Scary Tarot Cards

As human beings, we all have a desire to look into the future and know what’s going to happen. If we are going through a tough time and we get to know that good times are about to come, we become hopeful and the bad phase passes by fast.

If we get to know that there are dangerous and difficult times ahead, we try to be careful to avoid that situation and are mentally too prepared to handle the situation. 

Tarot is mystic science which can help us in knowing the same. There are good cards, bad cards, scary cards, positive and negative cards, happy and sad cards in the Tarot. 

If while doing a reading, we get a positive or a happy card it gives us hope, but if we get a scary or a creepy card it at times scares us also.

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Scary and creepy Tarot cards are those cards that give us a sense of fear and unease. They are not at all pleasing in appearance and a tense environment gets created just by seeing them. 

Scary Tarot Cards
Scary Tarot Cards

Only someone who knows the message associated with such creepy and scary cards in combination can tell us the real meaning behind the open cards.

It is up to the tarot reader to share the reading in the right light and also ensure that a remedy to create an umbrella for the not so good situation is also told. 

The Tarot decks used now for occult have a pack of 78 cards and no one can know beforehand which card would appear for prediction. Though there are different cards in a Tarot Deck that can fall under the scary or the creepy card category from my viewpoint, there are 8 such cards which are scariest cards in a Tarot deck. 

The 8 such scary and creepy Tarot Cards are:

• The Tower

• The Devil

• Ten of Swords

• Death

• Knight of Swords

• The Hanged Man

• 5 of Cups

• Eight of Swords

The Tower: The depiction of the tower leads to the fall from a height, which indeed brings fear in our mind, however, it is a turning point and the stage of being alert 

Scary Tarot Cards

Yes, it looks scary but as every coin has two sides, this too means that after one cycle ends the other begins. If it talks about an end to something there definitely is a new beginning and it becomes a matter of being alert.

The Devil Card: The name of the card has ingrained essence of creepiness and fear. 

Pulling out the devil card during the reading, certainly will grab your attention with fear and so is a part of one of the creepy cards in the tarot card.

However, on the other hand, this card has the potential to alert us to keep an eye on details in the situation. Situations can be something that needs to be observed because the probability that harms is hidden deep inside the situation which is in front of us. 

It could be slavery to our beliefs, this material world, lack of involvement, and obsession towards anything. 

Again, a scary card but it tells us to be careful to avoid mishaps and put in efforts to free ourselves from our bondage. It tells us to be alert and confront the Devil. In some combinations, Devil can also denote wealth and monitory gains/loss.

Ten of Swords: Are you experiencing failure even after putting all your efforts? If yes, you are certainly in the energy of ten of swords.

It’s a card that tells you to accept the loss, defeat, failure, or treachery; it cannot be worse. Devastation is bound to happen. People can see this is as scary but it also tells us that as it has reached exhaustive heights, now it’s the time to bounce back. 

Scary Tarot Cards
Scary Tarot Cards

It’s about an end to the situation which you were trying to hold on and a new start. Some readers also consider two of the swords as a bad card which actually represents an emotional defeat over the logical, metal mind. 

As the picture shows a blindfold and ready to defend but cannot make out what to defend.

Death: The name accompanies fear already and so named as a difficult and fearful card of the deck. As, it is rightly said, that ‘nothing really ends and everything that ends, it comes along with a new beginning.’

Scary Tarot Cards

And so, similar to ten of swords, it talks about a permanent end to something. A card that denotes demise, a mental, emotional, faith, or hope is definitely scary. But also gives the hope of new life and suggests a transformational phase of life.

Knight of Swords: It talks about the negative sudden emotions you have been handling like hate, violence, anger, and danger and so is a part of the scary category of the deck. If you fight these emotions you definitely will win.

The Hanged Man: The picture of a hanged man can look creepy, however, the Immobility or movement which talks about being stationary at the place and giving up, It tells us to change our ways and wait for the divine time for anything to happen.

5 of Cups: A dear one has to be abandoned so that you can move ahead leading to a mental state which is only misery. The rigidness of not to move can also make new opportunities go, separations can cause pain and angst but the light of new life shows us positivity and hope if we accept and embrace the new. A clear message is to let go of the past and prepare for the future.

Eight of Swords: Tough time to come as you see yourself in a trap and constrained. Dissatisfied from the current situation, relationship, and beliefs that are no longer bringing any good for you is the current mental state; a quagmire. 

Make choices that you want and what you want to let go. Fight and put in efforts for what you want and you shall succeed.

Though there might be some more cards that are scary I would like to add just one another card to my list which is the Hierophant and can be considered as a scary creepy card. 

Nervousness, frustration, trying to own something by the wrong means with creepy feeling is what it talks about. It’s a card that represents flaw but, on the surface, it appears as positive. Some readers also see this card as a trade of soul to create a feeling of security around you. 

Tarot as occult has more to do with energies or mind state a human being is going through at that time or period as compare to other occult science like astrology or numerology. There are certain cards used to assess the darker and negative side of human beings. 

Also, for card games, they come with explanations and instructions and you can easily play the card game. 

For reading the following Tarot Decks are preferred and are widely used.

• Rider-Waite 

• Golden Dawn Mystic

• Hanson Roberts

• Robin Wood 

• Aquarian 

As previously stated, there are other decks available for a specific reading or understanding but otherwise, these decks are used to answer most of the questions.

Scary Tarot Cards
Scary Tarot Cards

Cards that open up during a reading generally have a message and a warning. If there is a card that is considered negative and is repeatedly coming in your readings then it is time to understand that the divine wants us to learn the lesson and not repeat the same in remaining life. 

Let me explain, as we all know now five of the cups talk about leaving a person or relationship behind and move ahead. If this card comes every time in our reading this is a warning that we have not learned the lesson.

We still might have too many expectations from that relationship that cannot be fulfilled, hence a heartbreak leading to depression. 

Scary Tarot Cards

There are Tarot Decks that have dark shade and horror themes used for some particular kinds of readings. They have the most horrifying and creepy pictures on it and gives a very uneasy sense. These decks are:

1. Dark Grimoire Tarot Deck

2. Movie Monster Tarot Deck

3. Strange wonders Tarot Deck

4. Haunted House Tarot Deck

5. Twisted Tarot Decks

6. Worm weird Tarot Decks


Tarot is a godly apparatus to show us the light and it requires skills and dedication to completely study and become a good reader. When done for self it gives better results as energies are not dependent on the other person.

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