7 of swords Tarot Card General  Meaning

7 of swords Keywords( Upright) 7 of swords Keywords (Reversed ) Deception, Subterfuge, Evasion, Strategizing, Secrecy Revelation, Honesty, Clarity, Recovery, Confrontation What Does of 7 of Swords In General Mean? Ah, the mischievous 7 of …

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Ace of Swords Tarot Card General Meaning

Ace of swords Tarot Card General Meaning

Upright Keywords Reversed keywords Clarity, Triumph, New Beginnings, Mental Clarity. Breakthrough, Truth Confusion, Chaos, Miscommunication, False Starts, Mental Block What Does The Meaning Of Ace of Swords In General? If you are looking for the …

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Four of Swords Tarot Card General Meaning

The Four of Swords is a tarot card that generally symbolizes rest, recovery, and contemplation. It often represents a period of withdrawal, taking a break, and giving yourself time to heal and rejuvenate, both physically …

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The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

the sun tarot card meaning

Tower Keywords( Upright) Tower Keywords(Reversed ) confidence, happiness, optimism, joy, vitality, success, truth blocked happiness,  pessimism, excessive enthusiasm, conceitedness, unrealistic expectations. The Sun card tarot meaning happiness and prosperity. If you see this card in your …

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The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot Tarot card

Tower Keywords (Upright) Tower Keywords (Reversed) control, determination,  tenacity, motivation, perseverance, success, ambition, Direction, strong, & action helplessness, lack of self-control, hostility, Lack of direction, coercion, & being obstructed by barriers The Chariot Tarot card …

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Two Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Swords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords Difficult decisions, avoidance, weighing up options, an impasse. confusion, Indecision, stalemate, and information overload. The Two of Swords symbolizes the ambiguity we feel when making difficult choices. The female figure holding …

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The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

wheel of fortune tarot

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords Cycles, Unexpected Events, Decisive Moments, Chance, Fate, Luck, Fortune. Clinging To Control, Bad Luck, Unwelcome Changes, Delays, And Lack Of Control. The tarot Wheel of Fortune is one of the deck’s …

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Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

queen of cups

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords Warmth, compassion, intuition, kindness, counsellor, healer, supportive Giving too much, insecurity, needy, overly-sensitive, fragile, martyrdom, dependence The Queen of Cups controls the emotional sphere. She is the lady whose throne is …

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9 Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

9 Of Cups

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Abundance, Joy, Gratitude Discontent, Greediness, Excess Dissatisfaction, Lack of fulfillment What Does Nine of Cups Mean In General? Overall, the 9 of cups meaning brings positivity that suggests a …

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