, relationships, habits, patterns, and beliefs that are needed to leave behind to rise and shine in the future.

The picture on the Six of Swords depicts a woman and a l kid being rowed across a body of water towards a nearby location. As she travels away from something in her past, her head is veiled, implying grief or loss. Her infant nestles close to her body, seeking protection and warmth as they travel together. Six swords are shown on the boat, implying that the mother and kid are still carrying memories or baggage from their past into their future.

What Is The Symbol of Six Swords?

Six of swords tarot card has many images and movements to consider person navigates a boat over the water. The water is chaotic on one side yet smooth on the other. Two hooded individuals – an adult and a child – sit on the boat. We can see land in the distant.

The following symbols are indicated in the six of swords:

1. Man

A man gets up and uses his might to propel the boat ahead. He knows where he’s headed and is accompanied by two people — an adult and a child. He is making his way toward the distant land.

2. Adult and Child

Who are they and why are they on board? Nobody knows, and it is open to your interpretation. Maybe they’re a mother and kid, and her spouse is pushing the boat. Perhaps they are fleeing a difficult circumstance. Maybe they’re just fatigued after a long travel and need to relax.

3. Boat

This is a sign indicating going from one location to another – A transitional item.

4. Six Swords

The six swords hold firm in the boat. It denotes clarity and sound reasoning. There is an energy of something fresh about to happen, and it has been thoroughly planned.

5. Water

The water transports the boat to a new location. On one side, there is rough water, while on the other, there is smooth water. They have moved on from the tumultuous times.

6. Distant Land

The area in the distant has something fresh to give. Something new. There is new hope.

What Does Upright Six of Swords Mean?

Six Of Swords

The upright Six of Swords means that you are going through a change, but it is not cheerful and is loaded with remorse. There will be moments in life when the only way to solve an issue is to abandon it and start over. The most crucial element is to chart your new path to happiness. In this scenario, the Six of Swords suggests employing logic, clarity, and realism to determine your destination. 

Upright Six Of Swords Keywords

  • Transition
  • Change
  • rite of passage
  • releasing baggage.

Upright 6 Of Swords In Love And Relationship

In a love Tarot spread, if you are in a relationship the Six of Swords as feelings implies that your partnership is recovering from a rough phase. If your prior companion was abusive, the card would normally represent a period of healing after you gained the courage to leave the circumstance.

Upright 6 Of Swords In Career

The Six of Swords in a career Tarot reading indicates that things are settling down at work. You may be entering an easier time in your professional life when everything are under control, you are achieving your objectives and completing duties with ease, or you may have moved to a much better job for you. This card can also signify a professional trip abroad or a move.

Upright 6 Of Swords In Money

The Six of Swords in a financial Tarot spread might indicate overcoming adversity and relief from financial issues. You should be entering a more stable financial period, but there is a caveat. You cannot avoid financial concerns; if you want long-term peace of mind, you must confront them rather than avoid them.

Upright 6 Of Swords In Health

The Six of Swords is an excellent card to acquire in a health Tarot reading since it may indicate the control of an acute illness or the reduction of symptoms. Even though you may still feel tired or drained, everything should be moving in the right direction, so stay optimistic.

What Is The Reversed Six Of Swords Meaning?

Six Of Swords

When the reversed Six of Swords appears in a Tarot reading, you may be undergoing a personal or spiritual change or rite of passage in order to let go of a relationship, belief, or behavioral habit that is no longer helping you. The Six of Swords reversed might imply that you are aware that you need to make a change or shift in your life but are hesitant to do so.

Reversed 6 Of Swords In Love And Relationship

If you are in a relationship, the Six of Swords reversed in a love Tarot spread means that your partnership is stormy at present and you are going through a hard patch or a troublesome phase. It may also suggest that a third person is interfering with your relationship.

Reversed 6 Of Swords In Career

The Six of Swords reversed in a career Tarot reading indicates that things are tumultuous at work. Someone may be attempting to create you problems at work, or you may feel imprisoned in a position you dislike. Plans may be canceled or altered, and you may encounter project delays or job completion delays. This card might also imply that any business visit abroad may be interrupted or canceled.

