The Moon Tarot Card Meaning, A Complete Guide

Are you a big fan of Tarot cards and enjoy reading about the insights these cards have to offer? And have recently pulled the moon tarot card? But aren’t exactly familiar with the meaning it holds in your life. Then you are at the right place as we will guide you through the pathway of “The Moon Tarot Card Meaning”.

But before we step into the spiritual realm of Tarot card 18, consider a glimpse of the things that are coming your way: –

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The Moon Tarot Card Roots

You must be already aware of the concept the tarot is divided into two sections: the minor and the major arcana.

To elaborate, the minor arcana tarot card reflects on the things occurring in our daily lives or day-to-day events, whereas the major arcana cards convey the messages pertaining to life lessons, major events, and karmic influences. 

Furthermore, xviii the moon is a part of the major arcana section, hence can also be identified as the moon major arcana card. 

Now that you have refreshed your knowledge about the two types of arcana, we can dive deeper into the meaning of the moon tarot card.

So, to start with here is a glimpse of the Moon Tarot Card Roots


Followed so far?

Now let’s find out more What does the moon card mean in tarot?


At the very first glance of the card, you will definitely appreciate the beauty of the luminous full moon between two towers. 

But as you move your vision to the lower part of the card you will notice a path that leads off into the distance and a dog and a wolf howling at the moon as they stand on either side of the path.

And not only, dogs, but each element has its meaning.

Intrigued to know already?

Here we go with each one!

  • Dogs: represent both the civilized and the wild facets of human nature or mind.
  • Tiny crawfish arising from the water beneath: surely contributes towards the meaning of the card. It symbolizes us, humans, in our initial stage of conscious unfolding. 
  • The moon: serves as our guide, shining its light down on the path. 
  • The two towers:  reflecting both optimistic and pessimistic forces.

Isn’t amazing to discover how each element of the card represents some emotion.

Having said that, now let’s find out the essence of the moon tarot card as a whole!

What Does the Moon Card Mean in Tarot as A Whole?

Nevertheless, as artistic as The Moon card may be, The Moon card is profoundly connected to your subconscious. 

It is indicating the thoughts, feelings, doubts, and fears that you might be harboring internally and at a time: where you might feel out of control.

It can represent, trauma and pain that remains unresolved and experienced in the past, still causing problems to your present self. 

Even though the Moon tarot card attributes confusion, fear, and anxiety, no matter what, you deserve a healthy life, hence, this card prompts you to understand the root cause of your problems by not running away from them but facing them with confidence.

Besides the visual aspect of the card, even the direction in which the card appeared in front of you, needs to be taken under concentration for an accurate understanding of what the universe is trying to indicate.

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning, A Complete Guide
Moon Arcana Meaning

So, why delay, let’s continue reading!

The Upright Moon Card General Meaning

Before moving towards the in-depth explanation of the upright position of the moon card, let’s read the moon tarot card upright card keywords for quick understanding:

  • subconscious,
  •  intuition,
  •  insecurity, 
  • confusion, 
  • deception, 
  • complexity, 
  • secrets, 
  • fear, vagueness, 
  • illusion, 
  • dreams, 
  • anxiety,
  •  instability, 
  • misconceptions, 
  • uncertainty.

Sounds, pretty scary and negative, right!

But, as rightly said, the universe has its own way of benefiting you, protecting you, and guiding you. Likewise, it does have a hidden positive impact.

Let’s find out more!

Times when the Moon tarot card shows up in a reading upright, it means that your emotions and imagination might be in charge of your life, linking to anxieties, fears, or self-deception. 

Wondering what can be hidden in the positive side of it?

Well, here is it

The Reminder by Message Moon Tarot Card Upright Position

  • Be at ease when moving through life transitions instead of fear and resistance taking the best of you. Negative energies must be let go and transformed into something constructive.
  • There is an illusion existing in your life, maybe a hidden truth that is required to be revealed, thus, accept what things appear to be.
  • It is a wake-up call to dig a little deeper. Look deeper than what is present on the surface and avoid making fast decisions.

Doesn’t it sound like prevention is better than cure!

Well, the message is not just limited to staying alert. But there is more in it. Keep reading!

  • The crawfish which represents you, who is walking on the path, and the clarity and understanding is being provided by the moonlight, permit your intuition to be in control. 
  • Apart from this, the Moon tarot card suggests paying attention to your dreams, as some information, that has been overlooked by you can be brought to attention by the subconscious and the card also signifies resurfacing of repressed issues. 
  • Also, be aware of the situations that are leading to undesired consequences in terms of self-deception and inner disturbance and make careful decisions.

However, for those who might have been greeted by a reversed moon card, we have a guide to your reading as well. 

Let’s find out more!

The Reversed Moon Card General Meaning

You know the drill, let’s start with reading the keywords

  • Releasing fear
  • regaining composure
  • confusion
  • finding the truth
  • Self-deception.
  • repressed emotions.

Seems like a mix of emotions, right? 

So, you might be wanting to read further for a better understanding.

The moon reversed card symbolizes the high possibility that your negative energies such as anxiety, depression that led to insecure feelings are going to be eliminated and signifies the unveiling of lies or secrets.

Clearly, the reversed Moon Tarot card signifies that your life is about to take a turn that is going to be much easier than your present state. 

Moreover, it indicates self-deception as certain feelings or emotions that are causing you distress and upheaval are being avoided by being repressed.

The reading of the reversed moon tarot card also stands for the liberation from any kind of binding in your life, if struggling with any pessimistic energy, it is bound to come to an end in near future, a future that is brighter and free from anything that bugs you. 

The Reminder by Message Moon Tarot Card Reversed Position

  •  If you are experiencing any issues, now is the time to confront them instead of pushing them away and if you are willing to progress and are confused about how to, then hear your inner voice by overcoming anxieties and any sort of fears.

