There have been numerous instances of people recalling their past life stories. While some are in the middle 30s when they experience such a thing, some others are as young as 10 or 12! Past Life experience and the recalling of such experiences are considered to be rare. PAST LIFE TAROT SPREAD

Only a handful of people of all are fortunate enough to recall such things and be able to identify them. Then again the clarity of these recalled experiences alters the interpretation of the meaning. 

While the whole recalling and past life flashbacks are a thing that comes from within, one can also refer to tarot card readers who can help with the same. 

Having said that, being a tarot reader, if you have come across to someone with same experience and gave you goosebumps instead, this read will certainly help you with the insights.

Tarot Reader Thought Shower

As a tarot reader we should always acknowledge certain natural instincts of a client.


Many individuals are eager to know about their past life experiences. Some are interested in knowing past relationships and some others are interested in knowing about their past life personality. 

The mere idea of knowing about one’s past life is a source of excitement and interest. Yet it has the power to give goosebumps to almost anyone. 

The feelings of fear, happiness, and anxiety put together to make an individual all happy and scared at the same time!  

Hence, a tarot reader during such readings have a great responsibility of sharing the messages appropriately

And to ensure the strong past life reading, one should have the clear understanding of how to use spread and interpret the messages.

Considering the same, let us start with Past Life Tarot Spread.

Past life tarot spread

In order to know about one’s past life, one has to get started somewhere and something. The whole activity not only requires good concentration and focus on the matter but also deserves the peace of mind cleansing of all negative thoughts. 


This leads to a positive ambiance within and makes it easier for an individual to concentrate in a better manner. 

The past life tarot spread and the knowledge about the 3 different card positions is all one needs to know about when performing something like this.

 To begin with, one has to study and understand all the symbols. The symbols of each and every card and the things they represent must be understood properly or else one can mess up with the meaning, resulting in improper interpretation and doubtful experience.

 Once the cards and the motives they represent are all thorough in the mind, one should be able to buckle up and get started with the 3 cards.


CARD 1 is about past life. It denotes what the life and the persona of an individual were like in the former life. The symbols and the representations they accompany may lead to the conclusion. This phase is often exciting and interesting as one gets to know about their past life. 

The past life spread tarot cards can also indicate some unfulfilled desires from the former life or mere dreams that are yet to be achieved. Since the past life phase can unravel so much to the individual, one can get overwhelmed and tend to worry about it.

 Perhaps the past life was a piece of the past and one should only stick to getting to know about it and not worry about the consequences. 


CARD 2 stands for the current life. The present moment in which one is living or existing is denoted by the 2nd card. This card can especially cause much emotional baggage or danger to the peace of mind. 


This is because seldom it happens that the cards represent something else and the person, in reality, is practicing something else. This altogether puts pressure on the individual who retires into a phase of self-doubt and perhaps begins to question every circumstance. 

The current life can be an indication of anything. From the work, one does to the dream one looks for fulfilling. It can also be a positive indication for someone who is already searching for signs to empower and motivate them to accomplish something or get started with a mere activity. 

Life purpose tarot spread

While this can be worrying, it can also lead to a good future. How so? One can often be worried in relation to the purpose of their life. CARD 3 is a representation of the life purpose or the meaning of one’s life. It solely represents the lesson derived from the two cards interpreted earlier. 

It can also act as a recommendation and thereby point in a specific direction that the individual might be or might not be willing to go. Life is a mere stage where these cards can act as indications. One does not have to follow them or stick to the recommendations obtained. 

Yet the sole idea of fate indicating some act can be enlightening in itself. The last card can also reflect on some conflict that needs to be resolved. Such an indication can be helpful in the present life and the future lives too. It can also be a direction for something that needs to be done or fulfilled. 

Life purpose can always be indicated through a tarot spread but the ultimate decision always rests with the individual. That said, one should always make it a point to exercise such activities but never get driven away by their indications.

 Perhaps the interest can soon develop into an obsession. However, one has the power to be fit in mind and maintain peace.   

How to learn more about past lives tarot

Tarot spread cards are one exciting way to learn about past lives. The hidden meaning and the revealing of subtle clues gives chills while making one more curious as they go on finding the same. Past life explorers must always be cautious yet curious. 


