Page of Pentacles Tarot

“If you don’t think about the future, you cannot have one.”

And if you do think about the future, you ought to believe in tarot reading too. Afterall, who doesn’t want a tool that can predict their future, help them in the present and fix the results of their past mistakes? Well, if you know tarot even a bit, you would know this is exactly what tarot provides you with, a closure that you want, need and must have.

But as small as ‘tarot’ sounds, the world of tarot is filled with so much to learn, understand and explore. And today we thought of providing you with every bit of detail on another card from the tarot deck that will help you in levelling up with your tarot knowledge and assist you in your future readings and predictions.

This card is called page of pentacles tarot and below is everything that you need to know about it.

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Presenting you the Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles Tarot
Page of Pentacles Tarot

“Tarot lets me fly, swim and dig deep when by nature, I am bound to the surface of things.”

Since we have decided to spill the unfiltered, deep and raw beans on page of pentacles tarot, now is the time for you to swim, fly and dig deeper into the its theory.

Let us begin with understanding what is page of pentacles biddy or page of pentacles generally is and how this card looks like.

Appearance of the card: When you will see the Page of Pentacles card, you will see a young man standing at the centre of it in a grassy field full of blooming flowers. This man is holding a coin in his hand and is observing it carefully.

At the background, a small patch of trees and a newly ploughed field is visible that gives a hope of a promising harvest in abundance.

Looking even further a mountain range in the horizon is also present in the card.

Understanding of the card: The way in which the man is carefully looking at the coin signifies his desire to discover the way in which he can manifest even more gold and abundance while the uneven mountain range at the back signifies the ups and downs of life and how he will and must go through the upcoming challenges and obstacles in his journey.

Page of pentacles meaning: There’s more to the page of pentacles tarot card meaning. Just like the man standing in the centre of the card looks quiet, determined and goal-oriented person, similarly, this is exactly what the card says about us. 

We are usually thoughtful, cautious and meticulous in planning and executing our ideas, aren’t we? It is human nature to pay the required attention to every detail and be very methodical about everything.

And although, humans represent the beginning of new relationships, we must also realise that these seeds of growth need to be nurtured patiently in order to flourish and give away a full harvest.

This card is a reminder that ideas begin to take shape if you plan them accordingly and it also reminds us that determination, perseverance and enthusiasm is what brings us success and good results.

Apart from that, looking at the picture on the card we can say that the person here is curious and adventurous, interested in the world around him.

Looking closely at the elements of life, being fascinated by it and thinking how things work shows the very human aspect of this man and that is how we can relate ourselves with him.

Now, let us take a step ahead and get into the details of what this card has to say about us and how it helps in predicting things.

A Closer Look

Page of Pentacles Tarot
Page of Pentacles Tarot

“A good tarot reader never gives false hope or leaves a client feeling disturbed.”

Just like a good tarot reader always give the right and full information to their clients, we too, don’t believe in half explanations and incomplete information.

And so, it’s time to dig deeper and see what this card has to offer to its readers.

As of now, it is clear that the upright card is all about manifestation, opportunity, curiosity, adventure, development and optimism and since we usually draw tarot cards to know our future, this is what page of pentacles future is all about:

Page of pentacles upright: If you draw page of pentacles upright card kit means that you are now ready to manifest your personal goal and fulfil your dreams that you always had.

Also, it is a message that you must get ready to welcome new beginnings and opportunities to your material life. These new opportunities can be about anything. A new job, a new business, or a financial windfall.

This card is all about inspiration money, wealth, creativity, possessions, fulfilment, career, manifestations, physical health, blessings and possibilities.

Stay focused and make sure what your goals or dreams are because this card doesn’t tell you what to do or what to pursue. Have clear intentions and set plans and then put your hard work in it and destiny won’t disappoint you.

This card is here to ensure your long-run success and only appears when you are ready to work upon it and grab all the achievements. No matter if you are already at a good or satisfied place on your life, the page of pentacles is here to remind you that you can have more and you are made to achieve big so just go for it.

