Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Balance is the key to everything’

Do you agree with the quote above and seeking ways to balance your life?

Well, we can say that are seeking Justice. And if your tarot reading pulls out the ‘Justice Tarot Card’ for you or for your client. Don’t be shocked!

Because that’s confirmation that you or your client either needing balance or is a key of Balance to justice.

Intrigued to know, how?

Keep reading with us as we are about to share all the insights you need to know the justice tarot meaning in detail.

So, let’s read the justice tarot guide!

Justice Tarot Card Meaning


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After knowing the grounds of the Justice, we are certain you must be looking forward to the answers of what does the justice tarot card means exactly.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the details

Justice Arcana’s meaning is pretty clear in its name itself. It is popularly called ‘The Daughter of the Lords of Truth. The Ruler of the Balance’.

It is directly linked with law and fairness. Moreover, it is the card that has the essence of truth and balance.

It is indeed the most positive card in the tarot deck. During the tarot reading session, picking up this card for clients already ties the reader and the client with hopes of positive changes.

How? Well, let’s know more!


Justice Tarot Card Meaning

As mentioned, a quick view of the card brings up the positivity itself, so, let us share what it looks like.

A woman wearing a beautiful red dress and crown on his head, sitting confidently on a king char, holding a scale clearly suggests:

  • Matureness
  • a sense of power
  • clarity of thoughts when it comes to power.
  • Courage
  • Standing for truth and balance

So, isn’t amazing when you know that the energy of justice does have an existence in your tarot reading session!

Moreover, not, just a woman captures the attention, but even the beauty lies in color and elements associated with the card too. The colors of the card are so attractive that they wide open the eyes of the client and a tarot reader in no time.

But, do you know, the colors have a message as well to consider!

Let’s dig the details a little more!


Every colour or everything on the tarot depicts some other things. So when it comes to a reader, he should be very careful regarding every detail. One should see it very precisely.

Having said that, if we observe the Justice Tarot Card, we can see the combination of various color lies:

  • Red: This is a color of fire, represents, action, passion and inspiration
  • Green: This a color of earth, represents, life, nature and abundance
  • Blue: This is the color of water that has direct connection with sub-conscious mind.
  • Yellow: This is associated with air and represents, masculine sun energy and has the influence of power of subconscious mind. Moreover, it talks about, hope and cheerfulness.

Well, after reading the meaning and influence of each color, we are certain that you must have understood the reason for the strong influence of this card.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Now let’s know about its elements


Justice tarot card view has a direct influence on its elements linked with it. Here are the details you should consider:

The scale symbolizes balance when it comes to logic or making a decision.

The sword in the right hand depicts impartiality, as it is a double-edged sword.

The square mark on the crown is the symbol of clarity in thoughts,

The purple cloak behind her back states favorable and unfavorable consequences, which are bound to arrive when a person is in a position of power.

Beneath the cloak shows a white shoe, which is a spiritual reminder of the outcomes of her action.

Justice Tarot card has a connection with all the elements and hence it has such a positive effect that picking this card during the reading itself brings a sense of positivity and relief.

Furthermore, we all know that tarot reading isn’t about picking a single card for someone, but if we seek solutions, various tarot spreads get the clarity. And here, pulling out justice card does have the essence of positivity, but it is important to know if you or your client is already on the justice path, or it’s a high tome to make changes to get into Justice energy

Considering the same, let’s know more about Tarot Card Upright and Reversed Position meanings


So far, we have shared the insights of the card on the basis of its overall look. But, tarot reading can’t be accurate by only considering its pictorial view, but as mentioned above, it is important to consider the tarot card spread and what is the position of the card.

Hence, let’s move ahead with a deep understanding

It is pretty evident that Justice Tarot Card is associated with balance and the law of fairness. And so, it is upright positioned can talk about:

To observe your actions and understand if they are fair and honest in your current situation

It is a positive sign if you are involved in any legal matters

It conveys that the current situation is all about balance and it is a high time

It also indicates making the right choice for a positive outcome by considering the facts and honesty

Now, let us also figure out the outcome in various phases of life

Justice Tarot Love

When it comes to love and relationship, the Justice Tarot card would signify the entrance of love in life, with a person who is related to the legal industry such as a lawyer, judge, etc.

It also states that from now onwards, you will be returned with the same love and kindness, and integrity in life that you once offered.

Justice Tarot Love

Justice Tarot Career

When it comes to career, this card is all about balance, balancing personal life as well as professional life. As we all know, a Career is important for everyone, but taking out time for oneself is all the more important.

It is important to be financially stable and to have ambition, instead of regretting on our death beds. But taking out time for our family and friends is also equally important. This card is a good omen when it comes to a career, and taking a gamble on something.

But on the other hand, when you are in a relationship, this card will depend totally on your behavior, how you react to maintain your relationship with your partner.

Health and Spirituality

When the card is upright, and you have been facing health issues, it may mean that the time has come and your health is improving from now onwards.

