Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

queen of cups

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords Warmth, compassion, intuition, kindness, counsellor, healer, supportive Giving too much, insecurity, needy, overly-sensitive, fragile, martyrdom, dependence The Queen of Cups controls the emotional sphere. She is the lady whose throne is …

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9 Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

9 Of Cups

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Abundance, Joy, Gratitude Discontent, Greediness, Excess Dissatisfaction, Lack of fulfillment What Does Nine of Cups Mean In General? Overall, the 9 of cups meaning brings positivity that suggests a …

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Six Of Water Angel Tarot Card Meaning

Six Of Water Angel Tarot Card Meaning

The ancient theory of 4 elements, illustrates the influence of each element in our life cycle. And, Water, one of the elements, has been well-thought-out the most sensitive and emotional element. Furthermore, the philosophy mentions …

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