The existence of anything and everything in the world has energy and meaning, be it an experience or a creation. Well as a tarot reader, we know, you would be able to resonate with this thought. MEANINGS OF ANIMAL SYMBOLS ON TAROT CARDS

After all, each tarot card in the deck gives us an opportunity to understand the real energy and understand the deeper meaning of a particular situation.


If you agree till now, tell us what all elements contribute to exhibiting a certain kind of energy that helps us understand if the situation is positive or negative?

A picture of a person?


Overall theme or action?

In reality, there is more to it. As a reader, when we observe the card deeply, we figure out that every element in the card has a meaning.

Having said that, this quick read will help you with the meaning of animals on tarot cards.

So, let’s get started to understand that card at a deeper level.

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  1. The way astrological signs highlight personality traits, likewise, the use of animal symbols depicts the relation between ourselves and the natural world.
  2. As mentioned, each creation has energy and meaning, similarly, the symbol of animals exhibits various attributes that relate to the particular situation that could be property or a warning sign.

Considering the above nature of animal symbolism, now let’s move forward to know the meaning of animals on a particular card.MEANINGS OF ANIMAL SYMBOLS ON TAROT CARDS



Every cat knows that no one know’s the cat Isn’t it true! Anytime we see a cat, it carries the energy of being aloof yet alert. And hence, it is a reflection of:

  • Mystery,
  • Intuition,
  • Psychic abilities

Now, considering the attributes of cats, It is pretty clear why ‘Queen of Wands’ often gives the same sense of mystery when pulling out during the reads. The black cats sitting near the feet of the queen is the ultimate sign of bold and confident personality along with a deeper understanding of its darker side.


 It is popularly known that dogs are man’s best friend. Having said that, it seems that the existence of a dog on a ‘fool tarot card’ somehow symbolizes the same quality. If we observe the fool card, the action of the dog’s barking gives us the reflection of protection by warning the fool. However, various roles of dogs have been interpreted in the tarot deck. 

When at the one hand, the dog is the best friend of the fool and taking action of barking out of love to protect and warn the person, yet, in the moon card, the dog symbolizes the forces of civilization and keeping the situation under control.

Isn’t it fascinating, that not just humans, but even animals have various roles to perform!

Considering the same, lets move forward with strength.


Lion is popularly known as King already which clearly indicates strength and power. Likewise, ‘the strength tarot card’ brings up the existence of lions as strength, however, who is indeed controlled well by a lady and hence reflecting the energy of being calm and composed.

No denial, lion is an example of being patient too.

But, when the situation comes, it does showcase the real itself, and that can be seen again in the upright position of the card can again introduce us well to the power of beasts.


A direct connection of fish with water is clearly an indication of inclined energy towards emotions. And thus the existence of fish on cards like, page of cups, knight of cups indicates the direct impact on our emotional state.

Being in a direct relation with water, fish brings up the unpredictability yet intuitive energy that suggests the emotional attachment in the situation that the reader predicts in a certain spread. MEANINGS OF ANIMAL SYMBOLS ON TAROT CARDS


Crayfish has a reflection of sensitivity yet being fearless hence the crayfish symbolism highlights emotions of ‘the moon card’ in the deck that carries several divinatory associations. It also represents the astrological side of cancer signs.



A ride on a horse is indeed a reflection of pride In ancient times, horses used to be a sign of prosperity and reflection of being in a position of power of achieving the goals.

Having said, the existence of horses in tarot cards is the interpretation of similar qualities. The horse can be seen in ‘The Death Tarot Card, knight of wands, knight of cups, knight of swords and knight of pentacles that talks about majorly about being a power and strength and to move ahead to achieve the next.


Rabbit is the symbol of fertility and can be seen in the ‘Queen of pentacles‘ tarot card.

It is a reflection of abundance which goes in the sink with the queen.


A Bull represents stamina, fertility, and strength, and thus the existence of the bull in ‘queen of pentacles’ is pretty self-explanatory.

The pictorial view of a queen sitting on the bull has clearly depicted the power, strength, and confidence and which is even more clear with the symbolism of the bull in the queen of pentacles card.


Lot of times, the salamander in ‘King of Wands’ is understood as lizards. But it would be interesting to know the fact of the existence of lizard/ salamander in the card.

In ancient times, it was believed that lizard renewed its sight by looking at the sun and that became a sign of courage that exist in every smallest creation on the earth. Hence lizard symbolism on ‘king of wands’ has a direct relation of representing the enlightenment and being visionary in all situations.

So, far, we have covered the representation of the animals that are commonly found in most of the illustration or various tarot decks. MEANINGS OF ANIMAL SYMBOLS ON TAROT CARDS


However, if you are a beginner, we would suggest you to get the thorough knowledge of the cards with all the detailing by understanding ‘Rider Waite tarot deck. The clarity of colors and illustrations certainly highlight all the minor details that has big meanings in the end.

Moving ahead, now let’s figure out the meaning of birds on tarot cards.


Well, in general, it is pretty evident that birds carry the energy of freedom. And hence, we consider that being in direct relation with air, it majorly makes their space in ‘queen of swords’, ‘king of swords’, ‘knight of swords and page of swords.

The representation of the birds on such cards indicates that the ability of considering the facts and logical aspects without any foundation to take the strong decisions.

But so far, it was about the common interpretation of bird symbolism on tarot cards.

Now, lets understand, what specific bird has to say through tarot cards.


Indeed, a dove is a clear depiction of love, peace, femineity. Thus states that it has a direct relation with emotions and hence, the existence of dove on ‘Ace of Cups’, which considered the most spiritual card, highlights the relation of being in connection with god to get the positive messages in the situation.

How beautiful, right!


The strong, flying with freedom and fearless bird on the Wheel of fortune card and The world card has clearly indicated the strength and existence of god who has power staying in courage and time is changing for good.


Well, the illustration says it all!

The existence of hawk in ‘Nine of Pentacles’ does give the energy of contentment, but nothing comes for free.

with the hawk sitting on the hand of the lady does give her a sense of managing her responsibilities properly as it is now a demand of the lifestyle, she has maintained for herself.

To learn more about animal symbolism check out Sodalite Minds.


As mentioned in the beginning, everything has a meaning. And thus, we hope this good read helped you observe the minor yet crucial facts of the existence of the animals and birds and tarot card so you could interpret the meanings even deeply.

With that, we must say that learning never end, and hence, there is still a lot to consider when readings for clients needs to be taken care of. 

So, stay tuned with us and keep gathering minor to major details with us.

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