King Of Wands Meaning

king of wands meaning

King of Wands( Upright) King of Wands (Reversed ) Visionary, leader, entrepreneur, problem-solver, creative , dominant, egotistical forceful, dominating vicious, powerless, ineffective, weak leader What Does King Of Wands Tarot Mean In General The King …

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Four Of Wands Meaning

four of wands meaning

The Four of Wands features four wands that are placed in a square formation, signifying strength and stability. The wands are also decorated with flowers and ribbons, representing joy and celebration. The card is an …

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The Tower Tarot Meaning

the tower tarot meaning

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords Disaster, destruction, upheaval, shocks, unexpected change, instability avoiding disaster, preventing what’s going to happen, fighting change What Does The Tower Tarot Mean In General? The Tower card shows a tall tower …

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Six Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Six Of Swords

Six of Swords Upright Meaning Six of Swords Reversed Meaning Mental agility, ideas connecting, using logic to identify a solution, using your intellecton an inner journey of discovery, relocation, and a period of calmness aheadmanaging …

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What Does Three Of Wands Mean In General?

Three Of Wands Meaning

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords momentum, assurance, growth, enlargement, foresight, and forward-thinking restrictions, a lack of development, challenges, difficulties, dissatisfaction The Three of Wands depicts an individual standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out over …

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What Does Temperance Tarot Card Meaning?

Temperance Upright Meaning Temperance Reversed Meaning Balance, Connecting with your guides, Harmony, Looking for divine intervention, Moderation, Harmonious Relationship Disharmony, Self-Indulgence Imbalance, Lack of patience, Onset of illness, Hastiness What does Temperance Mean In General? …

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Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

“Life is a wheel of fortune and it’s my chance to spin it.” Hi there, cartomancer! How do we know that you are a cartomancer or are interested in tarot cards? Because we are the experts …

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What does Hermit Tarot Card Mean?

Hermit Upright Keywords Hermit Reversed Keywords Self-understanding, introspection, Soul Searching, meeting higher self, willing to isolate, spiritual enlightenment, intuitive Loneliness, sadness, fear, Rejection, feeling distant in a relationship, no emotional fulfillment Are you spending long …

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What does Devil Tarot Card Mean In General?

devil tarot card

Devil Upright Keywords Devil Reversed Keywords Addiction, depression, Obsession, bondadge, dependency, Cheating, secrecy, Materialism, Sexuality, Powerlessness, Hopelessness, AbuseViolence Detachment, Independence, Overcoming addiction, Freedom, Revelation, Reclaiming power, Reasserting,Control What does Devil Tarot Card Mean In General? …

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General Meaning: The High Priestess Tarot Card

high priestess general meaning

High priestess  Upright  Keywords High priestess Reversed Keywords Inner Voice, Spirituality, wisdom intuition, high power, Subconsciousness  Secrets, hidden motives, inconsistent thoughts, superficial What Does The High Priestess Tarot Mean In General? The High Priestess tarot …

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