Reversed 6 Of Swords in Money

The Six of Swords reversed in a financial Tarot deck implies that you may be escaping from financial problems. You may feel as if you don’t know what to do to manage the situation, but with a little persistence, you may be able to bring your finances under control.

Reversed 6 Of Swords In Health

The Six of Swords reversed in a health Tarot reading might imply that recovering from illness or injury will take longer than you want or anticipate. There may be delays or setbacks in healing, and you may feel as though your health is at jeopardy at the moment.

6 of Swords Yes or No

The Six of Swords represents new beginnings, optimism, and progress. You have battled your battles, and now it is time to reap the benefits. This card’s general mood is one of healthy revival. In a yes or no reading, the answer to your quest is yes.

6 of Swords As Personality Type

If you got the Six of Swords, it indicates that you are inquisitive and strategic. You are continuously seeking for fresh methods to solve problems and almost always succeed in doing so. However, you may be too preoccupied with fixing a problem at any particular time to see the wider picture. You may be winning minor battles at the price of the larger conflict in your life. Maintaining a clear picture of everything at risk can lead to better success in the future.

Six Of Swords Tarot Card Combinations

When coupled with other cards, the pairings typically predict whether the change will be positive or negative. Here are a few popular combinations that exist:

Six of Swords And Lovers 

The Lovers, as the Sixth Major Arcana, have a specific link with the Six of Swords. The Lovers’ desire and connection demand that you be honest and thoughtful.

Six of Swords and Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups represents a wonderful and overwhelming sensation of joy, usually as a consequence of being surrounded by loving and caring individuals.

Six of Swords and Tower

The Tower is another card that focuses on change; however, the Tower’s shift is often more chaotic and rapid than the Six of Swords’.

6 of Swords and Fool Card Combination

These two cards belong to separate Arcana. The Fool, a Major Arcana card, is more likely to bring up important or personal themes in your reading. The Six of Swords, a Minor Arcana card, is more likely to deal with mundane or minor difficulties.

6 of Swords and Ten of Pentacles

Minor Arcana cards include the Ten of Pentacles and the Six of Swords. Because Minor Arcana cards typically depict passing “everyday” difficulties, the combination of the Ten of Pentacles and Six of Swords cards frequently signifies something in the here and now rather than a big issue.

6 of Swords and Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords and Six of Swords are both Minor Arcana cards. Because Minor Arcana cards tend to represent short-term “everyday” concerns, the combination of the Ace of Swords and the Six of Swords cards most likely refers to something in your daily life rather than some great, long-term issue.

The Six of Swords And Justice Tarot Cards Together

This spread includes one Major Arcana card and one Minor Arcana card. In your reading, Justice, a Major Arcana card, is more likely to deal with serious or large-picture concerns. The Six of Swords, a Minor Arcana card, is more likely to indicate more ordinary or daily difficulties.


Q1. What is the Six of Swords tarot card?
Ans. The Six of Swords indicates that you are going through a change, but it is not cheerful and is laced with regret.

Q2. Does the Six of Swords mean yes or no?
Ans. The Six of Swords is a yes, particularly in matters of creativity.

Q3. What do swords represent in tarot?
Ans. The swords in the tarot represent Intellect.

Q4. What does Sword Represent in six of swords?
Ans. It denotes clarity and sound reasoning. There is an aura of something unexpected about to happen, and it has been planned ahead of time.

Q5. What is the meaning of Turbulent and calm waters?
Ans. This visual implies that they are fleeing a chaotic circumstance in search of a more serene and supportive one.

Q6. What is the meaning of Stirring the Ship?
Ans. Unseen hands may direct or guide you as your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel walks by your side and comforts you in your misery. When this Card emerges, you are not alone.

Q7. What is the Meaning of the Downward position of six swords?
Ans. The meaning of the Downward position of Six of Swords suggests a refusal to consider something from a fresh, or at least different, angle.  Perhaps you’ve gotten jaded, are weary of the ordinary, or believe you’ll always be in financial problems.

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