Another Interpretation of Reversed Moon that you would like to know.

  • You have commenced in the path of handling your fears and anxiety and all the negative energies are gradually subsiding due to this intuitive period of yours. It presents a shift that is liberating inexperience as the positive aspects of things are discovered by you.

If you are a spiritual person then using tarot cards for interpretation of your love life isn’t news to you. And you must be curious to learn about what the moon tarot card has to offer in the love arena.

So, without wasting any more time, allow us to provide you with the reading for the Moon Tarot card meaning love.

The Moon Card Meaning In Love Matters

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning, A Complete Guide

Love life is always like a roller coaster ride. Depending on your ways of handling it, you can either enjoy it or simply forget the real essence of it.

The Moon Upright – The Moon Tarot Reconciliation

The upright moon tarot card signifies that there might be loopholes, emotional complications, and uncertainty in the relationship, and it needs to be given attention, so it does not spiral into something worse.

Miscommunication might be enveloping the atmosphere; hence, the appearance of things can be deceiving. Past issues, insecurities, beliefs might be impacting your judgment and the relationship.

Besides the above pointers, the upright moon card has a suggestion that you as a person in relation should keep in mind.

Advice From Upright Moon Tarot Card for Couples

  • The Moon Tarot card, when upright, advises that it’s time for a deep and meaningful conversation with your partner so you have clarity not only about your partner’s intentions but also about your own desires.
  • Better attention and genuine communication in the relationships might even lead to restoration of feelings, in case of any dispute. 

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the singles as the Upright Moon tarot card has something in store for you as well.

Advice From Moon Tarot Card for Singles

For the singles, be alert about the person you are seeing, they might not be truly reflecting on the virtuous intentions that they are displaying to you and if you aren’t completely informed about them then there might be a piece of detail that needs to be uncovered.

For those who have got the reversed moon, here is your relationship reading.

The Moon Card Meaning In Revsersed Position

  • Moon tarot love, if it appears in reverse, it means that deception and doubts might be existing in the relationship, and you might have to depend on your intuition.
  • Is your partner not being honest with you? And if yes, then it seems the truth of your relationship is unveiling.

Advice From Reversed Moon Tarot Card for Couples

If seeking advice to overcome the barriers, then you can resort to the words of wisdom mentioned below. 

Therefore, the reversed Moon Tarot card wants you to confront the difficult reality, if something is not right in your relationship. It’s a reasonable time for you to pause and ponder about your relationship, it will be worthwhile for your well-being.

Singles, now it’s your turn to know what’s up with your love life, so continue with the reading.

Advice From Reversed Moon Tarot Card for Couples

This card might mean that your self-confidence has begun to revive after a length of uncertainty, it may also signify that you might be ignoring warning signs that your soon-to-be partner might not be the correct match.

Having awareness and full understanding about the situation you are dealing with is indisputably not only limited to romantic relationships but also for more professional connections, which means now we are heading towards the career reading of Moon Tarot Card.

The Moon Tarot Card-Career

Building a career is a matter of hard work while making the right decisions. And so, making a choice for tarot card reading could be about some difficult situation. 

Considering the same, let’s find out what influence can Moon Tarot Card bring in a matter of career.

Upright Moon Tarot Card While Career Readings 

Now you might be facing uncertainty when thinking about your career path, which means your career goals and the direction that you should opt for is unclear to you. 

Moreover, there might be a miscommunication with other employees in your workplace which can certainly lead to problems if it prevails for long, forming sound decisions might seem complex as you might be lacking all the information you require.

 However, being paranoid isn’t the option, it goes without saying, trust your instinct, if the opportunity seems desirable, don’t miss it.

Reversed Moon Tarot Card While Career Readings 

If you are experiencing instability in your work life then there is good news, it is about to be stable and more reliable. As you will gain a better understanding pertaining to the direction you should choose and accordingly work towards it.

 Although, another interpretation can be unfavorable as it indicates deception, misunderstandings, and betrayals. At the same time, don’t let the anxiety and fear get to you, remain composed as the deception will be exposed shortly.

Most of the time, people seek tarot card reading for answering their questions with either yes or no, and if you are looking for the same from the moon card, below lies the answer.

The Moon Yes or No Meaning

Cutting to the chase, if you have the moon card, presenting itself in front of you, the answer to your question is NO.  The moon is a perplexing card that can direct inclination towards a certain level of risk or even the existence of some secrets and deception. 

This card should be treated as a red alert, a warning that you should take the next step with as much caution as possible.

As it can be noted that a moon card alone isn’t completely a negative or a purely positive card, but you should always look forward to another card following it, hence which brings us to one of many other combinations that can be expected in a reading. Furthermore, to know the answers of yes or no in the context of money, relationships or heath, you may read another article, Is the Moon Card Yes or No?

The world And The Moon Card Combination

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning, A Complete Guide

If you have received the Moon in a combination with the World card in a reading, representing social apprehension.

you will need to trust your intuition when involving yourself in situations that require meeting new people and always look before you leap.

Now, that’s the end to our The Moon Tarot Card Meaning, A Complete Guide, but the beginning of your journey to understand and apply the readings, so it caters to your needs and heals all your problems. 

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Before you click off the tab, let’s sum up everything, 


The Moon tarot card is a major arcana card and is here to guide you if faced with deception, confusion, fear, anxiety, or any other negative forces. Remember to trust your intuition and take steps wisely. Release the control of overwhelming feelings that aren’t any good for you, so you can finally get access to your innermost truth. Based on whether you pulled an upright or reversed moon card, you can anytime refer to our article and get better insight for any other aspect that concerns the moon tarot card. All the best for your future endeavors and continue being the spiritual individual that you are.

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