Lovers And Hierophant Tarot Card Combination Meaning

Who doesn’t need positive in all the aspects of life? And when the two most positive cards come together in a tarot card reading, it builds the strong hope for a joyful life. Right! With that, this good read will let you know the combination of Lovers Tarot Card meaning And Hierophant Tarot Card along with detailing of each card separately.

So, let’s get started!

All you need is Love!!

Well! Love, an evergreen topic to talk about! We, humans, tend to connect some things with colors or shapes, etc.

Similarly, Love usually relates to the Color Red and the Shape of a heart. When it comes to Love, our heart pounds an extra ounce of blood! Just kidding! This is all related to hormones.

Lovers Tarot Card, as the name suggests, it’s all about love and relationships, that you might receive in near future, or if you already have a partner, then the card is a sign that love is bound to grow in your life.

Lovers Tarot Card meaning
Lovers Tarot Card meaning

Let us share about the card now, its looks, and its inferences.

I would like to start by sharing a quote from Robert Browning, “Love is the energy of Life”. At some point in life, all of us have experienced love in different ways, be it with mother nature, any pet, or any person. There feels a different connection towards them, a different emotion, and altogether different positive energy.

The Lovers Tarot card is in number sixth position in the deck of Major Arcana, representing love, relationships, passion, and various decisions regarding soulmates.

Here is a short table to give an overview of the lover’s tarot card:

UprightLove, Harmony, Partnerships, Choices
ReversedDis-balance, One-sided, disharmony
Yes or NoYes
Astrological SignLibra

Let Us Visualize

The card shows a

  • woman and a man,
  • standing naked,
  • which depicts the love story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.
  • The angel that is above the man and woman, is a sign of love angel, or love god, which means “God Heals”.
  • It also symbolizes communication, which marks the sign of healthy relationship.
  • Behind the man, are flames, the twelve flames which represents the 12 zodiac sign.
  • Behind the woman, is an apple tree with a snake wrapped around in it. It symbolizes that being a human we tend to fall for into the temptation of sensuality, which might take away our focus from the divine.
  • There is a mountain in the background and a river, which symbolizes feminism, as river is always considered to be a mother, which gives birth to various living beings, and also is a symbol of survivor.

This card is a symbol of the unity of two opposite forces, a woman and a man, for bodily pleasure. It is the initial phase of commitment, bliss, and attraction.

When it comes to Love, we particularly get interested to know about a lot of things. Even if our love life is going well, we want to know more about it, which is human nature. When it comes to a Tarot reading, it only gives an overview of how a person’s situation, as of now is, or how it can be later. Rest everything depends on how a person reacts to the situation.

Here is a quote that says “Karma is the only doer” which means no matter what fate throws on you, you can always change it with your karmas, the way you react, the way you believe, and the way you think.

Since every coin has two sides, the card also has two different meanings.

Tarot The Hierophant- Hierophant Upright

Wondering, Is Hierophant a Positive Card for any situation?

Let’s find out!

The Hierophant card represents traditional values and ethics. There’s a mentor in the card which represents a high priest, saint, or any religious advisor. This meaning hierophant represents commitment, relationships and is a sign of economic, social, family, educational, social welfare, etc.

Lovers Tarot Card meaning
Lovers Tarot Card meaning

The card represents various things in various areas of life and has a different meaning when it comes to an upright position and reverse position. Here are some facts to consider:

Astrology/ Zodiac SignTaurus

Love And Relationship (Upright)

For those who are already committed, the upright sign brings a positive sign. The relationship gets more committed and begins to move forward. It is an indication of the partners sharing core values and goals, are more loving towards each other.

On the other hand, when you are single, this card would mean entrance of love, a meaningful relationship, a sense of commitment, and security.

Money And Career (Upright)

The hierophant is a signifier that it is a good time to get involved in a new career, and important team projects. It signifies sharing of knowledge and that you find a teacher or a mentor and establish oneself.

Also, now is a good time to choose a new career option. When it comes to finances, it signifies low risk, great investment opportunities and one can go for traditional financial advice as well.

Health (Upright)

Since this card is a symbol of tradition, when it comes to health it means that conventional medicine is the one, that should be preferred.

Spirituality (Upright)

The hierophant is a very spiritual card and is linked to mankind and the power of the universe. It might also indicate that some spiritual advisor is going to enter your life. Along with that, there are some chances of getting involved in some traditional rituals or ceremonies.

This was all about the card in an upright position. Now let us discuss the card when it is in reverse position.

The Hierophant Reversed

The keywords that describe the reverse position are ChallengingTradition, Unconventional lifestyle, Unconventional relationships, non-conformity, etc.

The reversed card means it is time to break the convention, change the tradition, the old ways, and rigid rules. This card appearing will compel you to think out of the box and throw off the rule book.

