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The General Meaning of Tarot Cards

A Tarot card is a gift from the universe that helps recognize life’s path, acknowledge instincts, and make wise choices. There are 78 cards in the deck divided into 22 Major Arcana Cards representing karmic influences, life lessons, and the soul’s journey. And, 56 Minor Arcana Cards are further divided into 4 suits, Pentacles, cups, swords, and Wands that represent materialistic possessions, emotions, wisdom, and passion respectively. Let’s know the meaning of each card in detail today.

The Empress, The World,

The Moon, The Star, The Devil,

The Lovers And Hierophant, The Justice, Wheel of Fortune, The Sun

Tarot Card Spreads

Tarot card spreads are an intuitive layout that is designed to bring up the right message for the quadrant. There are many spreads, like, card tarot spread, 3-card spread, 5-card spread, Celtic cross spread, etc. The placement of each card in the spread has the answer to the specific situation. And hence, during reading sessions, the tarot reader offers the spread basis of the questions and situation of the quadrant. Let’s learn more about them and help our clients.

Celtic Cross Spread,

5 Spread,

Jojo Tarot Cards

Yes or No cards

Tarot cards can be used as a tool for divination and guidance. When people are unable to make wise decisions, a reading based on yes or no questions can help the quadrant to make a move confidently. Having said that, each card is two sides of a coin. And these two sides are considered as an answer in yes or no that highly depends on cards, placements in a particular spread, and position. Let’s know the sides of each card to strengthen our understanding of tarot reading.

Pentacles Yes or No cards,

Swords Yes or No cards,

Cups Yes or No cards,

Wands Yes or No cards

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