Queen Of Wands Yes Or No Card

To your sheer surprise, the queen of wands definitely stands as an affirmation card. It is a positive yes card that predominantly indicates honesty, optimism, passion, and independence. This queen of wands card depicts someone who has a very caring, friendly, and loving personality. 

The sunflower that the queen holds in her left hand indicates life, happiness, and fertility. You will also be able to notice the rod that she holds in her right hand that symbolizes the queen of wands’ creativity and innovative spirit. Moreover, if you look closely you will find a black cat right at her feet which signifies her shadow self.

 To sum up, the queen of wands signifies boldness, power, and the force to turn insightful ideas into reality. Not only do you need to work on your purpose with determination, but this card also stresses the need to work on your shadow self. If this card turns up, the attributes might represent you or someone close to you. This card is a sign for you to take the risk and with the right mindset to achieve something big and see things turn out in the most magical way.

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Queen Of Wands Reversed Yes Or No Card

reversed yes or no card

If the queen of wands turns up in reversed position, then it is generally taken as a no card with a negative answer to your question. This card requires you to give second thoughts to your choices or goals that you have already set. Having mentioned that, always remember this is not a definite negative sign to your question but a sign of reconsidering your decisions. 

Furthermore, Due to the presence of a bold and powerful personality, there is the urge to achieve something great. However, if things don’t go as planned, then there can appearance of jealousy, insecurity, and selfishness. Do not get driven by these feelings and instead deal with them.

This card wants you to be sure of the fact that you are doing this for yourself and not due to any other external pressure. This can also be a warning of danger for which you can take precautions beforehand. Stay cautious and be careful when performing any significant task. 

Queen Of Wands Yes Or No Card As Advice

Queen Of Wands Yes Or No Card  As Advice

The queen of wands in the Advice position reveals the sign to hold your position in the chain of command even if you are being motivated by strong determination or willpower to complete a project or mission. You might develop the urge to grab the power but the card signifies that for now, it is better to restrain yourself and remain loyal to your superiors. Be confident with your next move and try to encourage others in doing so as well.

Queen Of Wands Yes Or No Card For Love

Queen Of Wands Yes Or No Card For Love

When the queen of wands shows up in a love-themed tarot reading, it can be regarded as a positive sign or as a ‘yes’ card. This generally indicates that due to the presence of your powerful personality, your lover might feel dominated and tend to hold themselves back. You should try to be a bit softer towards them to indicate your affection and understanding.

You should try to share a deeper level of communication with this person to strengthen your bond and help them feel comfortable around you. 

If the card is in an upright position, it depicts that your relationship is enriched with excitement, love, and passion. However, in the reversed position, the queen of wands symbolizes complications and dangers in your relationship.

However, if you are single and you are looking for someone, the card suggests you look for someone who has similar interests to you. 

Queen Of Wands Yes Or No Card For Career

Queen Of Wands Yes Or No Card For Career


If you have drawn the queen of wands yes or no card regarding your career, then you can expect good news within a few days. This indicates that by utilizing your strength and weaknesses you will be able to reach the pinnacle of success. You might feel stressed or perplexed at a certain point, but soon the good results will turn your hesitation into excitement. 

The queen is aware of how the universe works in a mysterious way and how our thoughts shape reality. Hence she emphasizes the need to focus on what we really want and not on the things that are holding us back.

You can achieve new heights in your career during this period due to the energies at play but it is advisable to take proactive action to attain your goals. If you incur thoughts about doubt e.g ‘am I fit for this job?’, you should remind yourself that you have the potential to accomplish all your goals and complete all the challenges. 

The card indicates that with the help of your determination, strong leadership skills, and an abundance of creativity, you will surely achieve new heights in your career. 

Queen Of Wands Yes Or No Card For Health

Queen Of Wands Yes Or No Card For Health

If the queen of wands card shows up in a tarot reading for health, it clearly indicates that you have sound health and good vitality. It is hence considered to be a positive or ‘yes’ card that indicates good news about health and mind. The queen of wands indicates that you are passionate, strong, feminine, and vivacious. The showing up of this card also denotes that you might receive positive pregnancy results and the good news is coming your way. 

The queen of wands is generally regarded as an affirmation card that indicates you to be confident and determined while trying to achieve your goals. 

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