While in spirituality, it means that one has chosen to learn the practical part of life, and is choosing to accept the past mistakes and keep growing, rather than regretting past mistakes.

Money and Career

Justice, in money and career, may mean injustice at work, blaming for shortcomings due to someone else’s mistake, signs of corruption in business, etc. as said above, Justice Arcane can mean lack of work-life balance as well. During such times, one should not take the risk of financial investments.

Hence, during a reading, its upright position may demand you to adapt justice energy for balancing the situation or could represent that your chosen path is the path of justice.

With that, let take a look if the card is reversed.

Justice Tarot Card Reversed

Justice Tarot Card Reversed

In general, as the word “Reversed” says it all, it states injustice or avoidance. The situation can be:

  • One might be getting treated indifferently and unjustly when it comes to daily life.
  • One may feel like being victimized and blamed for something.
  • It also indicates that one is avoiding their karma, meaning that if someone himself is responsible for a particular situation in life, one should accept it and take responsibility for it.

Furthermore, Here are some justice tarot card reversed card keywords for quick glance:

  • Karmic retribution,
  • dishonesty,
  • corruption,
  • lack of accountability,
  • dishonesty,
  • unfairness, and
  • karmic avoidance.

Apart from what this card says, one should always take responsibility for their action, be it good or bad. It is said that you can get free from your karmic actions once your soul and mind are in sync.

In other words, when your mind accepts the mistakes, the soul also accepts the fact and is released from the karmic actions.


Justice reversed card may also mean reverse in feelings. While in this case, it affects the love and relationship part as well. How?

Justice and judgement tarot love

Some situations like, cheating on the partner or lying can also come up. But as they say, there is a solution to every problem.

It also signifies that one is not being treated properly, but before one proceeds to blame the partner, one should look at their own fault as well along with what they desire to attain.

Justice cards in a love reading can also tend to show the lack of balance in a relationship.

While now, for the one who got the card reversed and is facing such issues in terms of love and relationship, it is good to suggest to them that they should take some time off from their partners and analyses the situation, and do not take any step while losing patience.

Justice Tarot reversed in Love means, more of judgment in love.


Biddy Tarot is a blog stating real-life lessons about the Justice Arcana card. One can have various experiences with the card. That is the beauty of the Tarot card.

Every single person reading the tarot card will have a different experience when they choose to read it or connect with it, but at the same time, every experience will lead to a single result. Similarly, the Biddy tarot explains its own life experiences with the card, and what it depicts in the card.


In numerology, the Justice Tarot card holds the position of either XI or VIII, which completely depends on the deck. It directly relates to karmic justice, legal matters, their effects and why it is happening, etc. as explained above in brief, and in detail in the latter part of the article.

The number XI has a unique meaning and results in numerology. The number XI when written in numeric is 11, which is not only a repetition of a number, but also a repetition of the number 1. This number when seen often, over various places, such as our watch, in our mobile phones, somewhere in someone’s phone number, etc. has very deep meaning.

Firstly, it states abundance and a sense of fulfillment, that one is aligning with the universe in a deeper sense, and things are manifesting for the person. Someone who is trying to connect with the universe, the universe also sends some signs. When one starts seeing differences in energy levels along with some numbers, be it repetitive or not, bus especially when it is number 11.

The number 11 is a sign of strength. Whereas, justice stands in the eighth position. The deck Rider-Waite-Smith has changed the position of the card, in order to make a better fit with astrological correspondences which are given in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The number 11 also balances the intuitive qualities, as it has high spiritual qualities. In number 11 the energies combine spiritually and make a master with incredible superpowers. Spiritual dynamism, charismatic charm, and the ability to cooperate with others in a team. This is the energy of master number 11.


Whether a tarot card is a Yes or a No, completely depends on a various thing, such as,

  • The deck of cards we are preferring,
  • How much connected we feel to the card, or
  • what kind of mental state we are in, and
  • the level of sub conscious mind we have attained.

Since every coin has two sides, similarly every tarot card would have a Yes or a No answer accordingly.

It totally depends on the reader, but up to some extent depends on the logic behind the card as well. I would like to add this thing of my own, that life throws many situations at a person, good or bad. But every situation is dealt with differently according to the person, his mindset, and situation.


Tarot Card is a science where energies around you play a specific role, in choosing a card.

As soon as one chooses a card, his/her job gets completed.

The rest depends on the reader, how he perceives the card. This is why, positive or negative part of a card, the bottom line will be one thing, that one can deal with the situation when he or she is diplomatic towards any situation that life throws.


Concluding everything above, I would say that we have covered almost all parts of a particular card, which is the Justice Tarot Card. All the aspects are negative or positive are covered, hence now the main role has to be played by the reader himself.

It is necessary we take such moments of reading a tarot card, or building a profession in it, very smoothly and little steps at a time.

It is necessary to keep calm and patient while connecting to your subconscious mind. Therefore, I would suggest that one should prepare themselves firmly, and refer to a few links and videos for more understanding or a better understanding, for practical aspects as well.

Happy Reading!

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