Is The Devil Yes or No Card?

The Devil Yes or No Card

The Horned Goat of Mendes is depicted on the Devil card. This creature, which is half goat, half human, represents the balance between good and evil, human and animal. This figure became a model for …

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Is Temperance Yes or No Card?

The Temperance yes or no Card

Is temperance a win-win situation? Temperance is not a tarot card that explicitly indicates a yes or no in a yes or no reading. This card lets you know that in the event that you’re …

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Is The Tower Yes or No Card?

The Tower yes or no card

The Tower card portrays a tall church tower, settled on top of a mountain, that has been struck by lightning and set on fire. The same windows from which the trapped people are jumping in …

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Is Death Yes Or No Card?

Death yes or no

The Death card is not a sign of death in the flesh. It’s also not always a bad thing. Depending on the position of the card and the circumstances surrounding your spread, death can be …

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Is The Wheel Of Fortune Yes Or No Card?

Is The Lovers Yes Or No  Card

The Wheel of Fortune, the ultimate representation of luck and chance, represents both positive and negative change. It serves as a reminder that our luck can change at any time and that we are at …

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