Ace Of Wands Love Tarot Card Meaning.


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Ace’? A playing card or a person who excels at some particular activity or sport? Or maybe both, right? Now let’s understand this particular card in great depth in relation to tarot reading and how it affects your life.

The Ace of Wands Meaning

If you want to know about success and all of its aspects, reading this card will be of a great use. As you know the success needs luck as well. Without having a good luck, a person cannot be fully successful.

To make the combination of success, you need hard work and luck and that is what forms the basis of the Ace card in the deck of tarot.

Talking about what do wands mean in tarot, the wands tarot cards represents the astrological signs of fire i.e. Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo and tells about the life of people who belong to this star sign.

Usually, the people with the wands sign are warm, spiritual and charismatic.

That is the whole and complete meaning of this card and the words that signifies Ace of Wands is good luck, passion, success and new ventures.

There can be a lot of reasons to visit a tarot reader and since this art of future telling is successful and reliable, you can expect your queries getting solved.

Talking about all such places of doubts and confusion, we have a bunch of areas where a tarot reading can help you get through the situation and since today, we are particularly talking about ‘Ace of wands’, let’s see how and where this card can help you in your life. Also, talking about help you should know that can help in the understanding of any writing

Ace Of Wands

Ace of Wands

  • This card has;
  • A hand coming from the clouds that signify creation and invention.
  • Leaves that symbolizes wind and sail that takes you forward in your life.
  • River, castle, fields, and trees that signify growth, abundance, and materialistic aspects of life.

Ace of Wands, keywords:

Upright: expanding potential, new beginnings, believing in yourself and your potential, moving ahead, new ideas.
Reversed: immature, unmotivated, no gaols, poor timings, keep on stirring the existing problems.

Ace of Wands as a Person

Ace of wands as a person is about how someone sees you. The enthusiasm, inspiration, confidence and feelings a person has for you is signify by this card.

This card shows positive passion and energy for a person and it tell you about how your thoughts and feelings are going into that specific person.

It’s all about time

Now let’s talk about the other reason why you would like visiting a tarot reader. The major reason behind that can be your future, and might be your past and present as well.

What possible incidents and take place in your future, why you are going through a rough patch in your present or why a particular incident from your past affecting the peace of your mind. These are the types of questions that you can have in your mind, right?

So now, let’s quickly brief you about what ace of wands future and ace of wands present has to tell you.

Ace of wands past, present and Future

Bring a notepad and start writing down all the important points because according to a research, people are most concerned in knowing about their past, present and future and we assume you are one of them.

Ace of the wands Past

Upright: If you are drawing this card to get answers for your past, it will tell you it’s time to move on in your life. This card in the past is all about happiness, control and passion. It indicates that a new adventure in your life has already begun.

Reversed: if you draw the ace of the wands reversed card, it is often taken as the person’s progress is being delayed due to his/her circumstances.

Ace of the wands present

Upright: drawing the ace of the wands card for the present position signifies that a lot of enthusiasm has entered your life recently. This enthusiasm can be about love/ relationship or for your overall growth as well. This card asks you to take the opportunities in the present and not miss them at any cost.

Ace of Wands Love
Ace of Wands Love

Reversed: if the card is reversed in present situation, it indicates confusion and uncertainty about how to use the opportunity and get results. You can have lack of direction and despite having energy and passion, your mind will unclear about how to use this energy correctly.

Ace of the Wands future

Upright: the upright ace of the wands present card signifies that you have to look forward to new possibilities in life that are going to excite you. This card represents potential and creativity.

This card will tell you that it’s the right time to take action, to look for a job and to invest or purchase something big. This is the perfect time for networking and making new connections at your work place.

Reversed: the reversed ace of wands drawn in relation to future means that you need to work upon and grow your inner strength and power. You are being asked to ignore rejection and mixed up goals and emotions. It also signifies that this is not the right time to achieve success.

Ace of Wands Yes or No?

Now let’s talk about another important thing that is always on everyone’s mind weather to or weather no to do something i.e. the yes or no situation.

Upright: the ace of wands drawn in the upright position stands for a yes without any doubt. This card is believed to show up when things are usually out of control for a person.

And although while drawing a card for a yes or no, people usually assume that the answer will be a no, drawing upright ace of wands is a big yes. This is a card of positivity and indicates that things will soon be alright.

In-short, this card is a clear indicator that it is the right time for you to make things happen or to accept the change in your life.

Reversed: just like the upright card indicates a big yes, the reversed card is asking you to set back. This card means a big no in taking a step further and not doing the thing or making the change that you are thinking of.

After receiving this card, you need to step back and acknowledge that this is not the right time for you to bring changes in your life.

It’s all about love

We are done with past, present, future, person, and also about yes/no. Now let’s discuss the major thing that concerns every other person aka Love. There’s not even a sing person who wouldn’t want to know about their love life and relationships.

But the once who believe in tarot reading have the privilege of knowing what is about to happen in their relationship and what they are expected to do with the help of it. Right?

Now let’s talk about a few areas of love and relationships where tarot can help you but only if you are willing to work hard and help yourself. So, put on your heart shaped glasses and start reading because we kept the most important and the most interesting thing at the end.

Ace of Wands Love timings:

If you want to know about your love timings and you draw an ace of wands card, it means that this is the right tie for you to be close to someone. The cards gives you a green signal for your love life but also asks you to resist the need of telling your friends about it.

Drawing this card is a good sign to start a new friendship or relationship.

Ace of the Wands relationship:

Upright: Talking about ace of the wands in context of love and relationship, drawing this card upright to know answers for your relationship means that something positive is about to take place in your life. A romantic and thrilling experience is witing for you and you have to be ready for that.

If you like someone, you can take a step further and ask that person out.

If you are already in a relationship and your relation is not going strong and good enough, this sign signifies that your relationship is about to take a leap and things are soon going to be different and better and is about to take a serious turn into marriage or having kids.

Drawing this card means you are about to have a deeper and meaningful relationship. Fun and laughter are soon going to be your best friends and positivity will flow in your life.

Reversed: well, whatever we mentioned above for the upright card, drawing the reversed card for relationship indicates its exact opposite. Talking about ace of wands reversed love and relationship, you will lack interest and feelings for your partner and can might involve into another relationship.

This card is a warning that the road ahead of you is about to get bouncy and rough.

Ace of Wands Love Reconciliation:

Upright: Looking for the answers regarding love reconciliation and drawing this card is a wonderful stroke of luck. This card indicates that you are about to be flexible and your relationship is about to change for the better.

Ace of Wands Love
Ace of Wands Love

Drawing this card means that you and your partner are going to be flexible enough to give each other another chance by getting back together and starting off fresh.

Reversed: in reconciliation case as well, drawing reversed card is exactly opposite to what outcome drawing the upright card meant.

You cannot expect your relationship to get better or to reconcile if this card is drawn. You and your partner are not at all ready to forgive and move on in the relationship.

Ace of Wands Feelings:

Upright: if you draw this card to know how someone feels about you this card will bring you nothing but happiness and positivity.

This card shows that the other person is as much passionate about you as you are for them. Drawing this card means that you have caught someone’s eye who is very much interested in you.

Reversed: getting this card in a reversed position is not very positive and happening. It indicates that the person you are attracted to is not much interested in you and you will ultimately face failure if you go for this relationship.

This card suggests you to wait for the right person as the one you are interested in is not your ideal match.

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Tarot has all the answers and solutions. You just need to be a believer and a hard-working person because, without these two qualities, tarot reading will be a waste of time for you. Without your dedication and hard work, you will not get the best results in your life as suggested by your tarot reading.


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