Alternatively, it may also mean that one is clinging to old ways may be due to shame or guilt which are associated with the kind of upbringing one has been given.

The Hierophant reversed is also an indicator of conflict with a person in a position of authority.

Love And Relationship (Reversed)

Indication of unconventional relationships or a feeling to remain single is the inferences drawn from this card. Also, breaking old traditions such as mandatory marriage at a certain age for societal acceptance.

There are chances that conflict and security may arise in relation. But one has to stay open-minded in order to take the situation smoothly. It is required that one has to come out of their comfort zone while in a relationship, in order to save it.

Money And Career (Reversed)

It means that when it comes to career, the boss might be stricter and is forcing rules and regulations on others. The work environment may get risky and uncomfortable. Alternatively, it may also indicate that one might feel pressured in a team project.

Also, one might come in contact with a teacher or a mentor who might challenge one to face the situation.

Lovers Tarot Card meaning
Lovers Tarot Card meaning

Health (Reversed)

The card indicates that now is a good time to try an alternative or holistic approach. One can shake things up now, rather than following the monotonous routine of daily exercise and stepping out of the comfort zone.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In spirituality, it indicates that it is time for you to let go of traditional beliefs which don’t serve anymore. It may also mean that a person of position and authority is caught up in scandal or disgraced in any manner.

The Hierophant (Pope’s) Meaning

Depending on your own nature, the Hierophant can mean very different things. At its root, it represents doctrine, but doctrine can come in the form of teaching and guidance or rigid authority.

Where it appears in your spread is also important, as it is most often indicative of your own approach to the moral, religious, and social conventions of the world. Considered wisely, it helps show the path towards fulfillment.


It means that one has to look upon their ambitions of the past or any strength that have been neglected.


It indicates that you are looking forward to studying and explore new avenues, but if others are capable of being wrong, then so are you.


One should look for support from a solid organization, and the actions should be motivated beyond selfish reasons.

Yes/No Interpretation

The Hierophant is a symbol of education and tradition. This card suggests seeking spiritual guidance or advice in your life. Also indicative of conformity and religious approval, this card has neither a positive or negative connotation. The only answer is maybe.

If you want to know if this relationship is going to last? Or does your partner like you? , the Heirophant yes or no in reversed position simply says that there are bleak chances that things are in your favor. Your love life may or may not turn the way you want. Thus, seek wisdom within and reclaim your personal power.

Keep calm, things have a certain way of working out. So, even if a relationship or love life is not going well, take your time, settle down and think positively rather than blaming on each other.

Hierophant Summary

Concluding the topic, the Hierophant, being the fifth card in Major Arcana depicts a religious figure, which depicts a pope or a religious person. This card is ruled by the zodiac sign Taurus. It signifies a conventional and spiritual approach towards everything.

The Hierophant meaning
The Hierophant meaning

One also inspires to seek stability and commitment. This card Already is a sign of spirituality and nowadays people prefer to commit to some of the other spiritual practices be it with any institute.

Hence this card is always a go-card, meaning when one receives the card, everything is positive and in one’s favor.

Try connecting to the card with your daily routine, for example, why are you attracted to a particular color, or why do you notice a particular series of numbers. Then go for its meaning and of course one’s own subconscious, which will finally make you good at reading Tarot cards.

You are being asked to commit to spiritual practice in its most wholesome form – no customization, no adaptation, no bending the rules.

One must make sure, that he or she while reading the tarot cards should keep their mind stable, calm, and composed. It is said that when you connect with the cards they keep sending you instructions regarding their description.

This is why one must be not only thorough with the cards and their meaning but also practice meditation with them so as to connect with them at a very deeper level.

When it comes to Love and relationship, there won’t be any person who is not willing to know about their love life and their relationship. Love is a feeling that everybody wants, which is why this card must be one’s favorite one to read aloud to their clients. As there are ample things that can be inferred.

The Hierophant As Environment

The term Environment can be taken differently by different people. Since the card is positive in all aspects, it is relatable that the environment term can be taken positively.

This may mean that one is moving towards spirituality and the universe is directly trying to connect to them and trying to make them move towards being religious.

In The End

Lovers And Hierophant Combind Meaning

Well, as mentioned, both Lovers Tarot CaRD AND HirophantTraot cards are parts of Major Arcana. And hence, without any doubt, it is a reflection of long-term concerns and associations.

Lovers Tarot Card meaning
Lovers Tarot Card meaning

And now when we are clear with the details of each part, we can say that pulling out these two cards can be a strong indication of :

  • Marriage
  • tradition partnerships;
  •  conformity partnerships;
  • morality partnerships;
  • ethics partnerships;
  • ethics duality;
  • ethics union;

Hope the shared details have helped you to understand the deeper meaning of lovers and Hierophant tarot card combination. Keep reading with us for more details on other tarot cards and know more about the Tarot world.

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