They shouldn’t be so excited about having the opportunity to find about past life. With pain come pleasure and vice versa. For those who embrace eagerness and curiosity in the journey of finding their past lives, must also embrace the principles of acceptance and meaning-making. 

Any activity on the land is of no use if it does not have a meaning. Every act of nature has a meaning attached to it that brings forth what is best for the world. 

While one finds on about the past life and the experiences attached in the former life, one should always keep a note of all the details. This includes penning the details and points one finds out in a diary or a personal journal.

 Not only does this activity help one to make a mind map while extracting the true meaning, but it also helps one in the future. This is because one can always consult such notes and use the information for future reference. 

In the middle of interpreting and extracting the meaning of the symbols representing different cards, one might encounter a problem where a fixed meaning doesn’t seem to suffice the whole idea. When this happens, one should make it a point to connect the dots. 

What this means is that each and every card is in connection with the other. When one card and its meaning seems to be uncertain or unsure of a single scenario, one can always refer to the other cards obtained and thereby be able to extract the true meaning. 

This often happens when one gets confused or is not sure of the idea as a whole. Even when connecting the cards seems to be a different procedure, one can begin by studying the cards and what they represent all over again. 

This helps to revise what one has researched and thus be sure about the activity. 

Past life relationship tarot spread

Once the activity has been accomplished and the cause fulfilled, one can move on to finding and articulating the past life relationship with the present one with the help of tarot spread. 


One should always accept the past and respect it. This indicates that an individual who is not happy with the kind of life s/he led in the past life or the personality they had must always resort to accepting the past and the life attached to it. This also includes respecting the past life experiences and honoring them with full positivity. 

Even if an individual is unhappy with the past life they had, they must always learn from the experience and try to implement the desired changes in the present life. With this, they can not only develop mental peace for themselves but also be able to know about their likes and dislikes as a person. 

With all this kept in mind, one must finally be able to strive forward in the future. Since the cards help us to reflect on the past and the present we are living in, one does not know what the future has got for them on the table. Perhaps fortune comes your way when you work for it. 

And to work for it, one must accept life as it is, become more optimistic, and move on to building a better future. It is always beneficial for an individual to let go of the past, accept the present as it is, and yearn for a better tomorrow.  

Points of Precaution

While nature has designed the world in such a way that no individual is able to recall their past life experiences, humans have gradually ventured into the field and attempted to find about the same. It is, however, a point of precaution that one should not play with such an activity and rather be careful. 

The present is what they say is the best moment of one’s life and that one should only focus and live in the moment. The past is a series of experiences and future a string of expectations and hopes. 

While one can’t control what has happened in the past and what happens in the future, one can always be present in the current moment and be able to make the most of the day. Even a second of life is precious. 

But human curiosity is what has resulted in such advancement in all fields and facets of life that humans have developed their lives and surroundings so much. The curiosity of a human individual can do wonders.

 Likewise, the curiosity to venture into past life and get to know what really happened or how did the world look like and hence, satisfies the human mind and feeds the food for thought! 

Not all lives are pleasant. While you could be happy or simply excited to know about your past life, you could get a bummer on getting to know about your past life. Any activity or an ordinary occurrence might upset you. 

Such unpleasant findings can also be a result of the present stereotypes or schemas present in your mind. For instance, one could be anti-racist in the present life, be a supporter of all races, and a strict follower of all the pro-races communities. 

Yet when one gets to know about his/her past life, that they were a racist individual, discriminating against people on bases of race, one could become harsh and drive oneself into guilt. Perhaps digging more into the past can bring pain or pleasure to the present. 

Hence, it is strongly suggested to be cautious of the activities one tends to undertake in such a reference.  In the journey to find about their past life, one should always keep the research in mind and be able to apply it usefully. 

Any single mistake can make the whole meaning of the tarot spread topsy-turvy, leading one in a different direction. The strangeness of the field is alone a factor when it comes to such crucial discoveries. Yet one should always remain confident and calm while doing such a thing. 

The most important precaution of all is to never let the tarot card spread control your mind. It is essential to maintain one’s inner peace while trying some new things.

 Thus, influence and instinct are different things and should never be combined. At the end of the day, the instinct, independent from the external influence, should be able to direct us in the future.  


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