Also, since page of pentacles is majorly about goals and fulfilment, it represents work as well. And if you are planning to take a risk or a chance in your job or business that gives you satisfaction, all you need is enthusiasm, commitment, and devotedness to see the project through and get the desired results.

Page of pentacles reversed: The page of pentacles reversed is exactly opposite of the page of pentacles upright, just like it should. It majorly denotes lack of growth and progress, failure and its learnings and a lot of procrastination.

If you draw this card from the deck, it means that the card is trying to tell you not to take any kind of risk right now. This is because maybe you have got an idea for your business, passion or something to achieve your goal but you are not yet ready to accomplish it.

There’s still time in that and you must wait for the right opportunity to arrive and then only you must proceed towards your goals and desires. Until then not only you should stop yourself from bringing your ides to life but you must also keep them a secret from the world.

Also, this card also suggests you to rectify your actions and find out if you lack motivation to achieve thing or are you just procrastinating?

Page of Pentacles Tarot
Page of Pentacles Tarot

If you don’t have confidence or motivation for the work then you must take a break from it, but if you are just sitting there and procrastinating, then this card is here to tell you it’s time to pull up your socks and go straight after the passion you always had.

This card is reminder for you to have faith, learn from your past mistakes and failures, make plans, think carefully, grab experiences, discover new things, be open-minded, curious, and trust that today’s failures will lead to tomorrow’s successes if you are determined enough to make that happen.

The Card is here to Answer!

“You can’t heal without answers.”

Nobody can heal without getting answers to their questions and since page of pentacles keen is here to answer everything, you must grab the opportunity and learn much more than what you initially came here looking for.

Here are a few more interesting things you should know about this card.

Page of pentacles reversed love or Page of coins love: Mood swings, boredom, disloyalty, lack of trust and patience is what this card is here to tell you about.

If you are seeking answers for your love life and you draw the page of pentacles reversed, it is an early sign that your relationship is either over by your side or by your partner’s side. Also, it is becoming more and more difficult fir this partner to tolerate the other and there is or will be a huge lack of patience and romance in the relationship.

Page of pentacles reversed as feelings:  If your reading is about your feelings then the Page of Pentacles reversed feelings is here to remind you to restore your feeling into your pursuits. 

Page of Pentacles Tarot
Page of Pentacles Tarot

And if it’s too draining for you right now, you must take a break from work and do something just for the love of it. If your mind isn’t enjoying the object of its focus, then something needs to change.

This card often appears when you need to re-learn a life lesson that you thought you have already mastered, to ensure growth and opportunities in the present and future.

Also, if you feel stuck, depressed or bored, you must add passion in your life. It always feels better when you infuse life with excitement, adventure, activity and challenges.

Page of pentacles relationship: If you are looking answer for your relationship and you have drawn this card, then for singles it might mean that you are about to meet the love of your life soon.

While everything will go perfectly fine, take your time in getting into the relationship and don’t rush things.

Page of pentacles says that you both will admire each other and will also treat each other really well. but don’t forget to draw a line somewhere, don’t get lost into the relationship and lose your individuality in it.

Treat your partner kindly and with respect but don’t worship them. Also, don’t forget to make sure they treat you the same way!

If you have already found the love of your life and you draw this card, it is an indication that all your bad time is about to get over. Love and passion are paving their ways in your life and you can also expect a second honeymoon in the near future.

This card is here to inform you that the difficult period of time in your relationship is finally behind you and a new chapter is about to begin. Not only a second spring in your heart is coming your way but you both also deserve it and must enjoy it to the fullest.


Tarot has got a lot more to offer than what the world things. It is always a great idea to take the help of such informative tool before taking a huge decision in your life, during the times of confusion or when generally looking out for directions or guidance in your daily life. In tarot, every card has a different story to tell, guidance to give and ideas to explore.

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