Do you know the judgment tarot card meaning in-depth insights? If yes, then gather your full gear to awaken yourself! Because there is always something more in it.

You might have been just laying around thinking everything is going well. But, when the judgment tarot card becomes functional in your life, you have to be more conscious than ever!

Before going all-in deep, it’s vital for you to know what exactly is the Judgement tarot card means. In this article, you will get a complete guide as to how to proceed once you get your hands on this card!

Let’s get started!

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To start with learning its meaning, the first thing to get ahead with is that the judgment tarot card is a major arcana tarot card.

Major arcana cards are very unique in themselves. They portray deep and conscious meanings in the most beautiful way possible. Tarot card major arcana tries to tell you to reflect on the life lessons and focus on forces and energies that play a very important role in your whole life.

Now comes the turn for this biddy tarot major arcana card of judgment!


A lot of the meaning of this card is hidden in its description.

On the judgment card, an angel is shown blowing a trumpet. To pay attention to this trumpet call, men, women, and children are rising from their graves.

The angel Gabriel’s call signifies the need to awaken your spirits and leave behind that dead consciousness of yours.

The people rising from the graves with their outstretched arms shows how they are ready to be evaluated by the ultimate god as they realize they can’t escape through it.

On the whole, the messenger of God wants everyone to know that recurring events have occurred and it’s the endpoint of the current events and to start a new beginning and phase of life, we need to reflect on our actions and limitations.

See, how exquisitely an image holds so much to tell you! Now, let’s move on to its literal interpretation.


Generally, what does the judgment tarot card means depends upon how you interpret it. There are 2 ways of interpreting a tarot card:

  • Upright
  • Reversed

For example, interpretation of judgement tarot how someone sees you will vary a lot in both cases. In an upright case, the other person perceives you as a mature and capable person, who has the dominant power to transform. On the contrary, in a reversed context, someone sees you as an unmotivated person who doesn’t have his own say and is not strong enough to stick onto one path.

 Let’s learn about both upright and reversed judgments in detail!


judgement tarot card meaning
judgement tarot card meaning

Was the tarot card upside down while you were reading it? If yes, then this upright interpretation is for you!

  • The upright biddy tarot judgement is warning you to achieve a level of awareness that is higher than what it is now. You are now realising how many opportunities you have missed that you were destined to undergo.
  • In the coming time, you would realise the importance of changing your old pace and start doing things with a fresh mindset and the best version of you.
  • Making changes and decisions wouldn’t be that easy since any step you take would have long lasting effects on your life. Henceforth, the right judgement of yourself and your decisions is really going to be a task for you.
  • The judgement tarot card in its upright form is a sign of you reaching at an end of some phase of your life and some new beginnings waiting for you.
  • You now have to move on from all the past atrocities, so that you can make a brighter future and happy present for you!

Hence, on a whole, some of the judgement tarot card upright card keywords that you need to keep in mind are purpose, self-awareness, awakening, realization, and self-evaluation.

The good thing about the judgement card is its significance in various domains of our life like love and relationships, career, finances, and health.

Let’s understand how!


If you have been going through some rough patches in your love life, then judgement tarot love advises you to apply the principle of self-awakening and try to think upon what you are lacking by your side.

All the things done by you in the past are gaining power now which is making your relationship a challenge for you!  Judgement love tarot is a kind of warning for you and your partner to make some small efforts in accordance with each other’s issues by keeping your past mistakes in mind.

 Keep communicating your feelings openly and then no one can stop you guys from loving each other for your entire lifetime!


In your career, you need to be very careful in your workforce as you might be up for a promotion in the eyes of your boss.  This is kind of bittersweet news! Either you can get success or one careless act can be a reason for your downfall.

Money might not be in your favor. It seems like you can suffer some huge financial loss, hence you have to be mindful in case of huge money transactions.

The card also tells you to follow all laws and rules as there is no scope of their negligence! If you follow all such cautions, you are likely to excel and something positive might hit you!


If you have been suffering from some severe health issues, then congratulations as you will finally get rid of this misery!  But post-treatment prevention is very necessary for you! Don’t get too excited after being free of such conditions.

For better health, judgement tarot advises you to focus on your spiritual self. Realize what you want to be and start working on it and you ultimately reach the spiritual state of mind.

Well, all the above-mentioned details were in relation to the upright context. Now, let’s head over to what reversed judgment means!


judgement reversed
judgement reversed

Was the tarot card facing away from you while you were reading it? If yes, then it was the judgement reversed tarot card that wants to reach out to you!

Here’s all you need to know about it:

  • The reverse judgement card indicated that in the past days you are being too mean to yourself. You are engrossed in self doubt which is hampering your overall development.
  • You are not open to learning from your past lessons. There is a high probability of you repeating all the old mistakes hence, stop ignoring them and realize where you went wrong and how to rectify it.
  • Getting this card in your tarot spread is a sign of getting into the right path by awakening yourself asap! It’s time to let go of all the inner fears and get ahead with the opportunities available to you. Any more procrastination or excuses will only harm you!
  • Another very important thing to know is that people will always try to distract you from your goals, hence judgement reversed tarot advises you to not indulge in much gossip and get a notch up from this drama. Don’t let anyone point out your weakness and focus on what you want and how to achieve it!

Let’s see what judgement tarot reversed holds for you in love, career, and well-being!


Does your relationship require some big decisions that might affect everything you have with your partner?

Well, judgement reversed as feelings of love and affection indicate that you are delaying a very important decision because of your low self-esteem.

Moreover, you are also very affected by the constant rumors about your partner. And that might make you less interested in this relationship than ever along.

In a preview of all such conditions, the judgement card tells you to try to sort out things in a mature manner and reflect upon the past mistakes. In the end, believe in what’s good for both of you.

For all the single ones out there, this card is a message for you to approach your lover and let that shyness out of your mind!


Well, here having self-doubt can be a real issue for you!

This might be the time for you when one decision can get you at the peak of your career. But if your mind is full of self-doubt and low esteem, then you might lose the only chance to gain such progress!

In the money aspect, the judgement reversed is indicative of allowing some little treats for yourself. Although you need to take care of cautious spending, it will be good if you spend some amount of money on you and your bucket list without feeling guilty.


Been experiencing a lot of negativity lately? Well, reverse judgement tarot outcome signifies being positive and affirmative.

It highlights that only the negativity around you is the reason for your health issues. Once you leave it behind, you would be back to your normal life, with better physical and mental health than ever!

That was it about the reversed judgement tarot!

A lot of times, people tend to look for a clear yes or no and that’s when they rely upon tarot cards! So what exactly should one do when it’s a judgement tarot card?


It’s always been said that judgement cards are always inclined towards a neutral approach like a justice tarot card! Justice and judgement tarot, both land upon the answer of ‘maybe’, when it comes to yes/no questions.

Judgement card tries to highlight the changes that can prove beneficial for you. This card is a hint for you to accept those changes for your own good. If there have been some changes in your life, then your answer might be a yes!

But sometimes, your instinct favors no, and that is all that matters. There is nothing more important than inner satisfaction.

Henceforth, judgement tarot can be very neutral when it comes to yes/no problems. Do what feels right to you!

Now, it’s safe to say that you know what exactly judgment tarot means to you!


To summarise, the Judgement tarot card is a major arcana card that is symbolic of the rebirth of self by letting go of all the old sins by self-evaluation and awakening! Its interpretation varies on upright and reversed ends.

Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose.

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